Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Ron Paul at speaking engagement on October 18th, that was free to the public.

Today the American people will be voting for the next President of the United States. Whoever wins the election will place their hand on a Bible and take the Oath of Office. It will either be the current President who will be re-elected or a successful business man. In my opinoin, neither our current Democrat President or the Republican candidate understand the Constitution better than this man in the photo.

Here are the words of the oath that the President vows at his inauguration:
"I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of United States, 
and will to the best of my ability, PRESERVE, PROTECT, and DEFEND 
the Constitution of the United States, so help me God."
The President of the United States solemly swears to Preserve the Constitution, Protect the Constitution, and Defend the Constitution. President J Reuben Clark. Jr. stated, "God provides that in this land of liberty, our political allegiance shall not run to individuals, no matter how great or how small they may be. Under His plan, our allegiance and the ONLY allegiance we owe as citizens of the United States, runs to our inspired Constitution which God himself set up."
Here are a few other quotes that I find to be very important regarding the Constitution:

President Ezra Taft Benson:
"Men who are wise, good, honest, who will uphold the Constitution of the United States in the tradition of the Founding Fathers, MUST be sought for diligently. This is our hope to restore government to its rightful role"

Prophet Joseph Smith:
"The Constitution of the United States is a a glorious standard, it is founded in the wisdom of God. It is a Heavenly Banner" .

President Joseph Fielding Smith:
"It is time the people of the United States were waking up with the understanding that if they don't save the Constitution from the dangers that threaten it, we will have a change of government"

President Ezra Taft Benson:
"Next to being one in worshipping God, there is nothing in this world upon which this Church should be more united than upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States.

President David O McKay:
"We therefore commend and encourage every person and every group who is sincerely seeking to study the Constitutional principles and awaken a sleeping and apathetic people to the alarming conditions that are rapidly advancing about us."


"We have been placed on earth in trouble times. We live in a complex world with currents of conflict everywhere to be found. Political Machinations ruin the stability of nations."  Monson in General Conference 2008.

 Machinations = a scheming or crafty action or artful design intended to accomplish some usually evil end.

In my opinion if we have a Democrat President we will see a total economic collapse or if we have a Republican President we will be at war finding the "bad guys and killing them". (as stated and promised in the last Presidential Debate).

May the Lord have mercy on us.
President Obama, Cardinal Timothy Dolan and Mitt Romney at a black tie event on October 19, 2012. Hosted by the Catholic Archdiocese of New York


Anonymous said...


Steve said...

I believe we will have the same results regardless of which of the major candidates prevail.

Anonymous said...

The country has made its decision and we will now reap the harvest. Wo unto us Gentiles. We have put ourselves above all other countries and people. We are full of pride and wickedness. So many "saints" are like Laman, looking back on Jerusalem, claiming they are so righteous. Last week in SS class a former Bishop had the nerve to compare the persecution of the Mormons with the Jews' persecution during the Holocaust. With self-adoration like this, it's no wonder we wander in the dark at noonday.
May God have mercy on us indeed.

Steve said...

Both were cast out of their homes, dispossessed of their property and rights. The Jews were put on the cattle cars and sent to Auschwitz. The Mormons were put on the trail to the desert. What are the difference that you see? Do you think that both were suffering the deserved curses of a just God?

Anonymous said...

The Saints were not held captive. They were driven from there homes, but not forced at gun point into a cattle car.

Anonymous said...

Only because there were not cattle cars. We will be pushed out again. Just wait.

Anonymous said...


There might be a *we*, or there might not. The "church" is not very homogenous anymore.

If anyone who has records of membership is sent to FEMA camps--

maybe that would be an opportunity for LDS people to be united again.

As I have seen it for decades, there is not much unity among the LDS. Poor and rich, black and white--

not much unity. Perhaps *we* do need a common enemy. The problem is, however, that all of *us* see the gospel as something different. Some of us take it very literally; others think of it as a culture, a social institution--with religious overtones.

Some who take it very literally are really intense about setting themselves apart from others, even to the point of not finding anything in common with other Godly people; there are so many gradations among LDS.

Some of us find a lot more in common with those who have other religious beliefs and a profound faith in God--

and find our own ward members to be narrow in spiritual understanding.

Oh well.

Anonymous said...

You really need to learn some WWII history or no one will take you seriously. In fact, it may offend some non-LDS and turn them off from the Church. Read history. The Mormons in the 1800s had persecution, but nothing compared to many people throughout the history of the world - the American Indians, the Crusades, the calculated Ukrainian and other famines, the Aztecs, even modern-day child trafficking in Africa and Asia - any of these subjects would be a good start. Do you know anything at all about Auschwitz? Apparently not, since you compare it to pioneers trekking west. (Not all pioneers were Mormons, remember?) Do you know about the medical experiments? The vivisections going on? (That means being operated on while alive for medical research purposes.) The mass gassings? The 1.5 million children who were murdered? Castrations without anesthesia? Removal of limbs and organs without anesthesia? The repeated breaking of bones to see how many times they would heal? Being infected with malaria, exposed to mustard gas and children infected with tuberculosis and then having their lymph nodes removed to research infection and trial antibiotics? Being denied food and water and only given sea water to drink? Fighting with your camp-mates over a bowel movement to eat?

Those are some of the differences I see off the top of my head. Suffering the deserved curses of a just God? How many posts could be devoted to that question alone! Sounds like you prefer the 5 second answer? I'm not inclined to oblige. The answer to that can be found throughout scripture. Again, read. Please.