Thursday, November 1, 2018


President Russell M Nelson's wife says:

He’s finally ‘free to follow through’ with things 

he’s wanted to do.

Russell M. Nelson certainly isn’t afraid to shake things up. The whirlwind of change since he took the faith’s helm proves that.

In fact, says the person closest to him, he thrives on it.

"He's not afraid to do something different,” Wendy Nelson says. “If we're really preparing the church and the world for the Second Coming of the savior, he is sincere about that."

“It is as though he's been unleashed. He's free to finally do what he came to earth to do. … He's free to follow through with things he's been concerned about but could never do. Now that he's president of [the church], he can do those things


In my humble opinion, it is never about what we want to do, or to follow through with things we have been concerned about, or things we could never do until we were in a position of power and authority.

To me... It is all about what the Lord, and what He wants done. We don't do anything until He asks us to do it, and we do it exactly in the manner He wants it to be accomplished.

The following is what I would expect a servant of the Lord to say:

"This is my focus: I try to do what I have been asked, when asked to do it, in exactly the manner it is told me to accomplish, and to leave the results entirely to the Lord. If I do only what He asks, then the outcome is His alone. I cannot take credit or blame. I cannot be flattered or criticized, because it has but little to do with me. If it results in something great, then I do not own it and can take no credit for it. If it results in something terrible then I cannot blame myself for failure or take upon myself the disappointment. If I respect man's agency and allow them to choose, then I have discovered that I ought to likewise respect God's agency and allow Him to lead. Given my limitations I may suggest, petition, give observations, protest, and complain to the Lord, but I have no right to reject His direction and fail to follow His instructions.

There is no such thing as a "spiritual accomplishment." As soon as we think we have achieved that our hearts are off track. There is only humility and meekness. These two virtues allow God to accomplish something, because it removes our own vanity and pride from the equation. No matter how well-intended, we are NOT God, we are NOT wise, and we do not have at our disposal enough intelligence to out-think our adversaries. God can. We cannot. If we want to fail, then we just need to take the initiative. If we wish to succeed, then we kneel before God and do as He asks."



In a recent interview posted yesterday, President Nelson said the following:

"We're witnesses to a process of restoration,” said the prophet. "If you think the Church has been fully restored, you're just seeing the beginning. There is much more to come.. Wait till next year. And then the next year. Eat your vitamin pill. Get your rest. It's going to be exciting"

So to me if we are in the process to fully restoring the Church.. I would think we would not be reducing, eliminating and subtracting things. Not changing what was first given to us by Joseph Smith..but receiving more Light and Truth, adding to our scriptures, etc. 

Here is a comment that I read recently that sums it up really well.: 

"I think it's a pretty big universe out there; 
"God" likely has more to do than worry about names 
and hours in church and summer-time shows."



Joe said...

This is precisely the problem that Snufferites have. You say, "So to me if we are in the process to fully restoring the Church.. I would think we would not be reducing, eliminating and subtracting things. Not changing what was first given to us by Joseph Smith..but receiving more Light and Truth, adding to our scriptures, etc. "
You would have the Lord do what YOU would want him to do with the Church. YOU can't comprehend why the Lord is going a direction with is servants that YOU don't agree with. You accuse the brethren all the time, and the prophet in this particular post, finding fault and saying that it is what President Nelson wants to do. If the Lord didn't want him to do it, he would not have placed it in his mind for him to do it, and he would not have him at the helm. I remember watching this video on youtube that suggested that the LDS Church leaders are preparing us for the second coming:

Now the Snufferites would have us believe that the things happening now in the LDS Church is not a preparation for the second coming, but that it is now in apostasy, without priesthood authority after the excommunication of Snuffer. But somehow the Snufferite Dispensation has begun to prepare the world for the second coming. Interesting, since you guys only have somewhere between 2 to 10 thousand members. How are you going to prepare the world for a second coming with a few thousand? Are you the only chosen ones now? How does this prepare people for the second coming to have a Snufferite dispensation and an LDS Church without priesthood?

And you say, you would think that you would not be reducing and eliminating and subtracting things. How you guys "reformed" the LDS scriptures was precisely that. You removed holy writings from the sacred word, and mingled it with the words of your prophet. So who has been the group that has really been reducing, eliminating and subtracting things? That would be the Snufferite faction, who seems to have forgotten not only the Lord's injunction to not add or take away from the scriptures. But they have also forgotten that we are too far along in the Last Days for the Lord to start over again, and there is only one group that has the Lord's approval. And that is precisely the one that the Snufferites cannot leave alone, and can no longer comprehend. You guys ought to go watch that video, and learn from the guy that made THAT VIDEO!! THAT GUY had it right! It is the LDS Church leaders that are preparing us for the Second Coming, not the Snufferite faction!!!


