Wednesday, March 28, 2012


"...and their hearts are upon their treasures; wherefore, their treasure is their god.
And behold, their treasure shall perish with them also."
II Nephi 9:30

The cover of the pamphlet for the exhibit and the inside photograph of the celebration when the statue of Brigham Young was unveiled.
Some have made the observation that B.Y.'s back is toward the temple
 and his right arm outstretched toward Zion's Bank.

Church History Library
Church Cultural Celebrations

In case there are some going to General Conference this weekend, and they are looking for things to do and would prefer to not go to City Creek Center, you can go see the new exhibit at The Church History Library.  The new church collection on display is called: "Treasures of the Collection".  There are 12 exhibits to see. Here are the names of each of the exhibits:

Exhibit 1: Celebrations
Exhibit 2: Balls and Festivals
Exhibit 3: Youth Organizations Activities
Exhibit 4: New York Worlds's Fair
Exhibit 5: Day's of 47
Exhibit 6: Hill Cumorah Pageant
Exhibit 7: Missionary Sports
Exhibit 8: Church Sports- Basketball
Exhibit 9: Church Sports- Softball
Exhibit 10: Helsinki Summer Games
Exhibit 11: Salt Lake Olympic Games
Exhibit 12: Cultural Participation in the Winter Games

In the first exhibit it shows the celebration of the unveiling of the Brigham Young Monument. Fifty years after the first pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley, a jubilee celebration was held July 20-24, 1897. The unveiling of the Brigham Young monument, parades, concerts, sports activities, commemorative programs, exhibitions, and fireworks were all part of the program. Each of the surviving pioneers was presented with a special commemorative badge as an insignia of honor. The badge was designed by Tiffany & Company of New York (Tiffany & Company just opened a new store in City Creek)


I have been reading the book, The Last Days: Types and Shadows from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. In the book it lists several of our modern idols.
  • Worldly Images
  • Organized Sports
  • Human Idols
  • Imaginations of the Heart
  • Mammon
  • Babylon
  • the Arm of the Flesh
  • Elitism
  • Pollution of the Temple

Here is one excerpt:

"In pointing to parallels of idolatry between the Lord's people anciently and today, we must not presume that people worship only false gods. Among the Lord's people, worship of the true God is rarely done away. Rather , they often worship the true God alongside the false gods. They maintain a careful equilibrium in order to preserve an identity with the God of Israel. At the same time, the people follow their own gods as they please. This compromise enables people to satisfy both their carnal instincts and their spiritual aspirations.

In some instances of idolatry, worship of the true God and the false gods becomes fused. Then the concept of the true God gets distorted, while the false gods assume the authenticity and endorsement that belongs to the true God. Of all idolatry, the Lords finds such syncretism most intolerable. It epitomizes the idea of "philosophies of men mingled with scripture". Things incongruent with true worship thereby acquire an aura of sanctity. For the Lord's people, syncretism lies but one step away from severing spiritual roots. In forms the final stage of apostasy before the Lord brings judgement."

SYNCRETISM: is the combining of different (often contradictory) beliefs.
(example combining Babylon with Zion)



Dan said...

Thanks much for bringing this to light! If not merely as a means of ridding ourselves of these everpresent "gods".

It is interesting, and you point it out very well here, how many of those idolatrous signposts are typified by one seamingly mundane showcase! The Temple grounds themselves serve as a great advertisement for all of these, everyday of the year.

I'd say that the book you are reading, "types and shadows" should be required reading. That book is revelatory and effecient in so many ways. All of his other works are too in some way or another, but the succintness with which this book describes a remarkable brevity of bonafide new thought served to change my paradigm in remarkable ways. The Marvelous work timing and administration, the work of proxy priesthood (elijahs role), the incredible reach of Idolary are all detailed and its place at the foreront of our list of downfalls, are all listed with barely a sentance going by without a citation.

I read this book and Nibleys "approaching Zion" back to back some years ago and can say from that experience that there is still much good somewhere in the minds of some latter-day saints. The Lord is indeed working his work, IN SPITE of what we are doing with the skeleton he gave Joseph.

Dan said...

One thing Nibley pointed out;

Zion is only completely pure, or it isn't Zion. However, Babylon is muddied with all sorts of sources, not all black.

So, in the Lords eyes, with Zion being the only thing worth building (2 Nephi 26), any form of syncretism is really only a concession to Babylon. IF syncretism exists, then Babylon must still be burned, taking all the white with it. Usually, in Isaiah, 'remain' is a key word to the remnant, it is a postitive thing indicating the wheat left over, the white left when the mud is filtered. yet, All those who 'remain' in Babylon will perish with it, despite any possible wheat-like appearances.

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Nibley would have a field day with this City Creek business.

Anonymous said...

how do we awake people up?

Anonymous said...

especailly how do we wake up church leadership?

Anonymous said...

HA! I agree.

Anonymous said...

I fear what words may escape my mouth if Citicreek is mentioned at General Conference.

Now that I think about it, how convenient that CitiCreek opens 2 weeks before April General Conference. I bet this Saturday will be booming business and it's no accident.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's possible to wake up the church leadership.

I agree with the above post. The wicked almost always feel & look righteous & they usually seem like really nice, warm, giving, helpful even spiritual people most of the time.

Thus, it usually takes the Holy Spirit to discern the righteous from the wicked, for it's usually impossible to tell just by looking at or listening to a person if they are righteous or not, if you don't have the Spirit.

