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When a building is condemned, it is because the property fails to meet the established standards or criteria. Usually a warning notice is posted to warn the public that the building is considered unsafe to live in. Once a building is condemned, the owner must prove that problems have been fixed before anyone can live in or use the building.  To condemn means to judge or pronounce something to be unfit for use or service. It comes from the Latin word “condemnare” which means to sentence, or pronounce judgment upon.

Speaking to the early church, the Lord has declared in D&C 84, “because of unbelief, and because you have treated lightly the things you have received, which vanity and unbelief have brought the whole church under condemnation and this condemnation resteth upon the children of Zion, even all.”

The Lord continues to warn, “And they shall remain under this condemnation until they repent and remember the new covenant, even the Book of Mormon.”

In his conference address, President Benson reminded us of our condemnation that the church is still under. He said, “Let us not remain under condemnation, with its scourge and judgment, by treating lightly this great and marvelous gift the Lord has given to us.”

A few years ago, Elder Dallin H Oaks gave a talk entitled, “Another Testament of Jesus Christ” and repeated the Lord's statement that the Saints' conduct had "brought the whole church under condemnation."

In April 2009 conference, President Monson said “I am pleased to report that the Church is doing very well.”  So have we fixed the problem? Have we finally removed the condemnation that the church has been under for long? Is all well?  
Nephi prophesied that in the last days that we will be led into carnal security and say that All is well in Zion. But Nephi warned, wo be unto him that is at ease in Zion and crieth all is well.


Just in case we haven’t lifted this condemnation individually, What are we to do? President Benson in his conference address, “Cleansing the Inner Vessel” declared how to lift the condemnation. “To do so,” he said, “we must first cleanse the inner vessel by awaking and arising, being morally clean, using the Book of Mormon in a manner so that God will lift the condemnation, and finally conquering pride by humbling ourselves.”

President Joseph F. Smith said " There are at least three dangers that threaten the Church within, and the authorities need to awaken to the fact that the people should be warned unceasingly against them. As I see these, they are flattery of prominent men in the world, false educational ideas, and sexual impurity." Joseph Fielding Smith, Gospel Doctrine, p.312-313

We should continue forward until the Lord pronounces us clean. The Book of Mormon contains the process we all need to go through. The Prophet Joseph Smith identified the process as well. Being Born Again, Having one’s Calling and Election made sure, Receiving the ministry of angels, and receiving the Second Comforter.


Anonymous said...

We will know when we are out from under the condemnation because we will have received the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon.

Shawn C said...

The sealed portion of the BoM will come when the saints have the faith as did the Brother of Jared. Ether 4 I think.

Anonymous said...

I believe the 'concepts' taught in the sealed portion are being revealed to those rare people who possess the Holy Spirit. When there are enough people with the Spirit, then the Lord will give them the additional scriptures because they are ready for them, which probably won't happen until Zion is established, because it's almost impossible to find anyone with the Spirit today.

Anonymous said...


good blog entry/essay.

Anonymous said...

I believe the Church was condemned just before or after Joseph Smith died, because most members refused to listen to Joseph's warnings and teachings against abominations and whoredoms that the membership & leadership were easily falling for, a major one being 'polygamy'.

Joseph warned the Saints that if they fell for polygamy or for any church leader or even 'prophet' who came preaching polygamy, then they would be damned. But few listened to him.

From all that I have studied, it appears that Joseph was about to excommunicate some of the apostles, including BY, because they were secretly living polygamy, but Joseph died before he could do that.

After Joseph died the Church went into apostasy and thus was totally condemned because Brigham Young took over and instigated whoredoms and evils like polygamy, which most members easily fell for (or the women were threatened to go along with) for they were not living righteous to detect BY as a false or fallen prophet.

Thus I believe the main body of the Church continued on but without any Priesthood power or authority or keys, for deceived & wicked men cannot maintain the power & authority of God, they lose it immediately Joseph Smith said (D&C 121).

There were many righteous people in the Church who did not follow BY, but who remained true to the teachings and scriptures that Joseph Smith gave them. They did not fall for whoredoms like polygamy, but went on by themselves doing the best they could after having lost their Prophet, but they retained the Priesthood and stayed righteous, raising their families the best they could with access to the holy scriptures and personal revelation.

Joseph Smith never preached or practiced polygamy and he fought and taught against it his whole life, giving the Saints scriptures that taught against it in every instance. The Book of Mormon or the D&C in Joseph's day, never allowed polygamy in any instance. But BY removed those scriptures from the D&C after Joseph died and replaced them with the false doctrine D&C 132.

