Friday, November 16, 2012


A photo of the World Trade Center,  in downtown Salt Lake City
located southeast of Temple Square and directly across from Brigham Young's home.
One of the many buildings the Church owns and manages through Deseret Management Co. 
The photo is taken from the LDS Church Office Building.
The  gold plaque with the name World Trade Center outside the building.
The gold front door of the World Trade Center. This used to be the location for the Federal Reserve Bank. There is a plaque outside the building memorializing this building.


After partaking of the fruit of the tree which God forbid, Adam and Eve were cast into the Telestial world. Now in their mortal and fallen state, they were approached by one who claimed to be the god of this world. He tempted them to sell their priceless possessions given to them by God. He told them that they could buy anything in this world for money. 

Money is not inherently evil, but potentially how  "money" is created and used could be considered corrupt.

If you didn't read the last lengthy blogpost, Ron Paul mentions one of the MANY problems facing our country. Probably one of the biggest problems is our monetary system and our financial crisis that we all face. Many are calling what lies before us as a "fiscal cliff".  It is the consequence of excessive debt, unfunded liabilities, spending, and bailouts.

Most do not realize that our money is fiat money and the powers that be can create money out of thin air called fractional reserve banking.

This started in our country when the Federal Reserve was created on December 23, 1913 on Jekyll Island. A thick book documenting this was written by G Edgar Griffin, entitled "The Creature from Jekyll Island". You can watch a very long  documentary which goes into more detail. It is called the Money Masters. (If all of this is new to you, it might be good to learn more about this.)

The Federal Reserve  is one of the most blatant scams of all history. Not only is it not "Federal" but there are no "Reserves" either.  This central bank has been given power to print money out of thin air, finance both sides in wars, create boom-bust cycles, and control inflation and/or depressions.

Another name for this is called usury and those associated with this would be called money changers. We all know what Christ reacted with the moneychanger in and around the temple.

I bring this up because I found it interesting that this "fine building" called the World Trade Center was once the location for one of the Federal Reserve Banks.


I have mentioned before about the Church's investiment of billions of dollars into the City Creek Center.  However, I just learned a little more information about the developer of the mall,  the billionaire Alfred Taubman. Yes, Taubman Company is the developer of some of the world's most successful luxury malls, but what I didn't know is that Alfred is also the chairman of Sotheby’s auction house.  A few years ago he was found guilty with his rivals at Christie’s to fix auction house commission rates to drive up profits.  Here is the link.  He was sentenced to one year in prison, but was released early for good behavior. For the life of me, I am not sure why anyone would want to partner with such a man.

Anyway, just in time for the holidays, below is one of the new billboard adverting our Church owned mall. The ads contain the same things that concerned me  when the mall first opened.... the ads now have new models and new faces in the ads, but the suggestiveness, the immodesty and the alcohol still persist.

Let's go shopping and spend our fiat money. All is well.


Anonymous said...

again and again, this is disturbing to see. I keep wondering what has happened to *our* leaders.

I have some suspicions--

I do not believe they are 'evil' men; I don't even think they are 'weak' men, but something is terribly wrong--

There are those 'myths' that have floated around that leaders of the church over 100 years ago made a pact with bankers to keep the church afloat, and that whichever prophet/president has tried to break the pact has ended up dead.
I can't believe that fear would be keeping this thing going, but I wonder. I wouldn't ask anyone else to die.
I get a sense that the church is in 'captivity', very much as were the righteous kings in Ether. I think that we Book of Mormon readers tend to overlook those passages in Ether about 'captivity'.

After all, LDS church leaders are just men--
Are they trying to keep the status quo as long as possible.

Many accused Ron Paul of backing down against Romney, because of threats; others claimed that his son endorsed Romney, due to threats on the family, etc.

None of *us* KNOW whether any of this is true, but my response to those who claimed cowardice in Ron Paul (a man I respect) is that no man knows what any other man (or woman) will do when threatened with some kind of atrocity directed towards his/her loved ones--

This is heavy stuff; all of it is.

Anonymous said...

