Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Would we have shunned Christ?


Anonymous said...

The (real) Gospel of Jesus Christ is not for the faint hearted. If people want soft words and easy advice, if they want to be told that all is well and that odds are they are going to be exalted, they should listen to General Conference. Repenting, having a love of God and all men, feasting upon the words of Christ, finding and remaining on the strait and narrow path, following the Doctrine of Christ into His presence while in the flesh...well, that takes some real effort and dedication and sacrifice, and can be extremely painful and difficult at times.
Not for the faint hearted.
James Russell Uhl

Michael said...

All the more reason for me to quit trying now and recognize that I've failed and will not make it. Thank you, James.

Michael said...

I should clarify that my comment is not directed as an attack on James Uhl, but as my own view that relatively few of us will make it to the Celestial Kingdom and that the effort involved in making it just isn't worth it. I'd be better to just rot in hell than pander to a God who, when push comes to shove, doesn't give a rat's back end whether I make it or not.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I kicked over the rock you've been living under.

Anonymous said...

That was rude. Sorry. Just proves how hard it is.

Michael said...

Yep, it was rude, but I've come to expect that from the type of people who think they will actually make it.

I don't live under a rock, never have, never will. Up until a few years ago, was a pretty faithful Latter-day Saint. Served a mission, married in the temple, paid a full tithe, etc. After deciding that I was tired of busting my hump to pay tithing to an organization that builds billion dollar malls, I figured I was, to an extent, done with some of this...for lack of a better word, crap.

Now, after searching for the last few years, I see two camps: the defenders of the LDS Church at all costs, and those who seek for something else.

Many of those 'something else' folks are big time defenders of Denver Snuffer. I'm not convinced he's anything to rave about either, frankly. I see the same lunacy defending Snuffer as I see defending Tom Monson.

So, do I live under a rock? No. Have I begun to seriously doubt the validity of organized religion in general? Yep, to a great extent.

Sure, tell me 'the gospel' Is not for the faint hearted. That's fine. But, comments like that just drive a bigger wedge between those who are actually looking for 'truth' (whatever that is) and whatever that gospel actually is.

Not what YOU think it is, not what Tom Monson thinks it is, and not what Denver Snuffer thinks it is.

Michael said...

Should have added, James, that while you're out "kicking over rocks' you'll be held to account for your actions...just like the rest of us.

I don't believe for one minute that you are any more "in tune" than most of the rest of us.


All of us make mistakes, we say things we wish we could take back and wish we didn't say.... which make us all in need of repentance. When one admits to making a mistake and apologizes for that, our true character comes out on how we will respond.
Do we forgive or do we still hold it against the man?

LJn said...

Michael, He does care. He cares very much.

I don't think you have to pander to anyone. I think you need to find out who our Lord actually is. He loves you more than you can comprehend. Salvation, and your religious convictions, are between you and God, not between you and any man. And certainly not between you and some blogger nor commentor on the internet.

I think there are a great many false traditions and misunderstandings of the scriptures. I think God spends eons working with us. I think He is willing to help us, even when we don't see what He is doing.

I believe that when the Book of Mormon says, "to go no more out," it means one no longer has to go to AN earth. I don't believe in reincarnation, but I am persuaded that it is possible that each "round" includes the creation of an earth and people going there to improve.

Some make great leaps closer to God and some make very small, incremental steps toward Him. I suspect that some do take steps backward. This doctrine is hidden in the scriptures and almost nothing is said there about it, so I may be way off in what I'm saying.

(And, for sure, there has been wild speculation about it, including people who are convinced that they have come back in this round [reincarnation, though they may deny that is what they believe] ). Anyway, I am trying to encourage you to not give up on Christ, and I do encourage you to leave false traditions, false beliefs, and false religions behind (I know of no institutional religion that does not teach the philosophies of men mingled with scripture).

Anonymous said...

If Christ returned he would preach the same exact things he did when he was here. For truth never changes. Right and wrong never change.

But probably most people as well as most Churches, including the LDS Church, would most likely cast him out and reject his teachings as most all do already, despite how much they may go to Church.

For it seems few, if any, today really believe in and live his teachings. It seems very rare to find someone who really keeps or even believes in the 10 commandments and Golden Rule.

Even Churches like the LDS Church preach and practice opposite to what Christ taught, for Christ's message doesn't sell or fill the pews or their pockets.

So churches water down his message to make it seem like everyone's going to heaven as long as they come to Church and support it's leaders.

But that's not what Christ taught at all.