You haven't commented for a while. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate the feedback. Also, Thanks for the link to the video in your comments. I sure love Ezra Taft Benson, and his declarations that the Church was still under condemnation for treating lightly the Book of Mormon.. the same condemnation from the Lord to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints given in 1832 for vanity and unbelief. Last I checked this condemnation has ever been removed. The only way I know how to remove that condemnation personally is to take this quote seriously from the video, “Seek the face of the Lord, always’” . That is the message of the Book of Mormon, a blueprint for us today of what to do and not to do.

PS. I don’t think it is politically correct to use nicknames anymore, whether it is Mormon, Latter-day Saints, Snufferites, or Brethrenites.. hopefully we all can be called Christians, especially in how we treat and talk with each other, especially online and in comments.

Let’s meet up sometime for lunch and discuss the Gospel.

Joe said...

Bare record guy:

I know we both know who each other are, and that was intentional on my part, because I actually own up to it when I am the one posting, if I am directly asked. And I continue to keep your identity confidential. The other time when you presumed it was me, it was truly not me. No, actually I will continue to use an alias. No, I am not comfortable not using an alias online sometimes, so although you think it is not politically correct, I am comfortable with some nicknames, except when I follow the prophet in using the name of the Church as I have been instructed.

What name then would you have me use when referring to the faction that holds to the idea that Denver Snuffer is inspired of God, who do not follow him, but sort of have him as a prophet?

Besides, if you start not using nicknames or aliases, then you would start following a prophet you don't believe in, right? Yes, I continue to watch, and I see how virulent and hostile you have become, and how much the spirit of apostasy has overcome someone that was a brilliant and talented person, especially in multimedia, when I knew him when he had the Holy Ghost, before he started off on this track with Denver Snuffer.

Are you my friend? I don't know. It seems that things are pretty rough between us, and kind of always have been in our disagreements when we get together. I'm not sure. Which gospel would we be discussing at lunch? Do we have such a thing in common anymore called a "gospel"?


My friend... The gospel is expansive. I am sure we have alot more in common in our "Gospel Venn diagram" than you realize. While our circles don't overlap perfectly.. there is enough that overlaps that we could discuss for weeks. I'll be in contact with you to continue this discussion outside of this comment section.

Taylor said...

Hi Joe

Given your comment you clearly care about the topic, can I ask a few questions? I say all this in the tone of having a good discussion and gaining mutual understanding. I intend no tone, or ill will. From your view, what is it President Nellson is being accused of? Your comment said the author accused the Prophet in the original post. I re-read it to look for it. The post quoted President Nelson himself, his wife, and the newspaper. What was the accusation?

Go with me here for a second on a line of thinking with this quote from Brigham Young.

"What a pity it would be if we were led by one man to utter destruction! Are you afraid of this? I am more afraid that this people have so much confidence in their leaders that they will not inquire for themselves of God whether they are led by Him. I am fearful they settle down in a state of blind self-security, trusting their eternal destiny in the hands of their leaders with a reckless confidence that in itself would thwart the purposes of God in their salvation, and weaken that influence they could give to their leaders, did they know for themselves, by the revelations of Jesus, that they are led in the right way. Let every man and woman know, by the whispering of the Spirit of God to themselves, whether their leaders are walking in the path the Lord dictates, or not. This has been my exhortation continually."

Putting forward that President Nelson can think and act for himself doesn't seem like an accusation. Seems more like the fundamental right of free agency. The author stating what they believe would or would not be part of a restoration, or stating their view that we should do God's will over our own didn't seem like accusations to me either. Seemed like solid advice. You still with me?
You said: "If the Lord didn't want him to do it, he would not have placed it in his mind for him to do it, and he would not have him at the helm."

President Young in that quote above wanted the saints to know for themselves if the leaders led in the right path or not. Which implies it's possible they do, and possible they may not. No one is perfect after all. We’re all human. Discernment is something both they, and we, need to apply to find the truth right? I don’t believe President Nelson is a puppet, unable to think or act himself without being puppetted by God. You and I both likely agree God in our day doesn't remove people's right to do what they want, even if they are an LDS church leader. So how would you know if they speak God’s word or not? Isn’t that the test we as brothers and sisters, regardless of denomination, should be supporting each other in passing? I would hope so.

I see examples of errors in scripture committed by leaders whom God didn't suddenly remove from any helm of authority.... so we know God doesn’t always just dramatically remove people. Do you see what I’m saying? I'm not trying to rain on your parade nor disrespect you or any of those you hold in high esteem. I just think if you stopped to consider it for a minute you'd probably agree that God lets people, even Church Presidents, exercise free will. That being the case it would make sense one of our really important duties and responsibilities is to discern if what leaders say and do comes from God or not. That’s how I read the original post. It caused me to compare what I see in 2018 as coming from God to what I read of God in scripture. That seems like a solid measuring tool for any believing Christian.


Dave Peterson said...

The very beginning of Lehi's dream is very interesting and enlightening. It seems to be even more overlooked.

The dream begins with a man dressed in white who came and stood before Lehi and bade him "follow him". Lehi follows the man as requested. Then he reports the immediate result: "AS I FOLLOWED HIM I beheld myself that I was in a dark and dreary waste."

