Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I wanted to share a few lines from Nibleys' "One Eternal Round: The Hermetic Vision", a chapter in the book, Temple and Cosmos.

(In case you are like me and had to look up the word 'Hermetic', here is a definition:  It is a set of beliefs and practices whose aim is the influencing of the world through contact with the heavenly forces.)

Nibley startes out the essay with defining the word 'atonement' and what it really means. He says:

It is a bringing together of God and man.
Those humans, spirits, or angels, who are "at one" with God
are naturally at one with each other
and with all his creatures.

Nibley goes on to say,

"In each dispensation the world went bad while the prophets united in futile protest, as in the days of Samuel, Hezekiah, Isaiah, and Jeremiah. In the powerful phrase of Ether, "the prophets mourned and withdrew from among the people" (Ether 11:13). The prophets always tended to form societies of their own for mutual comfort and security, for they usually appear in numbers in time of crisis: "And in that same year there came many prophets, prophesying unto the people that they must repent" (1 Nephi 1:4).

They were not well received. When not preaching it was their custom to keep a low profile, or simply to depart from the scene ..., a pattern we find repeated over and over again in the Book of Mormon. The holy outcasts would form with their followers a community of saints, a church, waiting and working for Zion. Zion itself is a model of such a retreat from the world: "And from thence went forth the saying, ZION IS FLED" (Moses 7:69).

In their retreat the righteous refugees take particular pains to preserve the sacred records—we think of Moses, of John, of Ether, of Moroni, etc., preserving, studying, and editing the sacred writings by special command. Without that protective care, the malice and envy of the wicked or the carelessness of the stupid would soon distort and mock the holy books. The righteous recluse—sometimes appointed by God to survival, escaping the persecution, wars, and natural disasters—is a standard fixture of history: "Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues" (Revelation 18:4).



Anonymous said...

Great points.

I believe there are true prophets on this earth, probably many. It would be so wonderful to find one.

It appears they are in hiding & not speaking out to the people to repent. They probably know that they would just be chased out if they tried.

Joseph Smith warned the Saints that most people easily fall for false prophets, thinking them to be 'true' prophets, because they seem so wonderful & look so righteous & say mostly true & inspiring things, but with just enough falsehoods thrown in to steer people off the path.

While it also appears that most people reject 'true' prophets, for they preach things hardly anyone wants to hear or accept.

Anonymous said...


I had not thought of some of this. I appreciate being given something to 'think about'--

Thank you--

Toni said...

One prophet speaks out - at least, if by "prophet" we mean one who has seen the face of Jesus and Jesus told him to preach repentance to the people, to warn of destruction if they don't repent. That man is Denver Snuffer.

And I have come across others who could be considered prophets in some aspect. Ian McCormack (not LDS, as far as I know). Some suggest the late John Pontius as one.

And there are many warning voices all over the "blogosphere" crying repentance (like this one does).

And you and Joseph are right on. People reject the true prophets because they are offended by them. The true prophets speak against the people's traditions, the things the people falsely view as holy. The people view this as an attack on them, on their religion, on their religious leaders.

Great post, Blogger. I would like to be among those humble followers of Christ who are led away from among the wicked.

Anonymous said...

Kind of tough time for many of us. I love the lord, and I love my family, my ward, and what the Church used to be. I believe in people and desire to speak, yet the Spirit usually constrains me. I am blessed to be in a position I can bring many subjects up and have people speak on them during sacrament, but it seems few really understand.

In summary, those that have ears to hear already hear, and those that do not sink deeper into their comfortable sleep, trusting in the arm of their Idol Leaders.