Thursday, October 6, 2016


Yesterday, another building was dedicated and named after President Thomas S. Monson. This comes just weeks after the last building that was dedicated and named after him and days after the LDS General Conference where there were no announcements of any new temples to be built. 

This building is a multi-million dollar lodge located high up in primitive Uinta Mountains that will be used by the Boy Scouts of America. It is an impressive building especially when you consider that it is in a remote area that has always been used for rugged camping for the Boy Scouts in enjoy the rustic outdoors. Below is photo of the view from the patio of the new Monson Lodge.

 On the lower level of the lodge there are many private showers for the scouts to use so they don't come home smelling like a campfire. Below is a photo that was part of the Deseret News article.

President Henry B. Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency, dedicated the concrete facility, along with the Utah Governor Gary Hurbert. (It seemed like both of them coordinated to wear the exact same tie. See photo below. )


However, more disturbing to me than the 5.5 million of dollars that went towards the building of this lodge, more disturbing that the distraction of this concrete structure will be to natural mountain beauty, and more disturbing to me than the need to put in showers.....what is the most disturbing thing to me is the larger than life painting of President Monson with his awards around his neck hanging in the multi-storied grand lobby right next to the "The King Room". (Thank goodness, the room is named after King Husein, the President and CEO of Span Construction & Engineering, not Saddam Hussein)

Here is selfie photo of President Eyring and friends in front of the painting.

President Monson has been a member of the National Board of Boy Scouts of America for decades. Back in 1991 there was an Deseret News article that reported the dedication of another Boy Scout Lodge near Payson, UT.

In this article  Glen W. Swalberg, Utah National Parks Council president, reaffirmed the Boy Scouts of America position that the BSA would  maintain its policy on membership, excluding homosexuals and girls.

"We will not be intruded upon by . . . homosexuals, and we will not be intruded upon by young girls. There is no place for them in Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts," Swalberg said. In a position statement prepared by the Boy Scouts of America, the organization claimed the right, as a private membership organization, to determine the qualifications of its members and leaders.

Wow have things changed since then. As we all know that the Boy Scouts of America on July 27. 2015 ratified a resolution removing the national restriction on openly gay leaders and employees, The previous statement that they will NOT be intruded upon by homosexuals and girls is no longer true. Below is a photo taken yesterday at the Thomas S Monson Boy Scout Lodge where two young girls are part of the flag ceremony. Seriously, I can't make this stuff up. 


James said...

These are becoming like the great monuments the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, and other major societies have erected to honor and memorialize their pharaohs, senators, emperors, and other leaders....shortly before their imminent collapse (they thought they were "too big to fail"). In fact, the LDS Church News used the term "immortalize" in a story to describe this monument last year at its ground-breaking ceremony: "Another familiar name will be immortalized soon at the sprawling camp located on the north slope of Utah’s Uinta Mountains." ( Additionally, the church currently lists 139 operating campgrounds, one is named after President Monson in Ontario, Canada, where he was a mission president many years ago (

LJn said...

Personally, I don't have a problem with someone of any sexual orientation being part of scouts, nor do I have a problem with girls being scouts. In fact, I think it was sexist to not allow them. The big beef I have with BSA is the fact that it's a huge corporation that sucks in money. Donating to "Friends of Scouting?" It doesn't go to the local troop; it goes to the corp. The uniforms are over-priced and they want money for everything. I say boycott them, not for honoring TSM, but for the money-mongering corp they seem to be.

By the way, that painting of Monson next to the king room . . . If they were both covered by dirt and excavated a thousand years from now, archeologists could look at that and suppose that this was a king, that the medals represented his kingship, and that the room next to the painting was where he held audience with his loyal subjects. Uncovering other buildings named after him would reinforce this belief.

AndEva said...

What if I had a pet lion or bear that wanted to be a scout, would they be allowed to join? No descrimination right? What about the Hell's angels? Let everyone in. Here comes that train around that corner. Choo choo, blow that whistle.

Frederick said...

Just to clarify, I don't think those girls are Boy Scouts. They're venture scouts. Venture scouting is a program for young men and women. They wear a dark green uniform shirt like the one pictured.

Frederick said...

Just to clarify, I don't think those girls are Boy Scouts. They're venture scouts. Venture scouting is a program for young men and women. They wear a dark green uniform shirt like the one pictured.