Wednesday, March 20, 2024


"We tip the scales by our choices, 
and by so doing, we change all eternity."

Today was the first sunrise of Spring. Quickly posting a few photos taken within the past 24 hours. Some of these were taken last night of the last sunset of Winter  as well as photos taken this morning on an early sunrise hike to welcome in first full day of Spring. These blog posts are for me personally to help me remember the significant events and symbolism that happened. Words really can't describe them adequately. 

A few important proverbs to consider: 
  • The balance between Adam’s Fall and Christ’s sacrifice provides a neutral balance of opposites. We choose what we are willing to do with this balanced universe.
  • We tip the scales by our choices, and by so doing, we change all eternity. We change eternity by the choices we make here.
  • There is an eternal balance, with infinite results, hanging on our every choice. We stand in peril or stand in glory depending upon our every thought and deed.
  • Five minutes of mortality are more precious than all the prior eternities of pre-earth life. Only here can you demonstrate the faith from which creation itself was born.
  • Our failures are mourned in the corridors of Heaven with groans for our shortcomings. We have angels and gods wishing our choices were always tipping the scale of balance in this life in favor of obedience to God.
  • Our noble acts and righteous deeds are celebrated in joy and song in the corridors of Heaven. As we choose.

The last winter sunset before the 2024 Spring equinox

Photo taken on March 19th, 2024 of the sunset in SLC, UT just before the Spring Equinox at 9:06 PM

First Spring sunrise of 2024

Sidenote: The founding principle that with 'great power comes great responsibility' is found in the scriptures. In Luke 12:48 it reads: "To those who much is given much is required".

It is necessary to be meek first before being trusted with great power. Without meekness a man cannot be trusted with such a power. We need to ask rather than demand. We need to petition rather than decree.   The things of God matter.  Ordinances that connect us with Him matter a great deal. When done correctly, they have power.

Three Additional Symbolic Photos:

The Moon, The Hawk and the Water/Mud