Friday, August 29, 2014


 About 400 miles directly west of Salt Lake City is the Black Rock Desert. Every year 10's of thousands of people gather at an event called the Burning Man. It is being held this weekend over Labor Day. It gathers like minded people who do not believe than anyone has the right to a dictate how people should be and/or act. There are no bounds. A month from now, 10's of thousands of people will gather in the LDS Conference Center at an event called General Conference. It gathers members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints whose views are in extreme opposite to those who probably attend Burning Man. The members follow a very strict adherence to how they should be and act.  I created a chart to show the differences.

I post this only to ask a few questions.What are the bounds that the Lord has set? On one side of the spectrum, there are no bounds.... On the other side of the spectrum, is there too much control and too many bounds? Is there even a happy medium? What is the undeviating course we should follow and adhere to that leads to eternal life? Does the Lord expect us to follow codes of conduct in what we wear, drink, eat, say, or do?  If so, what exactly are those, and is it different for each individual or the same for all of us?
Anyway something to thing about this Labor Day weekend..


Daniel Rogers said...

The burning man guidelines are:

radical inclusion – everyone is welcome and invited.
gifting – unconditional giving without the expectation of exchange.
decommodification – No money changing.
radical self-reliance – Provide for yourself.
radical self-expression – Express your will freely without constraint, only persuasion.
communal effort – Work with others.
civic responsibility – Take responsibility for the success of the endeavor.
leaving no trace – Respectful stewardship of the Earth.
participation – Everyone has something of value to contribute.
immediacy – Be in the present. Today is the day to focus on.

And the whole camp is centered around the Man of Burnings.

You can read about the principles here:

Anonymous said...

The Israelites at the time Christ was in mortality were so focused on the rituals and requirements of living the Law of Moses that they missed the One whom the Law was intended to direct them toward. They did not even see Him.
I do not see that we are much different.
We still stone the prophets and expel them from our society because they preach repentance and speak the truth and teach us to follow the Savior.
Radical inclusion and radical self expression may not be all bad...

1 said...

Why stone them? They are popular and rich and are never confrontational to the ruling class.

Clark R said...

I think he means real prophets, not what we are shown at conference.