Sunday, April 5, 2015


I just received an email from my friend that I wanted to share along with some photos:

"I just checked every lunar eclipse since the death of Jesus Christ (see ). Today appears to be the first time since the Resurrection of Jesus Christ that Easter Sunday also falls on Easter on the Priest Calendar (1 Jachin) on the day following Passover on both the Hebrew and Enoch Calendars on which there was a partial or total eclipse of the the moon.  Jachin means "Upright" and apparently refers to the dead again standing upright at the resurrection.  On the average, only one Easter Sunday in 24 occurs on that date.  The one possible exception is Sat 12 April 814 (Gregorian) which may or may not have been Passover on the Enoch Calendar. I write this only to show how rare today is and that in some sense it is "exactly" like the weekend of the Resurrection and rare indeed."

Interesting times,

Here are a few photos I took on our early morning hike in the mountains above Salt Lake City.
The 3rd blood moon in the tetrad taken just before 6:00 AM

The blood moon above the Salt Lake City valley.

Final stages of the lunar eclipse as it descended near the Great Salt Lake.


R. said...

Additionally, as the eclipse was finishing, the Sun was rising out of the East.

When the blood was spilt, the triumph over sin and death was complete. Light replaced darkness. In that moment he was bruised, but he crushed the head of the adversary. Light permanently replaced darkness for all who would seek Him.

No coincidence that this happened at around 6:00 a.m.

I was waiting for your pictures...great job:)



Thanks Rob. I always appreciate your comments.

AndEva said...

We found it interesting that the Virgo (meaning virgin) had her hand with the wheat (seed) directly over the moon.
Moon (feminine) was told that the power of the Highest (sun) shall over shadow thee...
Then the is the blood representations too, and all this falling on the Holy days...

I am also reminded of DS post on 3rg March 2013.

Symbolic times. I wish we had the knowledge of the Heavens, we are praying for it.