He follows a man and ends up somewhere dark and dreary right away. After traveling for "many hours" in this path, he finally prays to God for mercy and is shown the scene where most remember Lehi's dream begins (spacious building, rod of iron, tree of life, etc).

It took a long time wallowing in a dreary waste before Lehi realizes that he should go directly to God. But he has learned that NO man is to be followed regardless of what path he offers. He has also learned that only God can show the true path to the Tree of Life. It's likely that Lehi needed to learn all of this before the Lord could teach him more through the medium of the vision.

Additionally, we learn that God is willing to show it to just one person at a time. God does not need large numbers in attendance before He instructs. In fact, with God, sometimes less is more (Judges 7:2-7). His ministry seems replete with examples of personal, one-on-one interaction.

The message appears to be to avoid following ANY man. God is willing to teach us this message personally if needed.

I find these words troubling:

"Wait till next year. And then the next year. Eat your vitamin pill. Get your rest. It's going to be exciting"

President Nelson seems to be asking me to follow him, albeit to something that he deems exciting. But it is still following a man. Perhaps Lehi would disagree with that path.

Jim O'Rullian said...

I found this post refreshing. I like the fact that Sister Nelson speaks candidly about the many changes President Nelson has recently made and will make in the future. At least she is honest about it all as being part of a more realistic approach to instituting a list of things which he has wanted to change for a while now. She could have chosen to describe it in the more church familiar vernacular vein of Revelation. Even if it is all one and the same to Sister Nelson, I still appreciate the condor.

Joe.... Regarding the number of people you call "Snufferites," I think your estimate of 2-10K might be a bit optimistic. There might be that many who have come into contact with his books, papers or talks but there are probably well less than 2K people who take it that seriously. So you really have nothing to worry about with the church losing its members in the droves to the false prophet Denver Snuffer. And if the Lord requires his servants to be popular, generally acceptable and easy on the eyes and ears you are in good shape there too because Snuffer is certainly none of that so he must surely be an imposter. Sounds like you have it all nailed down pretty tight.

But I would like to just correct you regarding the Restoration Edition of the scriptures recently published. It is the most historically accurate representation of the original texts that has ever been published. The only things taken away from the texts have been the many edits and errors that were introduced over the years both accidentally and intentionally. What you will find with the Book of Mormon is the printed version of the original manuscript last edited by Joseph Smith Jr. before he was martyred. In the Bible, the entire Joseph Smith Translation has been worked into the text where it belongs and arcane language updated to improve readability for our day. The New Testament and Book of Mormon are published together in a single volume as Jospeh Smith intended. It is magnificent. The third volume, Teachings and Commandments, contains only those revelations in the original form verified to come from Joseph Smith along with a more detailed account of his history written by himself. The balance of the book is designated as open canon where you will find Denver Snuffer's contemporary additions. But there again, you can absolutely feel free to ignore all that because afterall, he is just a deceiver. But you can still benefit tremendously from the remainder of the volumes and appreciate the labor of all who have sacrificed to make this version of the scriptures available to the public.

gruden said...

So Nelson erases 'Mormon' from letterheads, cuts some pageants, removes an hour from Sunday services, yet the poor in the church continue to suffer, kids are still cornered by their bishops for sexually explicit interrogations, the church continues to keep the books hidden, and builds more spacious buildings. All he is doing is re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Ryan said...

It's obvious, isn't it? Pres Nelson must be the One Mighty and Strong. What an exciting time to be alive, to witness this name-changing, meeting-shortening, pageant-nixing prophet of God usher in the millennium.

Ryan said...

Absolutely profound, particularly this: "All he is doing is re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic." I think you're right. It's a sad thing to watch. On the other hand, an interesting thing is happening in our stake. Our stake president has taken the whole Book of Mormon and personal revelation thing that President Nelson has emphasized recently and is running with it. I can get behind that whole-heartedly. It seems to me that in some instances, the Lord is still able to do a good work in spite of all the other nonsense that happens in the church. It shows as always that He is the Master.

gruden said...

My last SP before I stopped attending was like that, he had a spiritual vibrancy that you would hope for in someone of that position. And then I watched the hierarchy slowly bleed it out of him until our stake meetings became the same dull incantations of "follow the prophet" like all the others. Watch yours and see what happens.

Michael said...

I wish you were right, but I have serious, SERIOUS doubts about much of what RMN is up to.

Ryan said...

Yeah, I'll be interested to observe what happens. Already at the ward level, we have a lot of the FTP stuff, like sacrament meeting themes oriented toward that.

Fredette about it said...

I agree with you. I had the same feeling when Sister Nelson was describing her husband and how he can finally do what he wants with the church. It felt very off to me. Also, my entire life, I've been taught the the church had been fully restored through Joseph Smith. Of course, revelation is something that I believe in, but it felt off to hear President Nelson say that the church is just beginning to be restored.