Monday, September 30, 2013

204: FROM IDAHO FALLS TO LOGAN... a 24 hour solitary journey

photo of the Idaho Falls Temple on September 28, 2013

photo of the Logan Temple on September 29, 2013

After attending a funeral on Saturday afternoon, I packed my camera, scriptures, and some food, and then drove up to Idaho Falls to hear a friend speak. I arrived moments before the lecture started and left immediately after. That night, I went for a walk along the Snake River contemplating all that I had heard during the 3 hour talk. I appreciated the time alone to think. I slept for a few hours that night and then I got up at 4:00 AM and drove over to see the sunrise and then hike in the Grand Tetons Mountains.  A friend sent me yesterday the following quote by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

"Earth's crammed with heaven,
and every common bush afire with God:
but only he who sees takes off his shoes."  

I bare record that God is the Creator of this world. "And God saw everything that  He had made, and, behold, it was very good."  Genesis 1: 31. In gratitude to Him, here are a few photos from a solitary journey yesterday in the Grand Tetons.

photo of the Grand Tetons on September 29




  1. Beautiful photos ~ thank you for sharing

  2. Thank you for sharing these with me.

  3. I would love to hear your thoughts on what your friend has been talking about

  4. The pictures you have shared with us are absolutely beautiful and reconfirms the love that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has for us as He continually shows his handy work to all. You and "your friend are in our prayers"..

  5. What is dually noticiable, is not only the beauty in all of God's creations, but the creation that sees God in all things:)

  6. Beautiful Stuff. Makes me want to pack up my stuff here in Oz and move to the Promised Land immediately...

    Very keen on your thoughts about the lecture.


  7. Beautiful pictures. Thanks.

    Also interested in your impressions of the talks.


  8. Amazing isn't it? Have you ever noticed how if you sit in the midst of Gods creations, quietly, how beautiful the music is? By music I mean the music and feeling that is created by his creations - from the rush of a distant waterfall or river, to the sweet voice of the birds, include the beat of the bee and the singing of the wind and you have a whole orchestra and band! How detailed and wonderful is our Heavenly Father!? His creations are intricate and work together harmoniously. Thank you for the pictures and the reminder! :)

  9. Wow! That picture of the Logan Temple now a favorite of mine. Brings back good memories. Your thoughtful insight, messages and photography. You are a talented man. Thanks for your friendship. Garth

  10. Ahhhhh, my friend, I see you are enjoying your bare-footed odyssey through God's Country. Well done. :) Such a delight it is to see glimpses of what you were treated to...such exquisite 'fire' to behold...!

  11. I would love to get a print of your picture of the Idaho Falls Temple .... Do you sell them?