Thursday, June 23, 2016


As a family we like to play the game.. "Would You Rather".  It is game that consists of asking each other questions that requires a choice between two options. You can learn a lot about someone by whether they choose either "this" or "that". You can ask questions between two good options like “Would you rather have the power to be invisible or to be able to fly”, or it can be two bad options like “Would you rather lose your job or lose your hair?

So I pose this question.. would you rather spend a few hours on top of a mountain, or along the beach on the ocean. While I am more of a mountain guy, I actually love the ocean. The best hours of the day are the early morning hours before the sun comes up. Either way, whether you are up in the mountains or walking along the beach, there is nothing like connecting with Heaven when you are alone in God's creations.

Below are a few photos taken last week along Crystal Cove Beach.


A question that I would love to ask my family, friends, neighbors and ward members:

Would you rather know the truth even if it might be troublesome, or continue in ignorance and be happy?

Unfortunately, my guess is that most would choose the latter.


Taylor said...

Beach! And truth! 👍

Clark said...

I think up on the mountains. Looking over God's creation from the top of the world is breathtaking, and very solitary, which is helpful in hearing His voice.
It is tough to say to the last question. Opening my eyes has caused a crisis of faith and a crisis of family.

What has been seen cannot be unseen... but not sure if I want to unsee.

Jim O'Rullian said...

Without question the beach. Warm, sunny and relaxing...and not near as hard to get to :) Regarding the later question, we would do well in employing the wisdom of Mother Eve. She seemed to get it right.

PNW_DPer said...

I grew up in the mountains, so then it was the mountains. I have now lived within a mile of the beach for the last 25 years (but with the mountains still only 2-4 hours away, and sometimes visible from my home), so now about equal, or slightly for the beach.

Second question; truth, but I've got to know it really is truth, and be ready to pursue more of it.

Lilli said...

Everyone already knows the real truth deep down, but it's almost impossible to find anyone who really follows it.