Thursday, September 6, 2012


Below is the newly built Jeffrey R Holland Building to be dedicated tomorrow on
September 7th by President Uchtodorf of the First Presidency

Here is the half page invitation that appeared in the Deseret News Sunday's edition
to invite all those who would like to join in the celebration. 

Tomorrow will be an exciting day for one of the Apostles, Elder Jeffrey R Holland. A six-story 170,000 square foot building which towers above the school campus in St. George will be dedicated and receive his namesake.  The formal ceremony begins at 10 a.m, and will include remarks from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. The dedication festivities will include the official ribbon cutting ceremony, followed by the dedicatory prayer offered by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, second counselor in the First Presidency of the LDS Church. Following the ribbon cutting, Dixie State will host an open house with refreshments. link to story

(sidenote: President Monson received an honorary doctorate degree from Dixie College last year.)

In some unrelated News.

Mitt's Romney's VP selection, Paul Ryan flew into Utah yesterday. There has never been more excitement for our Mormon Presidential Candidate and his Vice President choice than after the Republican National Convention last week. It was a perfect time for Paul Ryan to come to Utah while the enthusiasm is at it's peak. His main reason was to receive money donations. He only meet with the very elite, and prominent members supporting Romney. If you were willing to spend 25,000.00 dollars per plate,. you had the privilege to have an exclusive dinner with him. If 25 grand was too much for you to spend, you had the option to spend  just 3,000.00 and shake his hand at a VIP reception.  A general admission ticket where you might only be able to see him from a distance was 1,000.00 per ticket.

I had a lot of respect for Paul Ryan when I heard him say in a radio interview before his RNC speech last week that he had run a "2 hours and 50 something" marathon. After running a marathon myself, anyone who can run a sub 3 hour marathon ranks very high on my list. They would be classified as an "elite" runner.

However, it was just recently discovered that Paul Ryan had exaggerated his time, and the one and only marathon he ran was a time of 4 hours,1 minute and 25 seconds. For those of you who have run a marathon you know your time just as well as you know your birthday. You never forget your time.

It is always a difficult thing when the truth is exposed.

When we make false claims to receive more honor, power or credibility in the end destroys not only the person who made the claim, but those who follow them.
We would do well to give greater heed to the words of the prophets in the Book of Mormon.

"I will not put my trust in the arm of flesh;
for I know that cursed is he that putteth his trust in the arm of flesh.
Yea, cursed is he that putteth his trust in man or maketh flesh his arm
2 Nephi 4: 34


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This will offend some readers, but I got the same nauseating feeling when I heard about the "Unblog My Soul" party and book signing event held a few days ago. The room was filled to capacity (500 people), and was essentially for the purpose of honoring one man. Didn't seem right, but what do I know?

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you, Anon5:18. I've been a "follower" of that blog for a year I guess... I only check in about twice a month now. Don't care for it much anymore.

Anonymous said...

When I see these kind of things, it reminds me of President Monson's talk at the Chrsitmas devotional of 2011. He spoke of how the poor man got to heaven and had to live in a little shack because all of his praise had been used up honoring him on earth and there was none left to build his mansion in heaven. When I heard Pres. Monson tell the story I could not help but ask in my head:

"Pres. Monson, do you see that all of the praise you are being given in general conference and by the saints is doing the same thing to you? All of the "credit" you got for your excellent service as a young Bishop and since then is being used up every time your story is told and you are publicly praised for all you did. Aren't you worried there won't be anything left to build your home on high?"

And clearly this problem does not apply only to President Monson.

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of 'unblogmysoul' before--

I looked at it (after googling it); that is a very different world from the one I live in--

I'm almost 2,000 miles from SLC, and I don't hear much about what goes on--

I am anonymous 2:06 p.m.--

I can't relate at all--

Can't relate to the lives of the general authorities; can't even fathom the glitz and the glitter and the wealth (wouldn't be comfortable with it); can't imagine what it would be like not to 'worry' about money, even while working hard to trust that God will provide--

can't relate to all the wealth and pomp--and certainly not to Mitt Romney--

oh, goodness; when did the church leave us behind?

Thank you for letting me type this out--

I don't know any of you, and that's fine--

but I appreciate this blog very much--

Anonymous said...

If my memory serves me correctly, the first time a building was dedicated to a living general authority was for Gordon B. Hinckley. Buildings were usually dedicated after the death of one of these "general authorities". Now that Hinckley set the precedence, I guess it is now okay to laud these men while they are yet alive. What is happening to this Church? I am a convert of 40 years and am absolutely dismayed at what is beginning to come forth from this institution.

What is the difference between all the monuments the government has built for men long dead and the Church building monuments for the now living? I was never comfortable with dedicating buildings to general authorities. I don't recall the prophets of the book of mormon dedicating buildings to their memory. What happened to the pure Gospel of Christ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:18 and 8:54. I disagree with both of you.
I did not attend the event, but I do know that the author would not likely draw attention to himself.
In his writing (FTL and TTZ) the author clearly points to our Lord. Read both books and then opine.
My opinion is that most of the crowd were gathered to speak of Christ, and many of the attendees humble and true followers; gathered for the purpose of honoring one man, Jesus Christ.
The blog begins in August 2010. As readership expanded (as a greener audience became aware) the more sublime things were discussed in increasingly more opaque language.
You have painted with a broad, unforgiving, and unfair brush.
Your opinions are nearly as uninformed as mine.
Not offended in the least,

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to it:

Apparently, he relented in using his name because he decided that since it was for the students, it was okay. Looks like someone just cashed in his heavenly mansions for earthly honor. Not the best trade, perhaps.

Anonymous said...

