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A gala event is planned for August to celebrate the 85th birthday of President Thomas S. Monson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The masters of ceremonies duties for the celebration, called "Golden Days: A Celebration of Life," will be shared by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback and Hall-of-Famer Steve Young and former network news anchor and author Jane Clayson Johnson. The event will feature Broadway and other musical selections performed by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Orchestra at Temple Square and notable guest artists, who have not yet been announced. Choir President Mac Christensen said, "I happen to know the songs being performed will delight President Monson."

The evening will also include a nostalgic look back at Pres. Monson's life, including his childhood, marriage, time in the Navy during World War II, and decades of service. He was called as a bishop of a congregation at age 22 and has served for nearly a half century as a general authority of the church.
A news release from Mormon Newsroom quotes Young as saying, "This celebration is a great way to let (Pres. Monson) know how much he is loved and appreciated. It's a privilege to play a small part in that recognition."

The event will be held at the Conference Center Friday, Aug. 17, at 8 p.m. .

The past 8 eight posts have been about the Prophet Abinadi. Doubtful he was every thrown a lavious Birthday Party. I hope to write up similar posts about another prophet by the name of Samuel. The following is from a blog post.

"This example from the Book of Mormon is a clear warning intended for our day. Christ's admonition to "Search the prophets" is just as important an admonition now as it was then. So the challenge remains to keep ourselves ready, and listen to the words of the Prophets. It is our common misconception, however, that there will never be another Samuel the Lamanite who is an outsider and without credentials to be given a message for us by the Lord. We expect that if there is a message for our day it will come from the head of the church, not some obscure outsider, like Samuel. We imagine it is always safe to disregard such characters. It is curious, however, that the Book of Mormon, which is the "most correct book" includes this odd departure as an example. It is odd the Nephites never figured out our system. It is so much better than theirs was. We really are a royal generation, the most blessed of all who have ever lived! We never face such a test, because we imagine we have an authorized source of truth, an institutional charisma that can never fail, and through which we can never be led astray. The Lord has made it so much easier for us in our day. It somehow makes sense to us, but leaves me wondering if the Lord ought not apologize to the Nephites for making it so much harder for them. Then there is that unfortunate recent announcement by the church a few days ago about church leaders speaking "in the absence of revelation" which complicates these questions.

It makes me wonder if our eternal salvation depends on sorting out the truth from error. Or, alternatively, if it matters in the more immediate unfolding history preliminary to the Second Coming and the whole earth being cursed if we get it wrong."


LJn said...

Worship of men is a really, really sad thing. How can we expect them to retain the strict humility required to get answers from heaven, and to lead the church if we are constantly tempting them by always treating them like royalty and like Gods? Lesser men would fall. Even greater men would. How can they keep focused on spiritual things when wealth and adoration and "kiss your feet" attitudes constantly surround them?

I really hate to say this, but I think we need a good shaking up - a strong humbling - and I think it is quickly approaching. I believe that is why Jesus appeared to an ordinary man who is not (indeed, cannot) be part of the adored hierarchy to warn us of our sins, such as pride and idolatry. When God sends someone, can destruction be far behind?

LJn said...

P.S. I'm going to use part of your post as a post of my own, with a few changes. I'll link to your post, so credit will be given where due.

LJn said...

I didn't word that very well. I should ASK. Is it okay if I do this? I can send you an email of what I have in mind, if you'd like. Okay. Asking. Not assuming.


that is fine..but I dont need or want the credit.

LJn said...

Okay. Thank you.

AndEva said...

Words from a true servant of Christ, (been in HIS presence, has ongoing visions and prophecy has received their anointing) this person told me first hand what the Lord told them regarding the way we now "Incorrectly" pay tithes (10% tax) and build up expensive buildings and forget and trample the poor...The Lord said "I did not die for Silver and Gold" and " Soon MY CHURCH will be empty" and also this "They baptize in water and worship my name, but they do not know ME"

Anonymous said...

what were the words with regards to the leaders that were given several days ago? I don't live anywhere near Utah--so I wouldn't know.

Thank you. I am saddened by this, and I was saddened when this began several prophets ago--

Which prophet allowed this to happen to him first?

I don't know, and maybe it doesn't matter--maybe I should say "president"; I am a TR holding active LDS, and I have never been able tor receive a testimony that President Monson is a prophet, only the holder of the keys and an apostle and the president--

but that's all right; I have received testimonies that others have been prophets; it is strange that I haven't this time--
and I have prayed about it sincerely.

I wouldn't say that if I were not anonymous. I don't believe that President Monson is 'evil' at all, but I do believe there is something going on in the background; I honestly believe the leaders of the church are being held hostage on some level. In captivity. As the Book of Mormon warns.

Anonymous said...

What is a TR?

Anonymous said...

temple recommend. Just trying to make the point that I haven't given up, in spite of the fact that I have my eyes open about the corporate church--

I am curious about the words

Then there is that unfortunate recent announcement by the church a few days ago about church leaders speaking "in the absence of revelation" which complicates these questions.

Anonymous said...

I have always been an very active TR member, but I have come to sadly realize and believe that Pres. Monson and probably every other President that came after Joseph Smith, does not appear to believe in Christ nor his Gospel nor even live it, but they appear to instead believe in & teach the philosophies of men & devils.

In fact Pres. Monson seemed to mock Christ's gospel of love in one of his recent talks.

For 'love IS all we need' and then it will be well with us at the last day.

I believe in Christ and in the Prophet Joseph Smith (who taught totally different then all the presidents who followed him). I believe in the Book of Mormon to be the word of God and the original D&C (1835 edition) before BY & others added what I believe to be falsehoods to it.

Only the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ will save us and we can tell who the true disciples of Christ are because they will preach & practice the gospel of Christ and possess true Christlike love.

Brett said...

"When God sends someone, can destruction be far behind?"

Only if we do not heed the messangers' warnings.

Brett said...

"'Incorrectly' pay tithes"

Can you please elaborate?

Anonymous said...

You should reread D&C 119. It's only 7 verses. Read it with an open mind, believing all things rather than confirming previous held ideas.

Maybe even write on a piece of paper each thing that it says as you read it. Then look back and see what the revelation is teaching us.

A blog post that has some more insight, is
here. It's a 4 post piece, with each post being rather short.

Let me know what you think.

Anonymous said...

may I contact you offline?

Anonymous said...