Friday, May 13, 2016


My perspective on this world is that we learn more when we struggle. We are more humble when we have less, and depend more on the Lord when we face challenges, setbacks and failures.  There would be no reason to come into this mortal existence if everything went smoothly and we had no need to struggle . . . Things that matter more to me is that I have loving, supportive wife and friends and family that would do anything for our family.

This life is not meant to be a Disneyland vacation.


Anonymous said...

I agree that we learn more when we struggle, but I actually think God does not want us to have to struggle much and wants us to have a 'Disneyland/Zion experience here on earth, to be the happiest place it can be, and thus he has instilled in each of us a sense of right & wrong and also sent Christ to remind us exactly how to make our world a happy place. But most people don't seem to want to do what it takes to make earth life so wonderful. If even just 25% of people would really follow Christ's laws I believe society could be like a Disneyland.

Life will always have some struggles no matter how righteous we are, for things like bearing & raising children, growing food, maintaining a job or accidents & illness, etc, brings some struggles, but it seems that the vast majority of our struggles seem to be caused by ours or other's sins.

It's interesting that Walt Disney founded his dream on the same principle that Christ founded his Gospel on, True Love. That's probably why everything Disney is still so successful even today.

John and Jennifer said...

Our weakness and struggle are to teach us to love God, others, and self. The sin isn't in the "mistakes" we make but in our failure to love. My weakness is to bring me to my knees to develop a relationship with God. It also teaches me to have compassion on and forgive myself and others. There really are only two commandments: love God, love others as self.

Anonymous said...

When you have less? You have a huge house, nice cars and go on great vacations. What do you know about having less? All you Snufferites are the same. Hypocrites.

Aaron said...

Dude did you move? Last I checked you were driving a mini van and living in a very modest home that fits your large family.


Yep.. when I have less. I drive a car that is older than my 16 year old. I am currently without employment and looking for a job. But you are right about one thing, yes we do go on great vacations, some of the best ones consists of going camping up in the mountains.

Jeffrey Richardson said...

My family and I live in an apartment above a garage and I'm the damnedest Snufferite of 'em all.