I have read both his books, cover to cover. I also plan to read "Spencer's" book... with a heavy-duty filter, mind you. Why do you assume since I do not accept some of his ideas and teachings, I must not have actually read his books? His belief that there will be translated beings in this the last dispensation is disappointing to say the least. The priesthood will never again be taken from the earth. Someone who has seen Christ I think would show more knowledge than this. Just my opinion. I hold nothing against the man.

Toni said...

The people who went to the unblog my soul party actually went to hear "Spencer". Near death experiences draw crowds. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video news link from Anon11:36. I remember years and years ago being raised in a home where my father was a convert, and in the military, and my mother was a "Utah" Mormon. As we traveled my father would be called to numerous leadership positions. I am so grateful for my parents and their faith. But I also remember that there was almost a worshipping of the brethren; their words, their status, their influence when they would come and visit for stake and / or regional conferences (back in the 70s / 80s this happened with a little more frequency). My mother would frequently nudge me or verbally point out what it would be like to have a son that would grow up and join the ranks of "the brethren" ... a seventy or even an apostle. I know that my mother's intentions were honest, it seems that it was part of their generation, their mindset. But a few decades later, I certainly seem to see things differently. I see "the brethren" differently. We seem to so quick to sound off that "all is well," pat each other on the back, point to ourselves and to each other, rather than to CHRIST ... and as mentioned, accumulate worldly treasures of all kinds which we ascribe our names to.

I was at my mother's yesterday and she handed me a recent LDS Church News. Since I don't really read stuff like that, the content kind of took my by surprise. Articles with full page photos such as the following filled its pages:

A Gala Event: In celebration of President Monson's 85th birthday
Emblem to the Community: Temple Groundbreaking in Tijuana, Mexico
A Bouquet of Memories

and ...

"New Study Measures Member Donations" which stated:

"Overall, we found they (Mormons) are the most prosocial members of American society," the study said. "Regardless of where they live, they are very generous with their time and money." Not only are we a Zion-like people ... we have studies to show it :) and for a more detailed summary of just how giving Mormons are ... well, compared to non-mormons ... see "Penn Research Shows That Mormons Are Generous and Active in Helping Others" at

Turning to the back page of the LDS Church News the article was, "Reverence and Respect: Teaching children forgotten principles." The article stated, among other things, “Children are growing up in a world where reverence for God and civility toward one another are rapidly diminishing” and “children are not born with a natural inclination to be reverent.” The breakout quote in the article, from Romney was, "By and large, children ... will be just about as reverent as they are trained to be, and no more." It seems that this model of teaching is working very well in the church (over the entire lifespan).

I am grateful for this website and whoever it is that has posted these things. Some things really are wrong. Period! Someone needs to hold a mirror up … someone needs to show us just how naked we really are.

As a long-time social worker and counselor, it just seems startling that our faith has turned to or been placed in academia, research, studies, survey data ... the arm of the flesh. Knowledge is important, but so is wisdom. There is only one way ... and that is Christ. Where is Christ to be found today?

Anonymous said...

The only reason tithing numbers are so high is because we need temple rec's in order for our families to be "together forever." We buy that privilege with our hard-earned cash. Take tithing of the list of rec questions and $ would take a nose dive. Let's not kid ourselves.


I appreciate reading everyones comments. Thank you for contributing. As for the dialogue about John Pontius and Spencer. I also attended the event. I went mainly to listen to Kenneth Cope sing.

AndEva said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Eva, I just wanted you to know that I read your post prior to you taking it down and was very much moved by it. I felt the spirit testify. I wanted my wife to read it. I wish that I would have printed it. We went through a simular situation, though with some differences (and other individuals that are close to us are experiencing the same). I will not attempt to step into the grey area, pretending there is a blog-like answer for everything ... so, please know that you and your family are in my prayers. To some extent I do know much of what you are going through. It is not easy. Reach for Him!

AndEva said...

To Anon, Thank you. Your message has brought me to tears, it is a very emotional and heartbreaking time time/test. I took the post down because I wrote it from a place of hurt and it wasnt Christ-like and I dont want to be bitter but move on in the journey to know Christ, no matter the cost. The the other side of this is that our family has never been closer, our marriage is 100% Christ centered, my husband and I are united and our hearts are bring filled with love and compassion for our accusers. We are experiencing powerful miracles and revelation for our family. I wouldn't change that for anything no matter the heartbreak. If it means that I will be Ex'd, then so be it...let Christ knock down those walls that are keeping us from Him. Thank you Anon. X

Anonymous said...

I'm so curious what your original post was... would you consider sharing/rephrasing what you wrote before? I've heard the phrase myself, "I don't care if I'm ex'd" from my husband...who is the most honest and moral and self-disciplined man I know. I'd like to hear what you are going through. I understand if you would rather not.

Toni said...

Anonymous, I fear it will only get worse and worse. The prophecies in the Book of Mormon are plain if one understands who the "Gentiles" really are. Pride will be at its height, I expect, before the great fall, when the church falls into the laps of those Christ promised it to (in 3rd Nephi).

Toni said...

Or, Eva, you could discuss it on your blog in a way that seems Christ-like to you (a blog post). It seems you are being persecuted for putting Christ first. It seems like many people are beginning to be persecuted for that. My prayers go out in your behalf. It can be rough when people DON'T understand that one DOES support the church as belonging to Christ, that following Christ/the Spirit is paramount over following any tradition or any man.

AndEva said...

I have shared some thoughts on my blog, I really want it to be love filled, but there is hurt there...I may delete it all soon.


Toni said...

I read your blog tonight, Eva. My heart and prayers go out to you.

AndEva said...

I am catching up on the comments. I read yours Toni and felt the truthfulness and of the Book or Mormon verses. I am going to be focusing on prayer for these men. Thank you Toni, I have spiritually connected with you. X