Friday, June 3, 2011


“Because of pride, greed, lust for power, etc. we strayed, and have yet to collectively receive it. Isn’t that the Gentile dilemma? We put our own agenda ahead of the Lord’s. His hand is stretched out all the day long if we come to Him, yet we deny Him the power to save.”

Here are just a couple of thoughts.

Unfortunately, the original intent or “revelation” from God given to man... will eventually become organized. It is known as religion. This religious institution then evolves to the point where men get into power positions. In order to maintain that power, they act in corporate ways to keep the structure/institution strong and growing. What eventually happens is the essence of what the original intent was …gets lost. What follows is orthodoxy, a power structure and dogma.  

In some cases over time, the religious leaders become corrupt. They begin to conceal from the people the teachings of spiritual life and spiritual awakening which should be offered freely to all and not be sold or held back.

Adam and Eve in the garden were offered religion and to have someone preach the philosophies of man mingled with the scripture. However, Adam wanted messengers sent to him by the Father. We are fortunate in these latter days to have records written to and by true messengers. More importantly we have the true messengers living amongst us.

In our dispensation, one such messenger was Joseph Smith. Although Joseph Smith revealed many, previously unknown things, his ministry was devoted primarily to bringing others into fellowship with God. The ordinances, scriptures, revelations, and teachings restored through him were not intended to titillate, but to instruct on how to reconnect with God. Joseph taught both the possibility and the importance of each soul coming directly to God.

This is the role of a true messenger. It is to bring others into harmony with God. When someone delivers a new message that does not include knowledge about how the audience may come to God themselves, then the primary intent is always to make others dependent on the messenger. It is vanity. It is prideful. It is to call attention to themselves in an effort to place themselves above their fellow man, and interject themselves between the person and God. It is priestcraft.

I am not sure how Joseph views our current situation we find ourselves and institution that has grown from the humble beginnings of his simple prayer, in a secluded grove of trees, answered by God Himself. I can’t speak for Joseph, but I think he would tell us to find our own grove of trees.