The Creature From Jekyll Island (author G. Edward Griffin) is probably the most interesting and informative book ever written on the very dry topic of central bankers and their quest to control the US Govt and overthrow the Constitution of the United States.
The owners of the US Federal Reserve are shadowy figures who shun the light of day and include extremely wealthy foreign investors as well as americans. As you point out, the "Federal" "Reserve" is no more "federal" than is FedEx, and is not a "reserve" at all but a conglomerate of privately owned banks. The Federal Reserve is a for profit private enterprise which has made its owners fabulously wealthy over the past 100 years since its founding by destroying the value of the dollar and by funding both sides of every war fought by the US in the past 100 years.
By constitutional law, the Federal Reserve is an illegal enterprise since the Constitution states that "money" will only be gold and silver coins and "The Fed" issues worthless, paper, fiat money exclusively.
Why has the church dipped its toe into this murky cesspool?
Why did the church use funds derived from the tithes of church members to open City Creek Mall?
Why does the church promote the worldly image of babylon in City Creek Mall advertising?
Why do church leaders "rub shoulders" these days with the kings of babylon (Dick Cheney, David Petraeus, Zbigniew Brzezinski, etc.)
We can only speculate, but it is ominous that the Book of Mormon repeatedly warns us about the corruption of "all" churches in the last days (2 Nephi 28:11).
We are warned that in the last days "they have all gone astray save it be a few, who are the humble followers of Christ; nevertheless, they are led, that in many instances they do err because they are taught by the precepts of men." (2 Nephi 28:14.
What does it mean to repent?
How much time do we have to repent?
Who needs to repent?

Anonymous said...

For years I kept making excuses for the Church and it's leaders at every level, giving them the benefit of a doubt, despite so much blatant unrighteousness, to put it mildly.

But no more, the Holy Spirit kept awakening me more and more with the hard to swallow truth, about our awful situation today.

Now, I firmly believe that the Church is in a deep dark apostasy, since Joseph Smith died, foretold by Book of Mormon prophets who saw our day and the corruption of the latter day Holy Church of God and it's members, who have 'all' gone astray and become deceived by false prophets and false doctrines of men, except a rare few.

Anonymous said...

While the female model's dress would not be appropriate for those who wear garments, in what way is it suggestive or immodest?

And I am sure that he beverage is decaffeinated Coke or some such :-)

Anonymous said...

Ok, Anonymous Nov 21st, Give me a Break.
Coke in a Wine class? and what does the Pic suggest is the direction and the outcome of the evening?
Its obvious that this advertisement is suggestive both for alcohol, clothing and with it lifestyle (non-mormon)choice, and Romantic/sexual intimacy.

Enough Said.


I think it was meant to be sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

The coke in the wine glass comment was my lame attempt at humor.

I see no cleavage showing on the young woman, so in that sense I see no immodesty. Although I do see at least part of a shoulder and I do realize that the Church counsels young women to cover their shoulders, are shoulders really immodest?

The couple are smiling at each other with the man holding the woman's hand which is stroking his cheek. Is that really suggestive or hinting at romantic/sexual intimacy?

Having said all of that, I do wonder what the general authorities are thinking when they advertise using alcohol and non-temple garment appropriate clothing.

Anonymous said...

Or when they allow such advertising.

Anonymous said...

So husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend are never supposed to hold each other's hands and smile at each other in close proximity? Yeah, I guess that would describe current Mormon culture and our weird aversion to anything intimate.
And no, the dress is not immodest. She just couldn't wear gaments underneath. We are too neurotic about this stuff. Most people don't wear garments and most people are not immodest.

And for the record, I love this website and am not a fan of City Creek.

Anonymous said...

I don't like City Creek either.

But I am a fan of romance, and I think our marriages need more of it. At least, I know mine does.

A Sister

Anonymous said...

More on the founder of Taubman:

Billionaire mall mogul A. Alfred Taubman was sued by former employee Nicole Rock for sexual harrasment, discrimination, pregnancy discrimination and wrongful termination.

The 38-year-old Michigan woman worked as a flight attendant on Taubman Air Terminals from 2005 to 2011, the Detroit News reports. The lawsuit filed in federal court Thursday seeks $29 million in damages for violations of her civil rights.

The numerous instances of repeated sexual harassment listed in the suit include claims that Taubman forcibly kissed Rock, tore her shirt, touched her breasts, grabbed her crotch, forced her to touch his crotch and "attempted to perform oral sex on her without her consent " -- threatening her by screaming,"I said lay down."

When Rock became pregnant in 2009, the suit alleges, Taubman told her she "should have had an abortion," and made other harassing comments about her decision to have a baby. He told her she "ruined her f--king life" and that her "a-- has gotten wide."

Rock also claims she was forced to return to work from maternity leave a month before she was scheduled.

The Detroit Free Press has a statement from Taubman’s office:

“The allegations contained in the complaint filed in court this morning against A. Alfred Taubman are not true. Mr. Taubman will address the complaint through the appropriate legal channels."

Read the lawsuit against A. Alfred Taubman on WDIV.

88-year-old Taubman, a philanthropist who seems to maintain a lavish lifestyle, is no stranger to the courtroom. In 2002, he went to jail after being convicted for his involvement in a price-rigging scheme with Christie's art auction house during his tenure as chairman of Sotheby's.

Taubman is worth an estimated $2.9 billion as of September, according to Forbes. He's one of the wealthiest men in Michigan; see the slideshow below for the list of the richest people in the state as of March 2012.