Often the people you think are the most righteous around you, are some of the most wicked. For both kinds of people do most of the very same things, like stay active in Church, appear & sound spiritual, fulfill callings well, even high callings, & give inspirational talks, testimonies, lessons & prayers & help others in need. The wicked do it all to look good & to deceive themselves & others that they are really righteous.

It seems everyone in the Church today, except a rare few, is deceived to support wickedness & do evil & yet they know it not & think they are righteous & ready for Zion.

Anonymous said...

If that does happen, please post the words that escape your mouth here.



Remember D&C 112:23-25...depite the darkness and corruptness before the Lord's face, the LDS church is still the Lord's house.

Also take a look at verse 27, I think this is the Lord's way of speaking peace to your soul. I believe it is the Lord's way of telling us to have faith in Him only and leave the doubt and darkness to others to worry about.

I hope this gives you a bit of comfort, peace and helps redirect your focus back on the Lord. I am just trying to help.

With that said, I think it is ok to vent and document what is happening. It helps process what is going on, and helps others to wake up, to have a view of how things really are and how the Lord is viewing things. I hope you keep on sharing.


To .
Thank you for your comment. I can see how you might perceive from this blog that I only write about critical things I see within the Church. I think we are starting to see all the things that were foretold by the prophets in the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon not only testifiies of Christ, but it is a warning to us. Section 112 is an important section to read. No doubt, this is the Lord's church. It will be Him not be who will do the cleansing.

I write not to out of anger or bitterness towards the Church, (but out of love, concern and with sadness). I actually have another blog that I write that is focused on the scriptures and our Lord, Jesus Christ, and how we can see His hand all things. Truly all things testify of Christ. (Since I wish to remain anonymous, I am hestitate to share the link to the other blog.)

This blog was never really meant for a very large audience to read, but a place to document what is happening within the Church today. I really only let a very few people know about it, but seems like others who I don't know have found it.

Just like when Christ called the Temple in His day, as "His Father's House".. despite the corruption, the hypocrites, and the moneychangers. The day will come when He will once again cleanse our temple and His church. I only post things that I observe so maybe a few others won't be so surprised when that happens and they will understand why

Anonymous said...

To .,

We must remember that while 'D&C 112' was true in Joseph's day when it was received, that doesn't mean that it's still true today. Joseph used to warn the Saints that the Church could fall if the Saints didn't repent, for they were already growing very wicked while Joseph was still alive. And it appears that the Church did fall after he died.

The Saints rejected Joseph's teachings & warnings & scriptures & they fell for the very whoredoms & abominations that Joseph constantly warned them against. Even BY & most of the apostles fell for such things. Thus the apostles lost their Priesthood & keys & right to lead the Church. So even though the Saints voted for BY to lead them, God did not.

The Church today is in a dark apostasy & has been since Joseph died. Only Christ & Joseph can return & restore the Church once again to it's true state.

Also, ancient prophets of the BoM foretold of this great latter day apostasy that has happened to the true church.



I can feel your testimony in both of your blogs. Thanks for allowing us a view into your heart and sharing the inspiration that you are willing to share. I have been edified and I feel I have reach deeper levels of spiritual understanding as I have ponder about the things you write about.

Your friend always,


ML said...

Thank you dear Brother of Zion. It was a pleasure meeting with you and having an heart felt discussion! We will speak to each other again, soon.
As we made our way through City Creek Center this weekend, my Spirit wept at the opulence that took place there. I could not feel His Spirit as I gazed by the windows of the Rolex shop, and others. My Spirit cried out to me and my close Brethren with me to leave, and make our way across the street to feel His Spirit again! We did so. As we visited with many of our fellow Sisters there, His light and countenance was very visible in the eyes and smiles of those dear Sisters. As we walked we took time to really stop and smell the buds and blossoms on His trees, and the flowered blooms. It was at that moment that I was assured, "All Is Well. All Is Well."

Anonymous said...

So, it's pretty clear that not all, or even close to all, of the widows and the fatherless in the Church today are being taken care of as they should be.

So why would the Church use it's money on anything else in the world until 'all' of the widows and the fatherless are completely taken care of and protected?

How can a man, leader or church be considered 'righteous' & 'trustworthy' if it ignores it's widows and fatherless and uses it's money on things of far lesser importance?

It seems that at some point years ago, tithes and offerings, meant to be for widows and fatherless, were used to begin to buy or invest in real estate. If true, why did that happen? Why were & why are the widows and fatherless being ignored and not cared for?

Was there a point in the Church where 'all' the widows and the fatherless were being completely cared for and so the Church used their excess funds to start investing in real estate and this is where they now get their present billions?

It appears that even in Joseph Smith's days the Church didn't have enough funds to take care of 'all' it's widows and fatherless, though I believe they tried to, far before buying real estate.

I highly doubt there has ever been a day since Joseph's day when 'all' or even 'most', of the widows and the fatherless have been taken care of and the Church has thus had 'extra' money to use on other projects like temples or churches, let alone worldly malls.

As long as leaders refuse to use their funds to, 1st & foremost, care for the widows and the fatherless, nothing else they do will save them, & thus, there is no reason to even build churches, temples or heaven forbid, malls.

For by their 'use of money' we shall know them.

By their 'refusal to care for the widows & fatherless', we shall know them.

Anonymous said...

No need to hold any church or temple services as long as your actions are contrary to your preaching.

Anonymous said...

And I've seen truly humble and righteous people shunned and treated as though they're apostate, because they don't have the right "appearance". :(