Friday, January 5, 2024

BAPTISM AND MARRIAGE - Two Sacred Ordinances

Happy New Year! 2024!

Two significant events took place this past week that my wife and I both witnessed. These beautiful  experiences involved two separate couples.

First, we participated in a baptism of both a husband and wife that was performed in Jordan River.   A few days, my wife and I witnessed a beautiful wedding of my neice and her now husband.

Both a marriage and a baptism are sacred ordinances. They both are symbolic of a new life. Prior to the baptisms in the Jordan River, two mallard ducks, a male and female couple, flew into the spot where the baptism was to take place. I took a quick photo for me to remember the beautiful event. 

 The statement that we often hear the wife or husband will say in a GOOD marriage is:

 "My spouse is my better half"


However in a GREAT marriage, the wife or husband will say:

"My spouse is my other half, who makes me better"


I realize that there are alot of marriages out there that are in disrepair and need of alot of help. Some marriages might be beyond fixing. In marriage is so important to remember that it is not about WHO is right.. it is all about WHAT is right. The following quotes contain some great questions to evaluate your marriage: 

"Are the two of you, together, better than what each of you are alone? Is your marriage a source of joy, of happiness, of contentment, of companionship? The Lord told them to multiply and replenish the earth. Do you find within your family relationship that there’s joy and rejoicing and happiness as a consequence of the environment that you and your wife put together?"

Is your relationship… As a woman, is your relationship in the image of God? Is there godliness about the way in which you and your husband interact? If you had to reckon whether or not someone, looking at the two of you, would see within you the image of God, would they do so?"