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Below is a short excerpt from a Conference address given by Elder Maxwell in his 1993 Conference address, "Behold the Enemy is Combined".
"While living amid the foreseen “distress of nations, with perplexity,” members also have prophetic leadership which provides direction. Several times a year, we sustain fifteen Apostles as prophets, seers, and revelators. So we know to whom to look, even though a few “seek not the welfare of Zion” and “set themselves up for a light.”

Who are the few that Elder Neal A Maxwell is referring who seek not for the welfare of Zion and are setting themselves up for a light? When listening to this, one could assume the "few" are some of the fifteen Apostles sustained as prophets, seers, and revelators. If you don't believe the quote..  here is the audio recording of it below, and actual video footage is as well.

Actual footage. (approximately at the 10 minute and 30 second time mark)

Now... What is even more interesting is that Maxwell's quote was changed and "corrected" in the Ensign: Here is the altered version in the printed Ensign.

"While living amid the foreseen “distress of nations, with perplexity,” members also have prophetic leadership which provides direction. Several times a year, we sustain fifteen Apostles as prophets, seers, and revelators. So we know to whom to look, even though there are a few members who “seek not the welfare of Zion” and “set themselves up for a light.”

The altered version shifts from the Brethren to a few the members of the church. Is this what Maxwell meant to say? Did Maxwell simply make a mistake in Conference? Or was this statement too damaging to the Brethren from one of their own who was calling a few of them out to repent and stop setting themselves up for a light?

Elder Maxwell is known for using precise and exact words. When you listen to the talk, it is my opinion (and I could be wrong)  that Elder Maxwell's said it exactly right the first time, that a few of the fifteen Apostles seek not the welfare of Zion and set themselves up for a light. So, I don’t know which is more disturbing, the fact that Maxwell said this in conference over the pulpit exposes some of the Brethren.. or that it was changed/covered up later on by the Church Correlation Committee.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. In the October 1984 General Conference Elder Ronald E Poelman delivered a sermon entitled "The Gospel and the Church". Controversy ensued when the version of his sermon that was published in the November 1984 Ensign differed from the sermon Poelman had delivered orally. His talk was revideotaped and copies of general conference that were included in church archives and distributed throughout the church contained Poelman delivering the revised version of his sermon. A "cough track" was included in the retaping to make it appear that the revised sermon was delivered in front of an audience. This could give a “false impression” about this being the original.

There is no doubt that those who edit, change, alter have good intentions. I don't post this as criticism. I do post these things for others to be aware that All is not Well in Zion. Using Maxwell's quote, there are some not seeking for the welfare of Zion.. and some are setting themselves up to be the light for us to follow.



GALA CELEBRATES LDS Church President Monson's birthday

The life and times of President Thomas S. Monson, 16th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, were celebrated in song and story Friday night at the church's downtown Conference Center during a special 85th birthday gala featuring the music of his life.

In front of a near-capacity crowd that included President Monson and his family on the first row, "Golden Days: A Celebration of Life" featured Broadway show tunes, popular songs and religious music that are either meaningful to President Monson or representative of special times in his life.

At the conclusion of the concert, President Monson stood at his front-row seat. He turned to face the audience and waved with both hands high over his head. The audience responded in a way they can never respond when they see him in this building during LDS General Conference: They applauded and cheered their prophet.
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Steve said...

I've asked myself if Nephi or Peter would have accepted such a celebration. I think they would have been reluctant to do so and would have reminded the people that God is good and they are imperfect men. Perhaps would have reminded them of their failures.

Anonymous said...

It sure seems like he means what he says when he says it. He always did.

I'd love to be the "fly on the wall" during that correlated conversation with Maxwell.

COB Correlator:"Yeah, um, hey, did you mean exactly what you said or did you mean something like,I don't know, there are a few MEMBERS who "seek not the welfare of Zion" and "set themselves up for a light"?

Maxwell: "I meant what I said. Is there a problem?" (looking them square in the eye)

COB Correlator:"Um, yeah, you can't say causes people to think about your words too much. They might have questions. They might get confused. That might be bad..."

Maxwell:(squints his eyes like Clint Eastwood)"Hmmm..."


Anonymous said...

Wow...Good Catch!
Watching the video...after he gives the quote in question...he's still talking about the leadership...not the members.
I think you have this just right.


Anonymous said...

Great post. Elder Maxwell always said just what he meant. The fact it got changed is indeed disturbing, although the scripture prophesy of all this kind of thing. Even though scripture say to expect it, it's still not fun when you actually see it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, in today's church it's far better to lie, mislead, rewrite, retape, gloss over, censor, censure, and even change history than it is to present the unvarnished truth if it might present a less than favorable image.
It's all about image isn't it?
White shirt, short hair, clean shaven, business suit, new Escalade...whatever Babylonian dictates.
Just remind me again about what Joseph and Brigham said...something about Mormonish embracing "all truth" wherever it may be found...

Anonymous said...

You are exactly who Elder Maxwell was talking about! What do you call a blog like this except for 'Setting Yourself Up For A Light'? There is no other purpose for a blog like this except to exhalt yourself and to try and tear the church apart piece by piece. I hope you enjoy your glory while you can. If you don't believe in the church leadership then find a church you can believe in and let the rest of us celebrate a wonderful mans birthday and follow Him as the Lords chosen!

Rob said...

I'm curious, how does someone set themselves up as an anonymous light?


To Anonymous 6:41

This is the Lord's church.. but if you read the scriptures from Old Testament prophets like Isaiah to Book of Mormon prophets like Mormon.. you will see the Lord warning us what would happen to us in these latter days when we begin to reject the fulness of the gospel and change the ordinances. Hugh Nibley said this:

“I have always thought in reading the Book of Mormon, ‘Woe to the generation that understands this book!’” (The World and the Prophets, p. 195).

