Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Our friend posted on Facebook the letter from the LDS Church leaders which was sent to all members in Utah asking them to wear face masks in public, In the facebook post, this comment was added, 

"So do you follow the prophet or not?" 

Here is the post with our friend's name and photo removed. 

So we now have mandates from our religious and government leaders to wear a face masks. So if you live in Utah apparently you are not following the prophet if you don't have a face mask on. I understand that more cases are being reported and I am sensitive to those who have underlying conditions who are vulnerable, but let's remember that fewer deaths are happening in ratio of those who get the virus. And don't even get me started with our Utah Governor forcing our children (K-12 grades) to wear masks to school next month.

That being said, I just watched a few really good youtube videos that I thought are important to share.  I echo what my friend said after watching it, "Given the overflowing scourge of misinformation that seems to be gripping the country, it's the closest thing to the the truth I've seen since all this started."

continuing the quote from my friend:

"It's curious to me how the world almost overnight lost all of its good common sense. It began with the leadership of local and national governments who bought into the fear, but the most revealing truth is how willing we are to allow these leaders to do all the thinking for us while at the same time unwilling to hold them accountable and say.... "Look, show me the data that demonstrates this draconian approach you are taking and I'll saddle up along side you and fight the fight. But if there is no data, and your argument is weak, then I would prefer to trust my own intellect and common sense."

From the latter video:
"The longer that this goes on, the more we are realizing that the young and the healthy are relatively immune to this virus. they do well when they catch it, the recover quickly and they do not die from this virus. In children, they are so immune that they have a greater risk with influenza than they have with Covid 19. So that is why I am advocating opening up the schools with almost no restrictions. We got to get the children back into the classrooms. The children have a greater risk of dying by driving to school than they do from Covid 19. It is clear that children are not at risk. What the kids are at risk from is delaying their education, from delaying their socialization, from keeping them home and therefore, keeping their parents home who work. That is a greater risk. No data showing an asystemic child giving it to an adult. Putting masks on school children is not only unnecessary but very unhelpful.
To have people who are not in shape and not physically fit wearing a mask. (especially out walking) and is very unhealthy due to the lack of oxygen needed for the body. Not only that but after you have been breathing on the mask for 5 to 10 minutes in gets really moist inside, and once that mask is moist, the ability for that mask to filter goes out the door. Wearing a moist mask is the equivalent of building a chain link fence to filter out mosquitos..."
But until we really let go of the Fear... these two signs are our "new norm."


Ankle said...

"So, do you follow the prophet or not?" Isn't that a manipulative statement? Even if a person believes the "follow the prophet" teaching fully, that person presumably expects to be allowed freedom of conscience, and shouldn't we "allow all men the same privilege", as the article of faith suggests?

I submit that the consequences of the manipulation, coercion, and pride shown in the world are far worse than the outcome of an election, the posturing of world leaders, and the wearing of masks.

aredesuyo said...

The reason for all this insanity is basically ORANGE MAN BAD.
I predict that the whole thing will magically disappear as soon as Joe Biden "wins" office.
The Area Presidency letter is a fact-free load of nonsense that sounds like it was sourced from the evening news, and simply goes to show that public relations is all that matters, and not the truth or the "religious freedom" that they harp on so much. It's as if they're trying to ensure that even fewer people feel like returning to church when they decide to finally start conducting meetings again.

Anonymous said...

Both those videos were excellent. Thank you for sharing. Breath of fresh air (unmasked)

Anonymous said...

I guess I can be counted as part of those who, in theory, don't "follow the prophet". I think the mask thing is a load of hooey and I refuse to wear one unless I'm forced to do so, or must visit a place that mandates them.

Then again, I often don't have all that much interest in what "the prophet" says these days as I don't think he actually receives any prophecy.

Great post, by the way.

Harry said...

Youtube, showing its true colors, has censored the first video.