Thursday, February 4, 2016


I took a quick photo while driving into work this morning of this billboard advertisement.  (hard to get a good quality image while driving on the freeway. :) 
 For those who didn't know, President Dieter F. Uchtorf was a refugee and his story will be aired tonight on the news. The word "refugee" is quite the buzz word lately... similar to "war veteran" during the presidential elections when John McCain and John Kerry were running for office. It is amazing the power of media to portray public personas to garner support/votes/sympathy.. or facebook "likes". 


  1. Remember, it was the US government, and its allies Great Britain, Russia, and France that forced the Uchtdorf family from its ancestral home and to become refugees. Part of the same forced relocation that cost the sister from East Prussia her 5 children that tragically died in the trek across Germany as related by President Monson in a couple of his conference addresses. A forced relocation enforced by the "Greatest Generation" of the USA, causing much misery and death.

  2. Yes, we know we are comparing apples to apples because we are using the same label--refugee.

    Because we all know that killing "infidels" was a key tenet of the religion of those living in post-war Europe.

  3. Yup, labeling your enemy an "infidel" to be destroyed, whether a "christian" to justify a crusade, a moslem to justify jihad, or victorious allies wanting to stereotype German speakers as a "Nazis" needing to be "relocated" (and yes, millions of these "relocated" German-speaking civilians were killed as described in Pres. Monson's story - in addition to many POWs who were killed or worked to death as slaves from France to Siberia after the end of the war), is a common tactic of the adversary.

  4. "I will rule with blood and horror on this earth!"

  5. I understand the church's position on this issue and i can see the desperate need for assistance among these refugees.
    Until the leadership of this church can prove that they have responsibly used tithes and offerings to adequately care for the poor and homeless within its own membership they have absolutely no right to ask the members to now bring in millions of poor and homeless from other countries. The church has now given ten million dollars to aid these people. I have a widow woman living up the street from me who cannot afford to heat her run down makeshift home.
    My point is this. This church has refused to do what is required. It has not cared for the poor and homeless and refuses to do so. So why is there such a big push to care for other nations poor and homeless when we already have them on our street corners and refuse to not turn our noses at them?
    I cant help but think there is a political agenda at play here.

    1. How dare the church ask you too help homeless people who have no worldly possesions and need so much help!!! "What so ever you do unto the least you do unto me". But you would probably put the Lord in his place too for asking you to help. HYPOCRITES!!!

  6. If the US government would stop invading, bombing, and otherwise destroying the homelands of the refugees for money and power, then maybe the "refugees" could keep living safely and with prosperity in their ancestral homelands. Hmmm, the same US government that forced the Utchdorf family from their ancestral homeland some 70 years ago.

  7. I wonder if the church would be taking this stance if they understood how to identify Israelites. The literal gathering has not taken place yet, but it will soon.

  8. Are you retarded??? It was the US government, and its allies Great Britain, Russia, and France that freed all of Europe and stopped a mad maniac named Hitler from eradicating the Lord's chosen people and freed millions of innocent people. Your thinking has become so corrupt and diabolical!!! You have become so blind now that you can not even see thew error of your hateful twisted thinking.