Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I like these two quotes:

"It is a quirk of human nature that most people don't want to learn anything new
and react negatively to anyone who challenges their deeply held views."
 (even when they're obviously false)." 
Porter Stansberry

"It takes a concentrated desire to find the truth"
Harold Klemp

Sidenote about comments on this blog:

I am happy to provide a place for people to share their views. When we are anonymous, we seem to be more bold with less inhibition. Some write what we normally would not say in person.

I don't always agree with some of the comments that are written... but I think we can all learn (and hopefully discern from them.)
Some advice I received awhile ago when I began to be awaken to my aweful situation was if you see or partake of the bitter, do not become bitter yourself. Bitterness creeps in without notice, and if I am not careful, it can destroy me.  

I have made changes to the comment section of the blog. If you care to read the comments, a popup window will come up. I felt this was necessary to keep the blog and the comments to be separate.

If you want to post a comment, use good judgement. Hopefully it will add and not distract from the post. 


Anonymous said...

Psychologist and author, Robert Cialdini often writes articles that show this "quirk of human nature" Here is a quote from one of his articles. "Indeed, we all fool ourselves from time to time in order to keep our thoughts and beliefs consistent with what we have already done or decided." This is called the consistency principle. "Once we have made a choice or taken a stand, we will encounter personal and interpersonal pressures to behave consistently with that commitment.Those pressures will cause us to respond in ways that justify our earlier decision." Don't you see that all the time with most of us in the church.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering which comments you don't agree with so much. There's been some lately that state Joseph Smith never lived polygamy and the church has pretty much gone astray and has no more authority, along those lines? I'm not in agreement with the authority point, but I appreciate the comments to think about anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of the ones who has stated that I am not sure that Joseph Smith lived polygamy--"lived" it (as in had relations with other women besides his wife Emma)--
because it can't be proven; nobody can prove it; all that can be found is statements from other people, some of which could have been changed later--

Gordon B. Hinckley repudiated polygamy completely and publicly--
I heard it--

I don't believe that just because Brigham Young might have been led astray with regards to polygamy (he was the president of the church after Joseph Smith)--

there is no authority now; I do believe the keys are here in the church--

prophets have told the church that *we* are under condemnation--

how much stronger can the language get--

but that doesn't mean the keys were lost--

I hope I haven't offended.

I just want proof that Joseph Smith lived polygamy in order to carry that line of belief any more--

even Fawn Brodie couldn't find that proof, and it made her mad.

I am thrilled that that proof can't be found--

Joseph Smith restored this religion/gospel--

what can be more significant than the possibility that he was misquoted and hijacked--?

I don't think that all has been lost between his death and now either--

I don't regret my mission, the temple work I've done, etc.--

parts of it, perhaps, have not been perfect, but I don't regret having been born LDS, etc.--

not at all--

and many of *us* are waking up to the Book of Mormon and the Savior; how would we have had this without even those men who perhaps made wrong decisions? Without the chastening trial even of plural marriage (which I denounce)--yet the trail was valid--

it's over now--

I'm descended from polygamists, and I don't condemn them, but I can't hold up polygamy as an edifying way of life--

But I apologize if I have offended--

I believe Thomas S. Monson holds the keys, in spite of some of the bizarre things that have happened under his presidency--

Anonymous said...

I feel much the same way, Anon9:20AM.

I'm looking at inheriting some money in the next while and I'm pondering how best to manage it. I believe in the covenants I made in the Temple... and that we should not spend money on that which is of no worth. (Anything out of City Creek in my opinion - yikes!)

I think of the Church's rationale that this was paid with "business" money or "investment" money, not tithing. Somehow I don't believe the money I make as an individual off of businesses or investments would be exempt from furthering the kingdom and building Zion, but maybe I'm being too nit picky???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: December 6, 2012 9:20 AM

I hope you are right. It's "nicer" for me to believe this also, and it may be true.

However....while marriages with multiple women, and consummated is repugnant to me as a woman (nobody quote me Bible please, It is still repugnant to me, as are a million other times sanctioned in the Bible)....

to me.....even if he did not have sex with any other women but Emma, evidence suggests he still married many other women, as in, contracted spiritual vows that were supposedly binding in eternity. as people who very much believe in the afterlife, this to me is "just" as intimate (in a different way)

It is disgusting to me to "ask" for a woman to her father OR HUSBAND, as if she were a piece of meat!!!
Whether it is just a piece of paper and never anything else comes of it, I don't believe God wants his daughters treated like that.

I repeat, spare me the scriptural evidence that God *does* want his daughters treated like that.....

I am not angry (even though I sound it)
But I do wish it were all a pack of lies about polyandry etc. I am not, however, so sure.
I have no trust in humans interpretation of Gods will anymore.
And I am fine with that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:20,

If you study out the facts about polygamy and Joseph Smith you will find that their isn't any 'evidence' only hearsay, mostly by polygamist, who just 'said' that Joseph was married or sealed to other women other than Emma.

And you will also find that Joseph diligently fought against polygamy his whole life, teaching that he didn't live it and that those who do live it, will be damned.

From what I have studied I don't see how anyone could ever think Joseph Smith lived polygamy.

The truth is that Heavenly Father would never want his daughters treated like that. Nor should they ever put up with anything like polygamy. They should have the self-respect that comes from knowing that they are a daughter of God and should never be demeaned and abused by any man by polygamy.

And there are no scriptures that support polygamy as a righteous principle or a command of God. I don't consider D&C 132 scripture, for it was added by a polygamist (BY) many years after Joseph's death and is completely contrary to what Joseph, Christ and BoM Prophets taught about polygamy. They all taught that it was a whoredom in every instance.

Anonymous said...

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