Monday, April 8, 2013


You have to live in conformity with the light you have been given. If the light you have been given is neglected, the light will be lost. If there is an unwillingness to repent, and turn back and live in conformity with what light you have, then you can be mislead.  Some have been given spiritual gifts. Spirtual gifts is merely a conduit through which both light and dark can come. The spiritual gift does not contain the guarantee that everything you receive is truth. People who are out of harmony in their inner vessel are likely to be unable to distinguish between Light and darkness. If they are allowing anything and everything in, and saying simply because I have spiritual gifts, experiences, and/or a conduit they think they can trust whatever comes through it..... they are likely to be misled, deceived, and led astray as someone without any gifts.

Discerment is so important. Both the Light and dark has to be separated inside you based on the light that is within you. For example, Moses, on the Mount Sinai rebukes Satan.  He says to Satan, "Where is your light, because it is darkness to me". He is not talking about the physical appearance of Satan. who is an angel of “Light”. He is talking about the content of the message that is darkness to Moses which is that Satan is trying to interject himself between him and God, and that is darkness to Moses.

Moses on the Mount had to deal with Satan, Joseph Smith dealt with this in the First Vision. Everyone seeking higher spiritual manifestation will encounter this.  The First Vision  talks about how thick darkness gathered around Joseph which sought to bring about his destruction.  A friend of mine who has done research shared with me that Joseph elaborated on his experience in a conversation that he had with Orson Pratt. Orson Pratt said that Joseph's mind was flooded with a bunch of improper images, with a bunch of improper thoughts, ambitions and desires. The possibility of becoming something great in this world, or becoming something notable was tempting. 
It is never about being great. The Lord uses the small and simple.

The people who will be gathered will be servants. They will not be anyone who is trying to get the chief seats. They will be someone kneeling and washing other peoples feet. They will be someone who sole interest is the redemption and salvation of others. And you can tell what the difference by what it is they do. Do they say, respect me, uphold me, sustain me, notice me, read my articles, look at me, aren’t I great, or do they say instead, Look to Christ, forget about me.

What comes out of the mouth reveals the abundance of the heart. If what comes out is a consistent message and theme that points to Christ and helping led them to salvation alone, then you know what the inner vessel contains.