Wednesday, May 6, 2020



Are you wearing a mask because everyone else is wearing one?
Are you being masked shamed?
Is your local governments and law enforcement punishing you for not wearing one?

Some cities have gone as far as setting fines for failing to wear a mask. In Laredo, Texas, anyone over the age of five who walks into a store or takes public transit without their mouth and nose covered by a mask or bandana could now be fined up to 1,000.00 dollars.


Or do you believe God created your body that can fight viruses,  toxins or other foreign substance that will induce an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies?

HERD IMMUNITY: the resistance to the spread of a contagious disease within a population that results if a sufficiently high proportion of individuals are immune to the disease, especially through passing on antibodies to one another.

Which camp do you belong to? If you are undecided on what to do, here is an interesting videos to watch.


Anonymous said...

Haven't fallen for the mask baloney. I was, essentially, forced to wear one today to go to a doctor's appointment, but that was just to get into the building. The doctor wasn't wearing one, and didn't expect either me or my wife to wear one either. They were removed immediately.

Pretty sure our bodies are able to fight off viruses and bacteria pretty well, including this virus.

Keith Henderson said...

Paul Ray, Clearfield representative to the state legislature has publicly declared that he feels that government has over reacted in shutting down business and most everything else, and that he will introduce legislation this summer to ensure that county governments cannot unilaterally stop their citizens from enjoying the freedoms ensured (supposedly) by state and federal constitutions. Paul could quickly become my favorite representative if he really does follow through. I think it might help if loud voices were to express support for his views any way they can. Not wearing the damn masks is a good start.

Here is the link to hear his views.

Utah lawmaker says government overreacted to COVID-19 pandemic, 'can’t save everybody'

What's being perpetrated on us is constitutionally, morally, and ethically a crime.

Keith Henderson

Karen said...

I refuse to suffocate myself with my own CO2. Haven't worn one, and I voice my disagreement readily when given a listening ear, and empathize with all the workers forced to put their bodies into stress mode by working with one for 8 hours + everyday. I absolutely agree with the herd immunity concept and agree with the approach Sweden has taken---that has proven the draconian measures we have taken are not necessary. Let all those who feel concerned make their choices of caution/restriction----but give me my freedom and my fresh air.

Jon Saunders said...

This is just a question.

Would it be possible to bring legal action against individuals in office personally for violating constitutionally protected rights?

For example: Don't sue the state of Utah or the governor's office or a city etc. but sue Gary Herbert, Jenny Wilson, Erin Mendenhall, etc. or a person who works for the health dept. personally.

That way they cannot claim immunity from legal action or hide behind state or city liability insurance. They have to take responsibility on their own and be subject to ruin on their own just like every one of us.

I don't believe that there would be any money to gain because they would be under a suit personally, but if they faced ruin personally wouldn't they maybe relent?

As I understand it, it is not an acceptable excuse to say they were just following orders. They have to be held personally responsible for their actions.

The real covid numbers could be used to show that they personally acted flagrantly and wilfully disregard to destroy the constitutionally protected rights of peaceable assembly and the right to own and control property.

Does anyone know if such an action would work?

Is there any case law that would support such an action?

Anonymous said...

@Jon Saunders -

I doubt it would work. Primarily because the individuals you list (and others, obviously) did go under the guise of agents of the state.

Courts rarely uphold lawsuits against government agents at any level. The deck is essentially stacked against you.

Truth Seeker said...

This was a rare miss for the blog.

In terms of your herd immunity section, did you consider many people wear a mask in public because it reduces the transmission of the virus?

In terms of your herd immunity section:

"Do you believe God created your body that can fight viruses..." Yes, most of them. However, there are some that bodies don't fight well and/or cause permanent injury--HIV, ebola, polio, etc.

"...toxins..." Again yes, but it depends on the toxin. I wouldn't recommend testing your body's ability to fight dimethylmercury or hydrogen cyanide for example.

"...or other foreign substance that will induce an immune response in the body, especially the production of antibodies?" Again yes, but if the virus also causes large numbers of people to be hospitalized, require ventilators, or die, why would you not support efforts to reduce transmission? As of today, "Covid is now the No. 3 cause of death in the US -- ahead of accidents, injuries, lung disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and many, many other causes" (

Finally, "The Micro-chipped New World Order" video at the end was an embarrassment.