Thursday, March 7, 2013


The word 'perspective' comes from the Latin preposition 'per' and the Latin verb 'spicio'. 'Per' is a preposition which means "thoroughly" … and the verb 'spicio' means "to see" or "to observe". So the root meaning of the word 'perspective' is to "observe thoroughly".

Sometimes our perspective on things is not accurate, and rarely, if ever complete. Many times we see from a certain vantage point and think that it is all there is know about a subject. As mortals, we don't observe thoroughly.. our perspective is incomplete.

Here is a good illustration. Below are some photographs of Mt. Olympus taken from different angles and at different times of the year. They are all of the exact same mountain, yet the mountain looks completely different depending on your viewpoint and the time of year. Mount Olympus is where I was born and raised. I have hiked this mountain with my dad, as well as with my wife. I know the mountain well, but even I still have not seen the mountain from every angle.

Someone could be viewing the mountain from the front, and his description of the face of the mountain would be accurate, another could be viewing the mountain from the side and his view would be accurate as well, but would differ from the others perspective. We would do well to learn from all perspectives, not limit our views. It is my opinion that Zion will be comprised of people who all know the "mountain".. and have reached the summit, but possibly from different vantage points and have taken different trails to reach the top... What is then so beautiful, is that we can learn from each other and have a more complete perspective.

 Views of Mount Olympus in Salt Lake City

That beginning said... the various earthly perspectives of this mountain is only the beginning. All things should be viewed with a heavenly perspective. Below are a few photos I took of this same mountain, Mt. Olympus with the sun. No longer does the mountain become the focal point, but it is the light of the sun and colors that create the beauty. These are examples of what it looks like when heaven meets earth. Our perspective increases when we view things from an eternal perspective.

May we have our eye more fully opened, may we have ears more fully tuned, may we be more open to see things from all perspectives, and may we be humble and teachable to learn more about our true nature and our divine mission in helping to connect heaven to earth, and with God to Man.