Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Below are a few of the latest renderings of the new temples that the First Presidency of the LDS Church has released.  Notice anything missing?

Orem, Utah Temple

Tooele, Utah Temple

Moses Lake, Washington Temple

Phnom Penh, Cambodia Temple

Not sure why the Church is starting to discontinue putting the iconic Angel Moroni facing east on top of the temples.  A few years ago I posted about some of the Temples placing the Angel Moroni facing a different direction other than facing to the East, but now it appears they are beginning to altogether not even put up the Angel Moroni on the temples.
No. 389: "I think I'll dedicate that one. It's good fishing up there"
No. 379: Does the direction we are facing matter?

Another name change announced today by the First Presidency. They are changing the name of the Washington County Utah Temple. It will now be called the Red Cliffs Temple.

I seriously don't understand why all these changes.


Aimee K said...

I'll offer a possible explanation: Perhaps because it's bad for the blogosphere/social media PR crowd to have the topmost angel constantly being blasted by lightening, dropping the trumpet, dangling precariously during an earthquake. Too much of God's ire could be inferred and that couldn't possibly be the case because... KEYS!

As a side note, the Catholics took very seriously the double lightening strike of the Vatican hours after the Pope resigned. God moves in all religions, not just among the "one true church".

Taylor said...

As to the rename of the Washington County Temple.

Washington County name was offensive. It alludes to George Washington, who was at one point racist. So they had to distance from the name.

I'm kidding of course. But still.....

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere that making many changes all at once is a way/tactic to confuse and distract people from something bigger going on.

Did you know 17 historical church sites names were recently changed?

Adjustments to historic sites names

The following is a list of minor adjustments to names of historic sites (former names are in parenthesis):

Brigham Young Winter Home and Office (Brigham Young Winter Home)
Carthage Jail (Historic Carthage Jail and Visitors’ Center)
Cove Fort (Historic Cove Fort)
Grandin Building: Book of Mormon Publication Site (Book of Mormon Historic Publication Site)
Hamblin Home (Home of Jacob Hamblin)
Hawn’s Mill (Haun’s Mill)
Johnson Home (Historic John Johnson Home)
Joseph Smith Birthplace (Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial)
Liberty Jail (Historic Liberty Jail)
Morley Farm (Historic Isaac Morley Farm)
Mormon Battalion Center at San Diego (Mormon Battalion Historic Site at San Diego)
Mormon Trail Center at Winter Quarters (Mormon Trail Center at Historic Winter Quarters)
Martin’s Cove: Mormon Trail Site (Mormon Handcart Historic Site: Martin’s Cove)
Sacred Grove (now includes Joseph Smith Family Farm)
Sixth Crossing: Mormon Trail Site (Mormon Handcart Historic Site: Willie Center at Sixth Crossing)
Rock Creek Hollow: Mormon Trail Site (Mormon Handcart Historic Site: Rock Creek Hollow)
Whitmer Farm: Church Organization Site (Peter Whitmer Farm)

It does mentioned in the article that they didn’t change the names of 9 of them. That was nice of them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Russell Nelson's dislike (hatred?) of all things "Mormon" includes now removing Mormon's son, Moroni from the temples? Who knows?

Although I like Aimee's explanation up above as well.