So my friend... it is my testimony that there is only One Light. Only One who can save us. We should all point to Him, the Lord Jesus Christ.. never to ourselves and our merits. We run the risk of pride when we recieve glory and praise from others. It is unfortunately that we have a tendency to worship and follow men.

If it appears that I am guilty of exalting myself up to and recieve glory.. than I have indeed failed. I am no one of any importance and do not desire any spotlight. This blog is written out of love and desire for Zion to be built and anything associated with Babylon to fall.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing disturbing about Elder Maxwell's comments. Oh, how I miss him! He meant what he said.

But call him a liar if it makes you feel better, Anon6:41.

It's not the garden variety members who are the problem... they do not have "followings" at all. In my opinion, the problems in the Church today go straight to the top.

And no, I'm not inclined to leave. I know the Book of Mormon is true and I know the temple ordinances are vital, recent dilutions notwithstanding. It might make people like Anon6:41 if I'd just leave and take the hard truth with me - but that's just it. I love the truth, whatever the source. The chaff will be burned in due time.

The author of this blog gains no following and gains no money from it if I'm not mistaken. What a foolish accusation to make. Reminds me of a movie ... "You can't handle the truth!" And unfortunately, many indeed can't. Our testimonies must be based on the Book of Mormon... anything else and we are on a sandy foundation.

Anonymous said...

You know, it is not that Elder Maxwell might have meant what he said that gets me, it is who the "few" are in such case that really sparks my imagination. He was speaking of the "few" back then, but I could only imagine who the "few" are today (and remember, when we are speaking of 15 individuals, a few can become a majority very quickly).

For starters, how about an Apostle who demands that the youth (members) be seated a half hour before he arrives, and then demands that all quietly stand for him both upon his entering and his leaving. Yup, that is probably a dead give away for one of the current "few", which might be a larger number than any of us realize. What was that commandment about having "no other gods before me"? Could that cause idolatry to include using men and their teachings in place of our God? Nah, setting oneself up as a light to the world has nothing to do with that ... does it? How about all those warnings about following the "precepts of men"? Nah, those could not apply here.

Or how about that a "few" GAs originally demanded Toyota Avalons, so now all the GAs are supposedly provided Toyota Avalons so as to treat all GAs fairly. But, at least we can all go shopping in the finest mall in the Intermountain West and park right next to a tithing funded Avalon. God bless the "few". Luckily, there are no poor who could have otherwise used such funds.

... and there is no way will that I will attach my name to this comment (the Spirit does not even have to warn me about the likely backlash) ...

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI.... the apostles not yet in the quorum then were:
Robert Hales
Jeffrey Holland
David Bednar
Quentin Cook
Todd Christofferson
Neil Andersen
Henry Eyring
Dieter Uchtdorf

Anonymous said...

One of the apostles called since this talk was given was speaking at my husband's mission. He came to an apparently important (?) part of his talk and told everyone to turn off their tape recorders. My husband did not. About 5 minutes later his clicked off... quite loudly. (I guess this is giving away our ages!) He could see the apostle was visibly ticked off. My husband hasn't thought much of him since then.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know who WAS in the Quorum at the time?

Anonymous said...

I was at a meeting not many years ago with Elder Bednar. He asked us kindly if we would not quote him. I didn't think much of it at the time. He also asked if we could be seated 30 minutes prior to the meeting. I didn't think it was as much for him, as it was for me to prepare myself to receive the Spirit. Actually, it was an extremely spiritual experience, though upon reflection I realize that it was not due to Elder Bednar. We receive the Spirit as a gift from above. Anyway, that meeting was in some ways life changing, but it was due to the Spirit I received then, and very little to do with the men who spoke.

I wonder about the desire to not be recorded or quoted. I understand that as mortals we may not always express ourselves perfectly. However, when I have spoken in church under the guiding influence of the Spirit, I would hope the words I speak remain with those who hear them. Though the words may be imperfect, the Spirit can communicate directly with each individual and convey the correct meaning. It still makes me wonder, why is there worry about being recorded or quoted?

I think it is because too many members place far too much importance on words spoken by the brethren. Therefore anything they speak is to be taken as "thus saith the Lord." Perhaps our leaders could do a better job teaching the members to receive their inspiration directly from the Lord and to not rely on the arm of flesh. They could simply say, "don't take anything I say as Gospel. Hear my words and let the Spirit teach you the truth of all things.".


Here's the list of those sustained during that conference:

Ezra Taft Benson as President
Gordon B. Hinckley as First Counselor
Thomas S. Monson as Second Counselor

Howard W. Hunter as President of the Council of the 12
Boyd K. Packer,
Marvin J. Ashton,
L. Tom Perry,
David B. Haight,
James E. Faust,
Neal A. Maxwell,
Russell M. Nelson,
Dallin H. Oaks,
M. Russell Ballard,
Joseph B. Wirthlin,
Richard G. Scott.

So those who are left today are these 7.

Thomas S. Monson
Boyd K. Packer,
L. Tom Perry,
Russell M. Nelson,
Dallin H. Oaks,
M. Russell Ballard,
Richard G. Scott.

Anonymous said...

The birthday event didn't set well with me. No wonder many call us a cult. We adulate the leaders and we set them up for a light. I believe that overall the leaders are pointing us to Christ, however the idolatry needs to be renounced from the pulpet. The glossy image of perfectness that the church portrays of our leaders needs to be toned down and we all need to repent. 2 ne 28 is being fulfilled right before are eyes.