Today most members and leaders just blindly accept the rumors & hearsay that Joseph believed in and lived polygamy without 'proving all things' and studying church history for themselves to find the real proven & published truth from Joseph's own words while he was alive.

Today the Church is of course still under severe condemnation, for not only does it still preach that polygamy is an eternal principle, with many church leaders talking about being with all the wives in heaven that they have been sealed to here, but the Church continues to seal multiple wives to men after the divorce or death of a 1st wife. Thus the whoreish doctrine of polygamy is still believed in and practiced and promised for the next life in the Church today, if even by 'serial' polygamy.

Anonymous said...

Part 2

While the Church may be doing well 'financially', I do not believe the Church is doing well spiritually or regarding keeping it's numbers. For many missionaries from the highest baptizing missions say that most new converts soon go inactive.

And it has been reported that the Church has been losing most of it's youth, probably because they see their parents & leaders not living the Gospel either and breaking their marriage covenants by divorce & remarriage and they see the leaders just allowing it without any consequences for people.

Also, it has been reported by a G.A. that the Church is quickly losing more members today than ever before, except for maybe the Kirtland period. I believe it's because members finally have access to the truth of Church history & polygamy, etc., over the internet and because of the general wickedness allowed and encouraged in the Church.

For polygamy isn't the only evil that Brigham Young & the Church has allowed and fallen for. Among many other evils, 'divorce & remarriage' has been allowed and accepted for any reason since the days of Brigham Young. When everyone should know that divorce and breaking of sacred marriage covenants is an abomination (which at least some Pres. of the Ch. have admitted but have not usually enforced) and we know that Christ said that remarriage after divorce is adultery.

Today Church leaders are actually saying that divorce and remarriage is not a sin anymore, completely ignoring and teaching contrary to Christ's laws and doctrine.

So the Church is actively supporting, and thus encouraging and rewarding the abuse & adultery of 'divorce and remarriage', instead of excommunicating for it. Which is just another evil that has kept the Church and it's members under condemnation.

For most all members and leaders support their friends and family in divorce and remarriage and just go along with it. The Church even allows people to have affairs now and abandon their spouse and children and eventually be allowed to marry and be sealed to their 'affair' in the temple. It is utterly amazing how blind and corrupt the Church and most all members & leaders have become, yet they don't realize it.

So the Church will stay under condemnation until it repents of all forms of polygamy and sealing men to multiple women and admits that it was never a righteous doctrine or ever lived by Joseph Smith, and until the Church repents for things like allowing & supporting the abusive 'abandonment' of spouses & children, & 'adultery' by divorce and remarriage.

These are just a few of the evils that the Church is doing that has brought it and it's members under condemnation. For if we support evil & deceived leaders & friends & family members, we will be held partly accountable for the evil that we support and go along with.

Anonymous said...

what are your sources for this? The sources I have read seem to show that JS was married to multiple wives, and asked other men for their wives (as if they were cattle! yuk!!) It is much "neater" for me to accept the idea that JS preached vehemently against it and BY went off the rails with it...but I fear evidence suggests to the contrary.....please reply. I am interested

Anonymous said...

12:24 PM--

Fawn Brodie said (and I don't have the exact quote) that her chief frustration (she was a Joseph Smith hater) was that she could never find proof that Joseph Smith had ever had 'intimate' relations with any woman other than Emma. She hated him so much she spent years trying to find evidence of his legal or spiritual philandering--

and could never find it--

Some believe that historians influenced by Brigham Young (and others) doctored the records of the church--

Gordon B. Hinckley completely repudiated polygamy after the archives were opened up--

I think there were enough questions being asked that that is why they were closed again, but not before the pandora's box had caused its problems.

Why do so many historians now claim Joseph Smith had other wives (besides the records which . . . are hard to interpret; what did those early sealings really mean, for example?)--

because IF Brigham Young took the church where Joseph didn't want it taken most people assume that invalidates the church's integrity--

I don't happen to believe that; I believe that even in apostasy the priesthood passed on--and there have been righteous presidents of the church--

even if Brigham Young broke that commandment (and I think he did) and falsified Joseph's own life and actions in order to justify what he did--which many have done, by the way; history is always being rewritten--

he was a member of the quorum of the twelve, and the twelve had the keys, so those keys have passed on--

I do believe some of the presidents of the church have been prophets; others have been merely presidents; BY never claimed to be a prophet--

he did a lot of damage, but in my opinion, and according to experiences I have had . . . the keys are still here--

even though the church is in HEAVY apostasy--

the keys are not dependent upon strict righteousness; Father in Heaven gives His children chance after chance, and I believe that stopping polygamy, even though Wilford Woodruff seems to have suffered for it (who knows why he died so suddenly)--

was a step in the right direction--

there are righteous members of the church even now; there are those who search, those who repent, those who spend much time and thought and prayer in the Book of Mormon.

