Sunday, June 25, 2017


This week was the summer solstice. Few observe these dates or recognize the significance. For those who don't know, the sun hit it's highest point in the heavens giving us the most direct and strongest sunlight for us in the Northern Hemisphere. Starting after the summer solstice, our days will begin to shorted as we decrease in the amount of sunlight we receive until the sun returns back after the Winter Solstice. Our nights will now be longer and days shorter as we receive less and less sunlight. In our personal life, much like the ebbs and flows of sun solstices which give us our seasons throughout the year, we are either increasing or decreasing in the amount of light and knowledge we are receiving. Religious organizations also are either increasing in light (receiving revelation from God) or decreasing in light (apostatizing from truth, relying on the arm of flesh). This year is the 500th year commemoration of Protestant Reformation which is marked by Martin Luther's criticism of the powerful and influential Catholic Church. Other's followed as their eye were opened to how far the Catholic Church had strayed. It is interesting to see the parallels today that other worldwide Church Institutions seems to be mirroring the Catholic Church. Below is Part 6 in a series of videos commemorating the 500 year anniversary of  Protestant Reformation.



Here are few photos from a morning hike this week in observance of the summer solstice.