Monday, July 16, 2012


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is hoping to develop 140 acres of farmland in Layton into a multi-use real estate development patterned after  Daybreak in South Jordan with a mix of residential, commercial, office, civic and recreational uses.
On April 5, 2012 the City Council approved the zone for commercial development and applied it to 107 acres of farmland along Hill Field Road currently owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints. . The other 30-plus acres planned for the project already are zoned for commercial and professional use.

However, thousands of residents are opposed to the LDS plans developing a Daybreak-like development on this land in west Layton. They've gathered more than enough signatures to bring the issue to a public vote. Brian Pead, part of the group Citizens for Responsible Growth in West Layton, said more than 6,600 signatures were collected — roughly 1,800 more than required.

The group is hoping voters will overturn actions by the Layton City Council last month that pave the way for development of West Layton Village, a 140-acre village center planned for the north and south sides of Hill Field Road between 2200 West and 2700 West. 
The property is owned by the LDS Church, but the West Layton Village project is being developed by the city and its planners, with assistance from consultants jointly hired by the city and Property Reserve Inc., a real-estate arm of the  LDS Church.

“We do not need another apartment building, grocery store, gas station, restaurant or doughnut shop in Layton. We have plenty.” One of the concern residents in Layton said.

I am just curious, I wonder if a letter will be sent prior the vote asking LDS church members to support and sustain the Church Leaders desires to develop this 140 acres of farmland into a real estate investment?


There is good news for another LDS Church real estate development in West Valley called the Highbury Centre. Target, the anchor store of the 40 acre shopping center in West Valley is now starting to interview candidates.

The Highbury Centre, which is across the street from WinCo, is being developed by Suburban Land Reserve Inc., another real estate arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing about these things. I don't live in Utah, and therefore much of this information is new to me. It is a huge eye-opener. I had actually believed that the Church had divested itself of many of its businesses, rather than becoming so heavily involved.

Toni said...

This would be an EXCELLENT idea if the church was intending to give the houses to the members who had lost (or are in danger of losing) their homes because of lack of work, etc. And the stores were to give these people jobs. I REALLY want to believe this is the church's intent - but I doubt it is (and that makes me want to cry).

AndEva said...

Thank you for sharing this, I too dont live in Utah but It is important to know...

Anonymous said...

true; true.

Anonymous said...

Mercy! We need it!

I live far from Utah and haven't been there for years (except flying in to SLC briefly to get to another area in the west; I found the SLC a truly scary place with more coercion than any other airport; I was relieved to be out of there)--

and years. I'm not a Utah native, but I can remember when I was a small child leaving my home in the East and travelling to Utah and how delighted I always was to see the SLC temple when we entered SLC--

now it is covered up by so many other buildings--

It's sad; it's very sad--

when will this end? How will it end?

I expect too much development in my hometown far from the west, but there is less of it here where the culture is dominated by other religions, than in Utah.

Brett said...

Speaking about voting.