So the church does continue to exist, and it doesn't need to be lied about anymore--

This is what I believe--

I can't prove it, any of it, but my own family history justifies it completely--

those who 'rebelled' and stopped living polygamy or who refused and who were being prayerful were blessed with a righteous posterity--

and, ironically, more children.

Some of the most 'lost' people I have ever met (no names will be given) are descended from Brigham Young--

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are lots of stories, rumors and hearsay that have been handed down and preached to the Church since the days of Brigham Young, but there doesn't seem to be any proof that Joseph ever preached or practiced polygamy, it appears to be all based on unproven hearsay, mostly from polygamists or women who had been been threatened with damnation or had reason to lie about such things to stay in the good graces of their husbands and church leaders.

While we have lots of proven and published testimony from Joseph himself that he published while he was alive, where he testified against polygamy and declared over & over that he never lived it.

It all comes down to who are you going to believe, Joseph's own words or what Brigham 'said Joseph said & did', especially when we know for sure that BY wanted to live polygamy.

Of course though, most church historians just believe that Joseph Smith lied to the Church his whole life, but the real truth is 'true' prophets can't and don't lie, anymore than God would or could. Or who would have any faith or trust in such man or anything he said, when they found out he lied? While Brigham Young taught people that it was ok to lie.

I could list tons of sources, references & documented old historical records from the Nauvoo period, like the newspaper "Times and Seasons", where Joseph published many of his writings to the Saints of which I have researched myself, but since there are websites that give all the references and quotes and explain it all very well, I will just list some websites for you.

Also, if you go back and read in the original D&C that Joseph published (the 1844 edition) and used during his life, you will see that he had some sections in there that strongly condemned polygamy, which BY took out after Joseph died and BY replaced it with 132.

Please do not be dismayed because some are from non LDS people. For do you really think the Church would ever freely publish and talk about how strongly Joseph preached against polygamy? It is rarely if ever mentioned in the Church. That is why we must do our own homework and have the Holy Spirit to help us discern truth from falsehoods. Much of these truths about Joseph Smith will have to come, and thus often do come, from outside sources who aren't afraid of talking about it.

Even Elder J. Reuben Clark said, "If we have the truth, it cannot be harmed by investigation. If we have not the truth, it ought to be harmed."

"Only those who are unafraid of the truth will find it."

Here are some websites to start with: On this website you can read for 'free' the online book called "Joseph Smith Fought Polygamy". It is written by a wonderful and sincere older couple that have spent many years researching and trying to show the proof of Joseph's innocence in polygamy. They have very good sources and evidence. Another great website by a nice guy who talks about Joseph's innocence in polygamy. Here you can read his entries, "Why I'm Abandoning Polygamy" & "Why Mormon History is not what they say" He has a great way of explaining it all.

There is also an old book printed over 100 years ago that you can get off Amazon, for it has been republished in recent years, unless you want to try to find an original 100 year old copy like I have. It is called "Joseph Smith, Who Was He?" It was written by Willard J. Smith, from the 1800's, about Joseph Smith's innocence with polygamy. It's a wonderful book and you can also read it online for free at

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:20,

Thanks for your additional comments! I really appreciate them.

But polygamy isn't the only give away that the Church and it's leaders are in a deep apostasy, as the Church was in the days of King Noah. There are many other evils going on in the Church today, which appear to be supported by all church leaders. Divorce & remarriage for one, which Christ taught is adultery, but which leaders are all allowing to happen, even in the temples, which aren't God's temples anyway because the ordinances don't seem to be from Joseph Smith but made up by BY, not to mention how all the temples have been defiled countless times by adultery from polygamy & remarriage after divorce.

But all church leaders since BY have believed in and supported the doctrine of polygamy, at least for the next life, and they have all continued to allow men to be sealed to multiple women, after the death or divorce of the 1st wife. Thus all the Church leaders still preach, practice & promise polygamy by allowing 'serial polygamy' in the Church today. Many men today are sealed to multiple living women, even if they only live with one for now.

