Thursday, August 29, 2013


Dreams are symbolic in nature and usually pertain to things in our personal life. A dream has significance if you can recall it and it has details which are perhaps meaningful. I have learned that dreams oftentimes employ symbols to tell us messages. The specifics are not intended to be taken literally, but symbolically. I had several friends have portent dreams this past week including myself, all involving destruction. I asked for permission to share one of my friend's dreams:

 In the dream, I was by a beautiful river walk close to a city. It was park like area with benches and a sidewalk that meandered along the river. My family and I were sitting at one of the picnic benches just enjoying the beautiful day and scenery around us. I felt drawn to walk down the river 20-30 yards and look at something. My family was still sitting at the bench talking with each other. All of the sudden, alarm hit all my senses with a knowledge that a wall of deathly water both, at that moment unheard and unseen was headed our way. I shouted to my family to RUN!! They all took off toward our truck and I was running right behind them. While running towards the truck, I was thinking how grateful that they didn't pause to inquire why I was so alarmed, but heeded my voice of warning.

All at once, I realized that they left my wallet on the bench in their haste to get to the truck. I remember that the internal decision to take a short detour and grab my wallet was met with a warning that I would not make it if I did. I reached the truck with my family and sped out of the parking lot yelling for any strangers around to jump into the back. All at once, a huge black wall of water came crashing down the river with great ferociousness. My last memory of that dream was going to higher ground safely in the truck and so grateful that we were safe and that I had not gone after my wallet


A few days ago, I came across this link of video that was recently released. It is fairly long, but if you watch it from the very beginning to the end, you will be amazed at enormity of the destruction. What starts out a calm day despite hearing warning sirens, the tide of debris and water that comes through this city is unbelievable.

Sidenote: I found this video to be highly symbolic as well. The symbol of our country, the Golden Eagle flies above the audience pridefully shouting USA, USA.. and then you see the bird crash into the glass wall.


AndEva said...

I had a dream like this a few weeks ago which I wrote down but didn't feel to post it publically at that time. Yesterday the Lord told me to publish my dream NOW but I was feeling too sick at the time. This morning I woke up and read your blog and knew why the Lord wanted me to publish it yesterday so here it is...

It is almost identical. Blessed be the Lord Yeshua.

Anonymous said...

I kept thinking about the people who were walking slowly, about the kids who were hanging around by the water, etc.--

Only in Japan would those shouting warnings to move quickly, evacuate quickly, would say "please"--

I worried about the people doing the photographing--

this wasn't a dream; this was a nightmare, and it's still going on--

It's hard to know the truth, but there are some who believe there was no 9.0 earthquake, that it was nuclear action out at sea that caused the tsunami--

Whatever caused it, it has not been managed well by anyone, including the Japanese authorities, and it is outrageous.

Not a dream. I have family members who have had similar dreams; there must be a significant theme behind it--

Anonymous said...

oh, and that is a terrible thing to do to a wild bird--

Anonymous said...

thank you; I read it; I also got a link to another interesting Mormon blog--

Anonymous said...

That tsunami footage is mind boggling. Wow.

The symbol of our country is actually a BALD eagle, and that's what that is.

Anonymous said...


are you referring to the 'bald'? Or to something else. I am aware that the Eagle is the "American" bird; it's still not a humane thing to do to a wild bird--

letting it fly indoors like that; the poor thing was probably panicking--

and birds will fly at glass in order to escape--



Anonymous said...

12:16, I'm not disagreeing that its inhumane. It is.

Anonymous said...