Monday, July 16, 2012


I normally don't share personal things on this blog, but feel that I should share the following:

A few nights ago I had a dream that I was in a large crowded building. There was a man in the building that I recognized as a friend of mine. He walked with me down to a smaller room in the building. He opened the door leading into this tiny room. It was empty and void of any grandeur. After we both entered into this room, this man sat down on the floor, Indian style. He was wearing ordinary clothes. He drew out and opened up a Book and placed it before him.  It was the Book that was important, not him.. It was the scriptures. He began to read, teach, explain, expound, and expand the words of God. The words he spoke pierced my heart. I knew and recognized that this was a true Prophet of God.. A true prophet is not Higher or Holier. He sits down on the floor at the same level of the student. He points others to Christ.  He doesn't sit in a higher position, or on a chair with armrests with fine deep colored fabric.

A true prophet is someone who has a testimony of Jesus.  A prophet knows Christ. He does not speak about himself or share his successes and victories. A prophet preaches of the need of repentance and our dependence on Christ's Atonement. He knows the fallen nature of man. A prophet reveals truth, A prophet "sees", A prophet testifies and prophesies. He is a prophet, seer, and revelator.

In the Book of Mormon we read about examples of  true prophets and false prophets. Lehi was a true prophet. He followed Christ. He spoke truth.

I quote from a recent blog post:
"Lehi propounded a true message, Korihor a false one. Lehi was Christ-like. Korihor was an anti-Christ. Lehi spoke the truth. Korihor was a liar. They were polar opposites.The difference between truth and error does not lie in the difference between religion and irreligion, but instead between true religion which will save, and false religion which cannot save. If it were any less a test, the very elect would not be deceived in the last days. Unless there are false prophets claiming they are authorized by God to preach false and idle messages, God cannot send true ones to declare the truth. The opposition of the one is required for the other. The enemy of your soul does not create a new religion, but immitates the true one. The Lord's messenger will be mirrored by the adversary's, but the reflected image will be reversed. Those who follow the image will find themselves descending, while they think they are ascending to God. Hence the name: "the Deceiver." He deceives, and even mirrors God's angels by the claim to be an "angel of light" while spreading darkness. The Deceiver's false prophets will point you to themselves, to their great works, wonderful accomplishments, and the pride you should take in following them. The Lord's will point you to Him and preach repentance. The false prophets will speak of riches here, and suggest God's favor can be measured by success in this world. The Lord will speak only of riches in another world which are only obtained through the sacrifice of all things here." Snuffer


garmel said...

Thank you for sharing your dream. I am encouraged by ones who are receiving dreams and having interaction with God. The scriptures foretell of this time and I feel it is important to witness it is occurring. It gives me hope. The message is heard and appreciated--loud and clear. It is a comfort to know we have true prophets alive and well on the earth today!

Toni said...

Thank you for sharing your dream. It would seem that a true prophet is a friend, not a master, even when he speaks things that may be hard to bear for the proud and satisfied.

AndEva said...

Thank you for sharing a dream so personal. I feel the same with you and others who have been posting here and on other blogs. I am relived God has mercy yet for us, that His arm is stretched out still, that he has not left us alone, but has TRUE Prophet/S.

Anonymous said...

very interesting; is this from Denver Snuffer?

Anonymous said...

I am also encouraged by hearing others' spiritual experiences. Thank you for sharing.


the quote at the end of the post is from his blog.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you sharing your Dream. A friend of mine also stated that we should share our spiritual experiences (as prompted, of course) with others, and that they are given not just for us, but for everyone.
I used to think I was funny for feeling prompted to share dreams and promptings with others, as so much of our culture (church) seems to suggest that most dreams should be kept quite. This is true to some extent, as we need to hold our peace on some subjects until we receive further instructions, yet the key is to follow the Spirit and share when it will up lift and edify others in their Journey to Christ.

Following the Spirit and Living by every word which proceded from the mouth of God (promptings, thoughts, impressions, Christ Voice, etc) is the standard I follow now. Manuals and handbooks are just what they are ..."references" (see Boyd K Packer statements during the Leadership training)they are good when "prompted" to use. Inspiration is always better.



Thank you Watcher..
I heard a good quote today that said something like this.. "The Dependence on Programs is for the unconverted".. I think we could substitute the word Manuals and/or handbooks in place of programs or even say "The Dependence on Manuals is for the uninspired". :)

I would like to contact you offline. Anyway you can send me a link or the best way to get in touch with you

Toni said...

I know this is totally not the place to put this (and it's okay with me if you delete it) but a post it would fit on seems to be pretty far back. Would you be willing to make a post about this?

Toni said...

It is a petition to sign to have the church be transparent to the members as to how they spend the donations they receive.

"As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints it is our desire to faithfully fulfill our obligation to our church by at least annually giving our “voice and Common Consent” as to the allocation of the funds that have been and are currently being donated by us to our Church."

Again, I'm sorry I put it on an unrelated post, but I thought it would be best if it was noticed.