Joseph Smith was very clear that men (or women) who are deceived to support whoredoms and such vile evils as polygamy, even if they don't do them themselves, will be damned and lose their Exaltation. Plus these men who support evil will immediately lose their Priesthood keys and authority and standing in the Church. For polygamy is a very serious abuse against women and any man who supports such abuse, as even church leaders today do, cannot retain their Priesthood keys, power or authority or even callings.

Since all the apostles and leaders who followed Brigham Young supported and most all lived polygamy, it would have been impossible for them to retain their Priesthood power & keys. A man who loses such power and keys can't pass it on to others. That's how a Church goes into apostasy, it loses it's authority because of wickedness by it's leaders and the majority of it's members.

That does not mean though, that there can't be some rare righteous men & women in the Church today who are waking up to these evils and who are repenting from supporting such things.

When Christ and Joseph Smith soon return to re-establish the true church then all righteous men will be give the true Priesthood and keys again.

But til then we have the Holy Scriptures and personal revelation to guide us and our families until the Church is restored once again in Zion.

Of course though, somewhere, mostly out of the Church, there are men who probably hold the Priesthood. For many righteous men were not deceived by Brigham Young and polygamy, and thus didn't follow him but went their own way and kept the Priesthood alive and passed it down to their sons and grandsons who were righteous.

Steve said...

Personally I tire of the anonymous poster who takes so many opportunities on other people's blogs to run her tirade against polygamy. Probably just me.

Anonymous said...

Steve, why do you assume it is a lady? or did I miss something?

Anonymous said...


The truth about the apostasy of the Church because of polygamy and other evils, is very relevant to many of these topics. You can't correctly discuss these topics without discussing the apostasy of the Church.

One has to wonder why the truth would bother or tire you?

Most likely you just have not studied out the truth yet and found out what really happened in the early days of the Church. Or you have, but you just want to believe that Joseph Smith lied to the Church his whole life and led so many members totally astray.

Steve said...

Anonymous @12:22 -

Half a guess, half a style/content I recognize.

Anonymous @2:32 -

Yes, I have studied this out. I just tire of your comments. Not Christian of me probably.

Anonymous said...


Then I take it you believe Joseph lied his whole life about very serious things.

That would be like a Pres. of the Ch. lying about 'porn being bad' and then finding that he really looked at it and thought it was ok. Would you think porn is ok if the Pres. of the Ch. said it was?

Polygamy is alot more destructive and evil than porn ever was. Do you believe Brigham Young (over Joseph, Christ and BoM prophets) & that it is ok to live polygamy? If so then it appears you would go along with anything I'm afraid, just because a Pres. of the Ch. said it was good.

I myself 'prove all things' before I believe in or follow anyone or anything.

If you really have studied all this and realize the Church went into an apostasy and that the present Church is 'not' led by Christ anymore and has lost all it's authority & keys, then 'you' would also be taking about these things as much as me.

Will Anderson said...

Joseph Smith never practiced Polygamy? Every Mormon carries the church law, valid to this day, governing polygamy in section 132 of the Doctrine and Covenants.

All evidence points to the fact that he didn't want to, but certainly did. Joseph even demanded another man's wife... as a test of loyalty. The man agreed, but Joseph told him he was just testing him.

The Church's condemnation since 1832 isn't about polygamy... it is about the church's absolute abandonment of the Book of Mormon.

All this was predicted IN the Book Of Mormon, which says that the gentiles it will come forth from WILL sin against the fullness of the gospel... and that that fullness will be given back to the House of Israel... Indians and Jews.

By the way, House of Israel, (regardless of their "apostacy" since an apostate Hebrew is still a Hebrew, just out of covenant) ALSO includes the scattered Hebrews who were forced to convert to Islam 1300 years ago, who are currently attempting to conquer the world for Islam and The Sword of God's Allah. They, NOT the Indians, are fulfilling this Book of Mormon prophecy:

13 But if the Gentiles will repent and return unto me, saith the Father, behold they shall be numbered among my people, O house of Israel.

14 And I will not suffer my people, who are of the house of Israel, to go through among them, and tread them down, saith the Father.

15 But if they will not turn unto me, and hearken unto my voice, I will suffer them, yea, I will suffer my people, O house of Israel, that they shall go through among them, and shall atread them down, and they shall be as salt that hath lost its savor, which is thenceforth good for nothing but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of my people, O house of Israel.

Here is the full chapter: