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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Above is a photo of the cleanup underway of the fire and water damage in the LDS Conference Center. The main area that received the most damage is the area around the pulpit. It was reported on KSL news that the estimated damage is $500,000.  The fire started in the control room above the pulpit that also provides back up power for the building. Once this area caught on fire, two sprinklers right over the pulpit went off pouring hundreds of gallons of water down on the pulpit causing much water damage.

It is always our hope and faith that once we dedicate our buildings, we will receive protection from such things. 


  1. Maybe they'll ask for a "special donation" to help with this unforeseen unfortunate event which is in no way a reflection of anyone's faith (or lack of).

    Maybe Tiffany's should have a sale ...

    (No one will take the approach that a dedicatory prayer "failed" ... however, you can be sure if the damage had been averted the dedicatory prayer and faithfulness of the people would have been held up and all the credit given to them.)


  2. I wouldn't be cynical about it, personally. But I would wonder why it happened, just between God and myself. Hard to say. I try very hard not to be too "black and white" about the church and the leaders of the church. I believe there are some truly righteous men and women among them, as among the "regular" membership. But I also believe that God wants to remind us that He, alone, is in charge. I think collective Mormonism does take too much upon "itself".

    It is important to be aware and wise and not bitter.

  3. I wondered what to make of this, myself. A warning or a coincidence?

    I do think we need to be careful of rejoicing if/when something bad happens. To say words to the effect of, "It serves them right," is not wise. We are told to be kind and long-suffering.

    When God cleans out His house, I expect it will include a whole lot more devastation than water damage around a pulpit (or even the fire in Provo that burned down . . . I think it was the tabernacle there). Still, it will be a sad time.

    According to my understanding of the D&C, we can vote out the leaders (like I said in a rather harsh comment under another post - sorry about that), but who would take their places?

    I'm thinking that we can observe such things that may be God giving warnings or sending judgments, but we should be hesitant to rejoice in another's misery or loss, no matter how well-deserving we think that punishment to be.

    Anonymous A

  4. To the AnonTBM, your comment: "Maybe Tiffany's should have a sale" was pretty funny. And I think you are right about the dedicatory prayers.

    Anonymous A

  5. God is always in the details ... he is a God of exactness, justice and mercy. I find the symbolism in that the fire started in the control room to be more than coincidence. God is in control and he was sending fire down upon the pulpit for a message to those who give lip service where so many good men are giving their speeches. Yet how many of those good mean are testifying of the fulness of the gospel ... of pointing us to the higher laws, to have hope in obtaining an audience with Christ and becoming members of the Church of the Firstborn. Only those with eyes to see and ears to hear see God's hand in all things ... his justice and his mercy, his pleas to repent and come unto him, so that we only worship the Son and God the Father.

  6. I think this was meant to be and I doubt God had anything to do with it as he has clearly neglected or abandoned this planet altogether.

    1. More like this planet has given God the bird.

  7. It happened around 8:15 PM. From the mechanical room, the water seeped down into the main auditorium before it reached down the pulpit. Jasen Asey stated that “maybe, it was an accident”. The estimated damage wasn't a joke, a reconstruction is absolutely necessary for this. Anyway, it's a miracle that no one was injured...what a relief.

  8. It's good to know that despite the damages, no one was injured. What a relief! :) Placing of sprinklers should be conceptualized thoroughly, so no instances like this would happen.

  9. I agree, Tyrone! Automatic fire sprinklers will definitely help a lot in avoiding severe fire damage. Convenience is the biggest advantage of a sprinkler system, as without this, flames swell and spread faster. I hope nothing like this happens again.

  10. I agree with your last statement: “Little leaks can cause big problems!”. That’s why it is very important to fix what needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Ignoring it will surely cause more damage and bigger problems. Good luck to your Hubby!

    -Allen Hoffman