Monday, June 7, 2021


The LDS Church's printable coloring page for kids to color of a little child getting vaccinated.

What a fun activity for children to do! It is a coloring page of a little child getting a shot, most likely a vaccination shot. It is published in this months June 2021 THE FRIEND magazine. Is this a "FRIEND"-ly way to help child get used to the idea that is safe to get the vaccinated? It is entitled "I CAN BE BRAVE". 

I find it interesting that the Church chose to publish this coloring page just before the vaccine advisers to the US Food and Drug Administration meet this week on June 10,2021 to discuss whether to authorize Covid-19 vaccines for children 11 and younger. We are starting to see the mainstream media  report the need for little children to start to get vaccinated even though the numbers of people getting Covid is rapidly dropping. 

We are being told by those we should trust and those who "know better than us" that unvaccinated children are a vulnerable host  for coronavirus. Here is the latest new CNN newsreport. 

Almost all vitamins, medications and other vaccines have the list of warning labels. Even the most basic like Vitamin C and aspirin have warnings on the bottles to protect the manufactures of any adverse side effects so they can shift the risk from themselves through warnings. If you choose to proceed then you assume the risk. You can't blame anyone because you were sufficiently warned. 

The same kinds of warnings for childhood vaccines all have the list of side effects. Here a few of the side effects for just the measles vaccination.  

On the other hand, for the Covid vaccines were are just told that they are safe and effective.

Surely there is nothing wrong with these emergency authorized vaccinations that all normal FDA requirements have been waived and that the pharmaceutical companies are not liable for any injuries caused by the vaccine.

Are we suppose to submit our children to participate as basically "lab rats" for a vaccine that does not publish what the warnings of the side effects could be on a child. Remember, if your child should have complications, the companies are not liable for any injuries caused by their vaccines.

If you want to read additional research: here is a good link: