Wednesday, July 25, 2012


"And now I, Moroni, have written the words which were commanded me, according to my memory; and I have told you the things which I have sealed up; therefore touch them not in order that ye may translate; for that thing is forbidden you, except by and by it shall be wisdom in God."
Ether 5: 1

The fifth chapter of Ether only contains 6 verses. They are specific instructions from Moroni to Joseph Smith. In the first verse, we read that Moroni was commanded to write the things he did. He did not write because he enjoyed it, or to gain popularity, or to sell more books, or even to have a following. He wrote because he was obedient to the Lord. I know of very few authors today who write because they are commanded to. You can tell the difference by what they write. Those who are NOT commanded to write from the Lord contain words that flatter, or contain feel good stories, or elevate themselves to get gain or popularity. On the other hand, those who are commanded to write often offend us, their words usually contain messages of repentance.

Moroni then speaks directly to Joseph Smith with specific instructions. He tells Joseph to not touch the plates in order that ye may translate. That is forbidden. The Lord and through His wisdom will show Joseph the order and the process to follow. Even though Joseph might have wanted to follow a different order, he was told that there was a specific order to things he would translate. Joseph was warned, but he was still free to choose. Just like the commandment given to Adam and Eve who were forbidden to partake of the fruit. They still had their agency and were free to chose. Despite being told it was forbidden, Adam and Even partook. They didn't wait for further light and knowledge as promised by the Father when He said that He would visit again and give further instruction.

Too many times, we are not patient for further instruction. We should avoid what is forbidden, wait upon the Lord and be obedient to what he commands.