Thursday, April 26, 2018


Let's suppose Pope Francis was on a Global World Ministry Tour and he was stopping in Utah for the day. Your family was selected to host him in your home for a brief visit. The Pope then announces he has something he wants to give you.  He then pulls out a photo of himself with two of his cardinals to give to your family and says this is for your home. What would you think of that? 

Would you hang it up on your wall? Probably if you were a devout Catholic and thought that he was infallible and could not lead you astray.. especially if you were taught from when you were 2 years old to follow him. 

Or how about a friend of yours happens to comes in town for the weekend and pulls out from a manila envelope, an 8x10 glossy photograph of themselves and says, I would like you to have this for your home.  Would your face be as excited as this young boys face in the below photo on the right sitting next to his Mom? 

Well without any more comments,.. Please watch the first 2 minutes of the below World Report video on to see what this beautiful African Family received as a gift from President Nelson.  

 I went to lunch with a friend who I respect his perspective and advice. I shared with him this story and he said it could be possible that this family actually asked for this photo. They do look very excited and happy to receive it.. maybe it was even autographed.:)

Or.. maybe a more appropriate gift would be picture of the Savior. Probably one of my favorites images is the one of Christ calming the sea. Along as Christ is in the boat,  that will be the Boat I want to be in. 


Jeffrey Richardson said...

I like the little childs (to the left) reaction to the gift. We should be like little children.

Lynne McKinley said...