Monday, November 19, 2018


“A man who has been in another world does not come back unchanged.”
C.S. Lewis

Some photos from a camping trip on Antelope Island this past weekend. 
 It is amazing what you can see with a zoom lens as well as with a telescope.

Photo taken from Antelope Island looking due north at Fremont Island.

Below photo of the moon taken from the lens of a telescope. 

 Photo of the west side of Antelope Island showing the receding water level of the Great Salt Lake which continues to get lower and lower leaving behind a salty beach.

 Unfortunately I didn't make it up to the summit in time to see the sun go down.  This is the best view I was able to get. 

Another photo of the moon. First time I have been able to capture the blue atmosphere of the moon. 

Seven Ring spiral rock where we camped.

One of hundreds of roaming Bison. No need to drive up to Yellowstone to get up close and personal.


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The moon has essentially no atmosphere--certainly not enough to be able to see with a telescope. The blue color is chromatic aberrations in the optical system of your telescope.