Friday, June 29, 2012


Written by my friend and posted with his permission:

The message of repentance in the scriptures was often to a religious crowd who considered themselves the Lord's people and who thought they were righteous (Luke 18:9-14).  

One of the reasons we may feel the Book of Mormon's message of repentance doesn't apply to us as "faithful" Latter-day Saints is because our lives, by and large, are in harmony with the principles taught from our pulpits and in our Sunday schools.  We keep the commandments and fulfill our callings.  Although we acknowledge in word that the message of repentance still applies to us as much as anyone, we are often perplexed about what it is we must repent of.

Besides serious transgressions, one of the things we must repent of are our misconceptions, and false traditions; or, what the Book of Mormon calls "unbelief." 

God's prophets mourn our state of unbelief because it causes us to not "search knowledge, nor understand great knowledge, when it is given unto them in plainness, even as plain as word can be" (2 Ne. 32:7).  Because of that unbelief and stiffneckedness the Spirit stops the utterance of prophets when they might otherwise desire to share more about God's plan (ibid.).

King Benjamin taught that unbelief is a result of failing to read and understand God's word (Mosiah 1:5).  Because men fail to search the scriptures they "dwindle in unbelief" and fail to believe the truth when it is taught to them "because of the traditions of their fathers" (ibid.).  Dwindling in unbelief disables men so that they cannot understand the word of God.  This lack of understanding hardens men's hearts (Mosiah 26:3).  

In order for us to repent of and conquer unbelief we must come into contact with the "light of the glory of God" (Alma 19:6).  This encounter will cast away unbelief and dispel the clouds of darkness (ibid.).  For the majority of Latter-day Saints this encounter will begin to occur as we search the scriptures, but particularly the scriptures of the restoration.  We can choose to have this encounter with light and truth and begin to peel away the dark scales of unbelief, or we can choose not to receive the light.  Those who choose not to receive the light will be deceived, for they will not have the light required to discern between true and false messengers.  They will not be prepared for the "test" that Heber C. Kimball prophesied would overcome us in our day.         

In order for you to begin to remove the condemnation under which you labor you must take the Book of Mormon seriously.  

In order for you to begin to take the Book of Mormon seriously (or to not "treat it lightly") you must understand its message.  

In order for you to begin to understand the message of the Book of Mormon, it is vital for you to dismiss false notions about who "My people, O House of Israel" are, and who "the Gentiles" are.  

The truth of the matter is disconcerting for many people when presented with it, and so they choose not to search out the matter.  They think that those who would voice an opinion contrary to their traditions are "mad" (Mosiah 13:4).  Why is it that when a prophet declares the truth about the scriptures the religious are angry with him?  Must a man be a false prophet because his message angers you?  Must a prophet's message make you feel good about yourself?   

A proud man will usually choose to remain blind even when presented with light and truth because it salves his conscience to retain a false identity.  Doing so allows him to retain his pride, and believe in the message that "all is well" (2 Ne. 28:21).  But the Lord has made it clear that we have to shed false traditions and become humble and accept truth if we will be saved (Alma 32:15-16). 

The Latter-day Saints are the Gentiles of the Book of Mormon, and the Gentiles to whom it was written.  It was written for those Gentiles who are its readers, not those who are not its readers.  It was written in clarity that the Gentiles might understand the mission we've been called to perform.  The book defines our role.

Joseph Smith knew he was the "Gentile" who was chosen to begin the latter-day work (Title Page).  He referred to the rest of the Saints as "Gentiles" in the Kirtland Temple dedicatory prayer, which he received by revelation (D&C 109:60).  Throughout the Book of Mormon the writers are persistent and consistent in their use of the term.

Without explaining the entire issue, it's important to be presented with the idea so that it may be searched out.  Those who look into the matter will begin to see it clearly.  From beginning to end, European descendants are the "Gentiles" of the Book of Mormon, nobody else.  Unless you are a Latter-day Saint who also happens to be Native American, you are not the "remnant" or the "House of Israel" spoken of in the Book of Mormon.      

Don't let prejudices, misunderstandings, and false traditions deter your search.  Never mind what you think your Patriarchal blessing tells you about the meaning of "the House of Israel" in the Book of Mormon.  Those first or last sentences about lineage in your blessing no more help you understand the Book of Mormon than does the term "High Priest," as we use it today, help us to understand Alma 13.  They're almost wholly different.  Those things will all become clear as you discard false traditions and put off unbelief.  It doesn't matter if you descend from the House of Israel way back when, you are a "Gentile" to the Book of Mormon writers.     

Once you can understand your identity, the prophecies and messages of the Book of Mormon will begin to become very real to you.  The Book, as a whole, will begin to make much more sense.  You will be able to see more clearly, in order that a more thorough repentance may begin to take place.  It will be a precious gift, opening up to your view the fulness of the Gospel.  But not until we can put off "unbelief."  If we fail to understand our identity and the message of the Book of Mormon, we are dwindling in unbelief.

