Wednesday, April 25, 2012


"Be not troubled, for all I have told you must come to pass."

Joseph Smith Matthew 1:23

All things are in commotion worldwide. If we repent as a people we get more time, however, time is accelerating and there is a great importance of not procrastinating the day of repentance... otherwise, the prophecies of calamities will become inevitable. There will come a day when the spirit will withdraw, and the earth will move into darkness. Destructions will happen. There will be a sharp contrast between the light gathering and the tares slipping into darkness. Most people don't realize that the signs of the last days will go unnoticed, since they will seem natural and normal. It is not going to be abrupt to happen over night. It will be gradual but definite.

I thought this video was interesting. It is long and I really didn't care for the background  music. No need to add to the eery feeling, just let the footage speak for itself. (BTW It is possible that some of the footnote has been alterated.. but even if 10% of what is shown it true, than it is indeed very interesting. ) 

You will see in the video that just in the first few days of 2012 the following happened.
  • Birds falling dead on New Years Eve on the second year in row
  • Earthquakes in Japan
  • Earthquakes in Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Thousands of dead fish washed ashore in Norway
  • Devasting Fires in Chile, Australia.
  • Mt. Etna erupting
  • 90% of White tail deer population died in a 100 mile radius in Montana. 


Anonymous said...

"we as a people" is really fuzzy to me.

Oh, first, THANK you for this. I am very interested and really appreciate this.

The fact is that the "collective" church isn't unified, and there is nothing any individual can do to cause that, beyond praying for loved ones and ward members, etc.
The individual's choice is truly what matters here. As for "getting" more time, some members (I include myself and some close loves ones) pray constantly for Jesus to come.

I guess we aren't all "on the same page" concerning this.

"I" don't identify myself with other members of the church, beyond feeling compassion for them, whatever their understanding might be.

What if "we" don't want "more time"--

I am not laughing; I am honestly stating a personal opinion. Some of us are truly weary of this.

Anonymous said...

I very much agree with you. Thank you, Unknown, for sharing your thoughts on this blog, and thank you, above writer, for saying exactly how I also feel.

Anonymous said...

Think I should add something. I believe probably most of us who are truly concerned and interested in the "last days" have done a lot of research. I have spent more time in the scriptures than in the words of latter-day prophets, and I have focused on the scriptures that speak of the righteous being "preserved by fire" and other verses that talk about the importance of praying for the Savior's return.
I am not implying that anyone else should be feeling exactly as I do. I will look for those references if anyone wants them. But, in the meantime, it is interesting to me that I had not heard much of what is in that video. We don't have or watch television, so I am restricted to what I get on the internet, but I don't doubt these things are happening.

Again, thank you for the time you put into this. I have appreciated reading your blog and appreciate your anonymity.

Angelito said...

In my opinion wanting the "end" to come is a Heavenly desire, since the angels are begging the Father to come and destroy the wicked. However, the desire to leave a little season still for people to repent is a Godly desire, since that is what the Father and Jesus are telling the angels in response. But that is just my opinion and it really doesn't matter...

Anonymous said...

I believe far more people are falling to wickedness everyday, then there are people who are repenting.

I believe that the 'latter-day apostasy' that the Book of Mormon warns us of, is far more vast and includes 'everyone' in & out of the Church, except a rare few.

It appears the true Church that Joseph restored went into deep apostasy after Joseph died, & thus was broken up into many different groups & the people scattered. Most members followed false prophets, who preached and practiced the whoredom and abomination of 'polygamy', which was a major cause of the apostasy and deception of most members and leaders of the Church.

Most members refused to heed the scriptures and Joseph Smith's constant public warning against polygamy and how evil he said it was, and to never fall for the vile rumors that he preached or practiced it secretly.

It seems that the scriptures are correct, when they say that if the Lord doesn't come soon, there will be no one left to save.

Anonymous said...

"Joseph Smith's constant public warning against polygamy and how evil he said it was, and to never fall for the vile rumors that he preached or practiced it secretly"

?????????????? You have lost me there!! Where on earth did you get such a notion that he didn't practice it??? Personally I would love to believe you but I fear I cannot, there are FAR too many sources..

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:13,

I know it sounds too good to be true, I thought the same thing when I 1st heard about this. But I did my own searching, pondering & praying & found out that 'it is true'. Joseph Smith fought against polygamy his whole life & he never lived it.

He published his constant public 'testimony' against polygamy in not only the D&C but also in the Nauvoo newspaper Times & Seasons. You have to go back to his day & read the truth before you begin to see that it's a 'falsehood' that Joseph preached or practiced polygamy secretly, and that it's all based on only 'hearsay', by those who had every reason to lie & cover up their whoredoms & pin it all on Joseph.

There is no proof that he lived it, but there is proof that he constantly publically preached against it. Who are you going to believe? Joseph, a true prophet of God, or Brigham, who we know lived abusive polygamy?

"Prove all things, only if you are unafraid of the truth, can you find it."
Man's Search For Happiness, LDS Filmstrip.

If you want to hear the 'other side of the story', that is now coming to light, after being kept hidden for over 150 years, vital things that Joseph Smith publically preached & published while he was alive, then go to the website & read their free online book called "Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy".

Don't be turned off just because it was written by non-mormons, for who else would tell 'the other side of the story' from Joseph & Emma's view. Not those who believed Brigham Young's side of the story.

These authors wrote it out of respect & honor for Joseph Smith & to clear his name of the vile & abusive things that Brigham Young & so many others said he did to Emma & other women, namely 'polygamy'.

Think about it, would a true prophet of God really treat his wife like so many say Joseph treated Emma. No. Every honest & righteous man knows he could not treat his wife that way & remain righteous.

Christ & also the Book of Mormon also warn us about the adulterous nature of polygamy in every instance in history and that it is never allowed ever. Many have twisted one of the verses in the BoM to make it seem to say polygamy is 'ok' in certain circumstance, when the verse actually says just the opposite.

Study these things out for yourself and ask Heavenly Father to help you know the truth. It will set you free, from the falsehoods you have always been taught.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true and Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, but that doesn't mean those who came after him were true & faithful and that the Church didn't fall into apostasy.

Don't take my word for it, have the courage to go search the truth of these things out for yourself.

God would only expect us to go by & believe what Joseph Smith publicly preached & published 'while he was alive'. He would never expect us or want us to rely on the 'hearsay' of what others said about Joseph, especially when it contradicts the scriptures and Joseph Smith's own teachings & testimony that he left us to judge by.

Joseph warned the Saints then & now to never believe 'anyone', not even a prophet or apostle, who preached or practice polygamy or who taught anything contrary to what the scriptures teach. If they ever did, he told us to consider them 'imposters' & false prophets.

But most members refused to listen to Joseph's warnings, they wanted to live & accept whoredoms instead.

'Polygamy' by Joseph's own words, went against all the holy scriptures.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to similar things in Peru...unexplained deaths of sea life.