Friday, October 5, 2012


For the past three years just before General Conference, a new book has been released on the life, teachings, and inspirational stories about President Thomas S Monson.

The latest book,  A Prophet’s Voice, was just released  a week or so ago, prior to tomorrow's October General Conference.  From the book’s description, A Prophet's Voice brings together more than fifty of Monson’s classic addresses, including all the major general conference sermons President Monson has given since becoming the sixteenth President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “Filled with warmth and reflection, these messages demonstrate the worth of every soul and the power of personal examples in our lives.”  President Monson is perhaps best known for his gift of weaving true accounts into his addresses, bringing gospel principles to life through the enlightening experiences of individuals he has met or heard of in his ministry.  (LIST PRICE at Deseret Book $32.99)

In 2011, the book that was released prior to the October General Conference was called Teachings of Thomas S. Monson. Advertised as “the ideal companion volume to the prophet's bestselling biography, ‘To the Rescue.’  Whether you’re preparing a lesson, planning a talk, teaching your family, or just seeking to be uplifted and motivated to live the gospel more fully, you’ll appreciate Teachings of Thomas S. Monson.” (LIST PRICE at Deseret Book is $29.99­)

In 2010,  after commissioning that his biography to be written, To the Rescue, was released which has now became a best seller for Deseret Book. The book description states, “To the Rescue chronicles the life and ministry of this extraordinary leader. It is filled with the heartwarming personal accounts so typical of President Monson — some that have become favorites over time and many others that have not been told before.” In conjunction with the books release, readers were invited to leave a “warm fuzzy” in a large jar. Here is that invitation:  . We invite you to join the Warm Fuzzies Movement by doing acts of kindness and service, and then to represent your service, submit a Warm Fuzzy from now through the end of the year. In January, we’ll send your Warm Fuzzies to President Monson. Click here to leave your warm fuzzy. (LIST PRICE at Deseret Book is $34.99 AT DESERET BOOK)

I have not read the books, but since we are taught to follow our Prophet, since he can't lead us astray... I am wondering if we should save up the almost 100 bucks to buy and then read these books.

I have to admit that I am really looking forward to listening to President Monson tomorrow in General Conference. It has been reported that he has received a revelation that will be announced in this weekend in General Conference. I can’t remember the last time when the President of the Church has actually announced that a “revelation” has been recieved.  It should make for a good chapter to include in next years book. :)


Anonymous said...

I don't know; I've always been ashamed to feel in my heart a complete disinterest in Elder Monson and his talks, etc.--

I remember several family members who practically swooned over him 30-40-50 years ago, and I never felt any kind of interest in him--

and I have always felt ashamed of it.

Now that he is the president of the church I try very hard to listen to his words, but I remain quite uninspired.

I feel like one of C.S. Lewis' bulgy bears, "I don't understand"--

but alone I stand, not being impressed.

Taylor said...

It would appear the status of The President of The Church is being used to make money. It's advertising. If he were not the President, and instead just another member, I wonder how many people would up and spend that kind of money on his books?

Anonymous said...

The latest installment in the cotton candy for the lds families soul series, eh?

As to Taylor's question I've spent more than $100 on books by non-GA, non-CES, non-BYU lay members: Denver Snuffer, Brant Gardner, John Pontious, etc. I've yet to spend a dime on a Monson book. Though I did spend plenty on Neal Maxwell's books back in the day.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I'm "bewitched" by Romney, but I noticed you have to go out of your way to find out much that he has done in the way of service to others. At least Pres.Monson doesn't make it so difficult on us.

Don't worry if you don't care to spend the money on books.... I noticed there will be an hour long "look how wonderful Pres. Monson is" segment between sessions on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I wish the focus would be more on the Savior for the hour segment.

Anonymous said...

I agree (with Anon 6:05) above. Back in the day I bought Maxwell's collected works. No regret. I loved to read his words. Back then it really represented something to me, another step on my path. It is interesting ... one way or the other "the brethren" do lead us to Christ! Either by their testimony or, dare I say, lack of testimony. Be completely honest and true in the light and knowledge you have been given. Ask, and you WILL be given more. There is a definite, distinct shift that occurs when HIS voice declares, "come follow me." And after that, their words never sound the same. In Christ, you can love them.

Anonymous said...

Was saddened today when i logged on to the LDS website and there was/is only one small picture of Christ (almost missed it)and 4 of Monson. :( I hope and pray for all who speak and all who are listening, especially those who are listening that they may have discernment, go to God and ask if the things that are spoken today are true...

Anonymous said...

No one, I'm happy to say, called the missionary age change a "revelation" during conference. Just the internet rumor mill called it that. I'll give Elder Nelson the benefit of the doubt and say he did not himself call it a "revelation" either, since I don't know for sure.

Anonymous said...

Based on what preceded the announcement, it seems they tried out the younger age in different countries. It had positive results. So they made it worldwide.
I like the change. No one at conference used the word "revelation", or even that anyone prayed about it. But in any event, as far as changes go, this was a good one for sure.

Charlotte said...

In the press release, Brother Holland said they "experienced revelatory power." Watch the video at the Mormon Newsroom here:

Anonymous said...

Didn't see that, thanks Charlotte.

Michael A. Cleverly said...

Sounds like D&C 9:8-9 at work.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but no amount of heart-warming fuzzy stories or talks or even taking care of a few widows, can make up for his turning away and neglecting the countless afflicted, fatherless, abused and abandoned in the Church, which is his #1 responsibility to take care of, and thus 'amen' to his Priesthood, power and position.

True prophets would never do or support the evil he has.

Only by 'love', not heart-warming stories, shall we know who are Christ's true disciples.

AndEva said...

Ditto what is said above, and I mean that in all sincerity and heartbreak.

Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous who wrote at 12:59 on October 5--

Though I have had my personal struggles with Thomas S. Monson, and I admit it--
and I'm not proud of it--

does anyone else think that this is making much over very little?

Why so much ponderous thought over something so minor?

An age change for missionary work; why is it so 'big'?

SO much time put into newsconferences and sitting in chairs in well-appointed rooms?

When does anyone do any real service?

Anonymous said...

He is not the only one responsible (I am anonymous 8:28) for this, and managing a corporation that is a church has to be heavy work--(no joke; I wouldn't trade places with these men)

but--I do believe that the direction taken is off course--

so it's hard to take very seriously the 'heart-warming' stories--

Each of us and only each of us can make a choice to care for the widowed, fatherless, afflicted, etc.--

and start by letting these men do what they do, because they will be held accountable individually for whatever they did or did not do--

as will we--

I will, however, not go along with the 'oh, wasn't that a GREAT conference!' 'stuff'--

and I won't call President Monson "beloved prophet"--

I don't think it pleases the Lord--

Having said that, I think that trying to be an honest man and a true apostle in that group of men has to be one of the most difficult things in the world--

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:32,

I am Anonymous 8:52 and I agree that most leaders in the Church seem to also be guilty of the same negligence and evils. I have never known of Bishop, S.P. or higher who does their duty and stands for right. Most all of them ignore or persecute the afflicted innocent, while supporting and rewarding the guilty.

The laws of Christ are not being followed in this Church. I know of no leader of the Church who could be called a true disciple of Christ.

I believe all leaders know that they are supporting evil in this Church because of it's policies and teachings, but very few of them choose to lose their positions or standing in order to repent and stand for right. And thus they will one day receive the consequences for supporting such evils.

I believe this Church has lost it's authority, power and Priesthood long ago because of such rampant unrighteous dominion, especially among it's leaders. There are so many other religions who protect and care for it's members and preach and practice Christ's doctrines far better than this one.

Anonymous said...

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