Many of our ideas about the scriptures are correct, but misapplied.  Many of our precepts are true and scriptural, but misunderstood.  It is true that the repentant Gentiles will ultimately be numbered among "the House of Israel" (2 Ne. 10:18).  We've gotten too far ahead of the game, however, in assuming that we've already made it.  We haven't.  The House of Israel will very soon receive the Book of Mormon and the fulness of the Gospel.  They haven't received it yet, but they will soon.  It will be brought unto them by the kings and queens of the Gentiles, who will act as nursing fathers and mothers to them (2 Ne. 10:9).


Bruce said...

Excellent post!
May I add that even the title page of the Book of Mormon confirms that we are Gentiles. (But who ever looks at that?)

Anonymous said...

thank you--

food for thought . . .

Anonymous said...

As Jesus went to preach the Gospel to the antediluvians while his body lay in the tomb, so are Joseph the Prophet, President Young, President Taylor, and the Apostles that have died in this age in possession of the testimony of the truth, today preaching to the millions that have passed behind the veil without the knowledge of the Gospel. The hearts of the fathers will be turned to the children and the hearts of the children must be turned to the fathers, or God will utterly destroy the earth, and it shall be found empty and waste at His coming. This is the work that is before us, and it can only be done upon the principles of righteousness. Men cannot do it in unbelief. Men cannot do it who are besmirched, befouled and corrupted with the practices of the world. God will not accept their services and their offerings. Therefore, it is necessary that we should purify ourselves, that we be pure as He is pure, that we may be exalted eventually in His presence, and stand upon Mount Zion as the saviors of men. May God grant this unto us, and may He give us to see the truth as He sees it, that we may see as we are seen and know as we are known, is my humble prayer, in the name of Jesus. Amen.
(Joseph F. Smith; Collected Discourses Vol. 3; 8 Jan 1893)

Anonymous said...

Thank you. For anyone who doubts the validity of this post, I recommend you put it to a simple test.
First, read the title page of the Book of Mormon carefully to determine which of the groups for whom the BoM was written you fall into: "Written to the Lamanites, who are a remnant of the house of Israel; and also to the Jew and Gentile".
Second, read D&C 109:60 to help clarify which group you belong to: "Now these words, O Lord, we have spoken, before thee, concerning the revelations and commandments which thou hast given unto us, who are identified with the Gentiles."
Now for the test: Next Sunday, in Gospel Doctrine class, Priesthood or Relief Society, bring up this subject and mention to the saints gathered around you that they are the Gentiles spoken of in the Book of Mormon and that ancient prophets foretold that they (we) would be in serious danger of apostasy and would need to repent of our unbelief (erroneous beliefs) and abominations (false religious beliefs).
Notice the reaction you get to this disclosure and judge for yourself whether the saints are as this post has stated.
I tried this as a Gospel Doctrine teacher a couple of years ago.
The result was very interesting and a real eye opening experience.
Good luck.

SamuelOnTheWall said...

In the future Setting in order of the Church, it will be revealed that each of the 12 tribes of Israel has fair skin and blueness to their eyes. In addition to these common physical traits, each tribe has additional features that set them apart from the others. For example, the tribe of Levi has red hair, the tribe of Benjamin is tall and left-handed, etc.

Once the physical traits of each tribe are revealed by those who will cleanse the LDS Church, the great gathering of Israel will take place, and not until.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts Samuel. Do you have a reference? I have not read this information before.
I would like to know more.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who is 90+ that was put on probation by his Bishop for teaching this. He was instructed on it through the Spirit, and talked to his family and other about the members of the church being the Gentiles, and most of them thought he was a Apostate.
Part of why he was put on probation he talked to then Pres faust, and a few other brether about why we dont teach this and the Church being under Condemnation. The member of the 12 he met with said "Oh, you dont believe we are under comdemnation, not true"

Steve said...

This sounds like Denver's message.

Did not Pres. Benson also teach that we were under condemnation?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Benson did teach that, and we have also been taught by a Prophet that we are guilty of worshipping idols (The False Gods We Worship) but we as a people like to ignore those warnings and calls to repentance, and instead count the earrings in our ears, and belittle mothers who allow their toddlers wearing of sleeveless sundresses. Reminds me of what we know of the Pharisees.

Anonymous said...

Calling Repentence,,prophets that shake us up to surrender the egotistical worldly desires, the pride of worldliness, and much in main stream christianity as exciting as it seems and miracolous healings and happy clappy people, who would reject the mormon prophet of the deepest humility for a white suite bible basher, speak in tounges supernatural healer who drives the most expensive car, maybe decieved afterall.
As far as the billions of dollars lds shopping Mall, its all for purpose of future zoin movement, some profit obviously, but that the church will survive the antichrist one world govenment, to help its members with its own united order. However the problem poses that one world antichrist govenment is a pagen sunday marshell law, and on my mission I was told by general authority who believed, that a revelation by the prophet oneday will announce to return for lds members back to true levitical saturday sabbath and flee the sunday antichrist system. Now that would be interesting and proove the church true....