Tuesday, May 29, 2012

57: The new WORLD TRADE CENTER at City Creek.

It was announced today that the new high rise office tower at City Creek has now received a new name. The new name is World Trade Center at City Creek.  From the KSL article, “Renaming the tower "builds upon the established achievements of City Creek’s revitalization efforts in the heart of downtown," said Mark Gibbons, president of City Creek Reserve Inc.  click here

The City Creek Reserve is a for profit real estate company owned by the LDS church.


I wondering if naming a high rise building World Trade Center would be similar to renaming a new ocean liner cruise ship, the Titanic.  


LJn said...

Interesting story, but the eagle would starve to death before it grew everything new. Out of curiosity, I did a search and came up with these two sites which explain the truth:


LJn said...

And here is the other one:

She's a bit rude, but makes good points.

I do think it strange to rename the tower after the destroyed one. And it concerns me, really. What are the behind-the-scenes plans for Salt Lake City? Are they planning for Romney to be president, then Salt Lake will somehow become a sort of runner-up for being a new Washington D.C.? Or a replacement for the hubbub of New York City? I fear that the truth is that Salt Lake and the church are being set up for a fall (not by tptb, but by their own actions, and by the Lord/natural consequences).


I stand corrected. I have deleted the portion about the eagle, even though I loved the symbolism. I appreciated the comments. It is important for me to keep everything on here as truth. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is truly disturbing.

About the eagle, I had never seen that, and I wouldn't have believed it, because of my wildlife science background, but I don't spend much time with people who use "powerpoint"--

All I can think of is:

Isaiah 2:15 and Isaiah 33:18

there are more, but those seem pertinent--


LJn said...

The symbolism was good, all right. I was hoping you wouldn't take offense. I'm glad you didn't.

LJn said...
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LJn said...

(I really wish I could edit spelling errors instead of putting a correction in another post or deleting the original. Anyway, here was my post, hopefully with all of the spelling correct this time.)

I couldn't resist looking those scriptures up and posting them.

"Enter into the rock, and hide thee in the dust, for fear of the Lord, and for the glory of his majesty.
For the day of the Lord of hosts shall be upon . . . every high tower, and upon every fenced wall." Isaiah 2:10, 12, 15

"Thine heart shall meditate terror. Where is the scribe? where is the receiver? where is he that counted towers?" Isaiah 33:18

Anonymous said...

Here is good and accurate information about the World Trade Center brand. This information is helpful in trying to reach understanding of the renaming of Eagle Gate Tower.
I am interested to know if there is another place to look for the carcass if the eagles are not gathering at the corner we have looked to for so long. I believe a few eagles remain in/at our corner. I will keep my eagle eye trained. Barf...a little too much I agree.

AndEva said...

You took the Eagle symbolism away? You should keep it there, this week has been very powerful for me and your Eagle History was profound around the events of this week. On Monday we had a phone call of the death of one father, it was also the same day birthday of another father At the same time as the death phone call, on another mobile was the call back of a successful full time job application. Our Hens laid their first EVER eggs on Monday and the news of a pregnancy that same day. On Monday I awoke with the number 40 in my mind (I normally am not a numbers person) This vision in my minds eye of '40' lasted all day and the next and had carried on all the week. Also I had the scripture of Eagles wings in my head, then your post about Eagles, then my friend who is not a member no familiar with your blog repeated to me your same info about eagles! I have had many more symbolic things happen this week...I found your post very interesting.

LJn said...

Some quotes from the link in the comment above:

What is a World Trade Center?
A World Trade Center connects its business community to the people, the companies, the data and the government agencies that make up the fabric of global commerce.
As branded facilities, World Trade Centers are landmarks in the regions that they serve.  They are symbols of the international connectedness and competitiveness of a community.  As real estate projects, World Trade Centers are high profile developments that convey a premier international business address and are highly desirable locations for business tenants to occupy.

By what criteria is a building judged to be awarded World Trade Center status?
World Trade Centers are licensed facilities, so a specific license must be applied for and accepted by the World Trade Centers Association Board of Directors.  World Trade Centers are meeting places.  They are destinations where people discuss ideas, develop linkages and forge the basis for doing business together.  A World Trade Center building is a facility with a purpose.  It is a place where special things happen.  It is a prestigious address that means “international business”.

The aforementioned characteristics are important factors that the WTCA evaluates very carefully before authorizing a World Trade Center for any community.

There are several other questions and answers at the link.