Friday, December 22, 2023


Spectacular Color, Perfect Weather, Gold Sunlight
 A few photos from this mornings earlysunrise hike with friends observing the Winter Solstice as we usher in the return of increased light from the darkest of nights.

In the last blogpost, I shared some quotes about Men of God. I am blessed to be friends with many. I share a few thoughts about Women of God. I am so blessed to be married to one.

"Empowered by wisdom, a woman becomes a fierce protector of the innocent, using her strength to battle the evils of this world and her compassion to heal the scars left in its wake."

"A woman's strength is not a weapon against men but a shield for the innocent. With wisdom as her sword and compassion as her armor, she stands resolute against the brutality that seeks to harm the vulnerable."

"A truly empowered woman builds bridges instead of burning them, understanding that manipulation and revenge are shadows that diminish the light of genuine strength."