Tuesday, January 29, 2013


"Behold, verily I say unto you, that there are many spirits which are false spirits,
which have gone forth in the earth, deceiving the world.
And also Satan hath sought to deceive you, that he might overthrow you."

D&C 50:2
Here we read in a 1831 revelation given to Joseph Smith that there are MANY false Spirits abroad on the earth that go forth and deceive. Not only are there false spirits deceiving, but Joseph Smith states.. and also Satan. It is a one, two punch. False Spirits.. and also Satan.

During this period of time of the restoration, much light was being restored, we read that a so-called spiritual phenomena was not uncommon among the members, some of whom claimed to be receiving visions and revelations. When greater light is given, greater darkness and disception also occurs. You release forces in opposition to light and truth. They have to be balanced. It is an eternal principle. There is day and night, there is health and sickness, there is pleasure and pain... there is truth and there is deception.

Many false spirits will claim to be a light to others. They are seeking to teach others a form of the truth, but in the end, it is their agenda, promoting their own glory, and or their own will. Those who attempt to distract, and to deceive, and mislead, want you to indulge and keep nothing in the bounds that the Lord had prescribed  but to seek for excess in things.

The difficulty with any addition to understanding is always in sorting out what is true and right, figuring out what ought to be kept.. vs. what is false, incomplete or misleading, and should be discarded. It is also important to have the right source when drawing light, for there remain many false spirits in the world.

We know that there  will be false prophets in the last days.. but with that, there also must be true prophets as well. So while there are false spirits abroad on the earth, there must also be true ones which will always point you to Christ.

That being said, just like a boxer in a ring, to avoid being knocked out... hold your hands high, elbows low, and move your head.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you have spoken up on this topic. I wondered what your thoughts were. Thanks for the insight and scriptural reminders of truth. I concur with all you shared.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Hulet Branch from early Church history. They had some of the gifts of the Spirit. From Joseph Smith history: "Said they would not receive the teachings of ordained members, even Brother Joseph Smith, Jun., himself, unless it agreed with their gifts. Said they received the word of the Lord while they were in Jackson county, that they were to be persecuted by their brethren in Clay county, and now it had come. Also said that the heads of the Church would have to come down and receive the gifts as they did. Said that they, the Hulet Branch, had come up to their privileges more than the rest of the Church." (Vol. 2, pg. 140, Joseph Smith history)

After a council was held, it was stated, "...the devil deceived them, and they obtained not the word of the Lord, as they supposed, but were deceived..." (Ibid, pg.141)

I've noticed certain modern LDS authors seem to be preaching the same thing - how members at large and even leaders are not coming up to their privileges, etc. It reminded me of the Hulet Branch. We must be ever careful.

Anonymous said...

Christ and his prophets warned us repeatedly that most people will fall for the many false prophets & falsehoods that would abound in the Church today. It appears such as happened as foretold it would.

The scriptures also warn of false Christ's today & false revelations & visions, etc. This also seems to be rampant. There seems to be so many people today who are being deceived to think they are being visited by the real Christ, when it's actually a false Christ who is appearing to them & giving them revelations & visions. You can always tell because these same people do not believe in or practice Christ's teachings.

The Adversary can appear as an angel of light and easily deceive us, saying he's Christ.

I believe there are true prophets on the earth today, but I believe they being very quiet and are rare and hard to find unless God leads you to them.

Whereas there are many false prophets around us today, who make themselves easily known and profess to the people & world that they are prophets.

False prophets are easily detected though, for they preach & practice contrary to Christ's teachings, and they always ask for unquestioning obedience. They preach things like polygamy, either yesterday, today or in eternity. They also usually allow all divorce & remarriage, the misuse and abuse of the principle of tithing, they believe in salaries for prophets and they almost never honor & respect the true equality of women in the home, church or society and thus deny women the Priesthood and power of God.