Friday, January 12, 2018


Here are a few excerpts from each of the speakers at today's funeral service for President Thomas S Monson.  The screenshots are taken from the livefeed from May the Lord be with and comfort those who mourn today at his passing.

President Russel M. Nelson was the concluding speaker at the funeral services for President Monson. Here are his closing thoughts:

"I solemnly proclaim that 
President Thomas S Monson was a Prophet of God.
He taught as a Prophet and testified as a Prophet.
He had the courage as a Prophet and the kindness of a Prophet.
He received revelation as a Prophet and responded as a Prophet.
He lived as a Prophet and died as a Prophet."


Elder Ballard Opening Prayer:
"How grateful we are to thank thee for sending to us 
our beloved prophet"


 Ann Dibb: 
"May each of us continue to Follow the Lord's Prophet"


Elder Uchtdorf:
"...and his stories, which I consider parables of 
a Modern Prophet of God."


Elder Erying
"The Full Priesthood Keys were Restored. 
Those keys were passed in an unbroken line to President Monson."


Sidenote: I couldn't help but notice the two men standing next the First Presidency at the funeral. In an organization that how you enter a room or where you stand is important. I wonder if this might be some indication on who one of the next two apostles might be. 

Elder Whitney L Clayton and/or
and Elder Craig C Christensen

Candid shot at each of the expression of some of the Twelve in order of seniority from Right to Left.


Sally said...

I relooked at the video, the 7 Presidents of the 70 were all there and in order of how their are "pictured" in the article about them. With Clayton being the Senior President.
Guess we will find out on Tuesday who the new First Presidency is. Or maybe Nelson will go back and do what Joseph Smith did and pick councilors (not from the 12) in that case Eyring and Utchdorf would go back into the 12 and there would be 2 men outside called in. That would cause some buzz. ;)

Michael said...

I'm guessing that Elders Clayton and Christensen were standing where they were because they are the most senior presidents of the Seventy.