Thursday, January 7, 2016




Vaughn Hughes said...

Beautiful. Love the shaft of light. I'm beginning to get your drift.

Anonymous said...

Reading you blog, one might get the idea that you are a follower of the prophet snuffer. Are you an active member of the LDS church or have you been baptized with others who follow the "one might and strong".


Reading your comment, one might get the idea that you haven't read much of my blog. I am not a follower of any man despite the Church insisting and singing songs that we should.

As far as your temple recommend-like questions, I am not sure it is your place to even ask. but if you must know,
Yes, I am a baptized, active member of the Church who has tries my best to follow the Lord who is mighty and strong. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't ask a temple recommend questions. I was just curious as to what camp you are in. I mean it seems to very inconsistent to be a follower of the prophet snuffer and at the same time being an active member of the church.

Yes, some of your thoughts are inspiring. However, some of your dialogue has been very critical of the church. Dialogue and language consistent with other blogs of those that claim to his disciple.

Based on your response, I am left to assume that you haven't been baptized anew per his request.

Although there are some out there that can find the path on their own, there are many that need help, a new convert for example. This one of many reasons the Lord has and will continue to send a prophet. Could leadership be talking to the 95 percent that need help and not the 5 percent that don't?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you haven't responded, but I think I understand why. You're blog is self evident. Is your mind with the church and your heart with the prophet snuffer, or is it the other way around.

I'm surprised that church leadership has contacted you yet. Are you willing to be excommunicated for the prophet snuffer.


Sorry I didn't respond to the question from your last comment. Your question: Could leadership be talking to the 95 percent that need help and not the 5 percent that don't?

Well that is quite possible. I don't know the answer. I kknow that speaking to the 5 percent isn't all that bad since we read in the scriptures of the Shepherd who left the 99 to find the one.

as far as your other questions in your last comment. . Please don't take my lack of responding and assume answers. I very rarely respond to any of the comments.

My heart is with my Savior. I am willing stand for what I believe to be true and take whatever consequence results from that.

If you have further questions, just email me.

Anonymous said...

How can you heart be with the Savior, when you aren't even true to yourself. Time to decide my friend.

Anonymous said...

Bare Record, Thank you for your post.
And Anonymous, following The Prophet Jesus Christ is most important, and doing what He asks whether to stay in LDS Church or to leave is between God and any one individual. The things of God are not understood by those who want to make it about a earthly institution. There are only two churches on this earth (1 NE 14:10) and being part of the Church of the Lamb doesn't mean there is any earthly card you can carry with you to show that membership.