Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Salt Lake City is lauded as "Progressive"... However, a better word might be "TRANSGRESS-ive."

an act that goes against a law, rule, or code of conduct; an offense


The photo below was taken in downtown Salt Lake City at the annual PRIDE PARADE last Sunday featuring: 

 A toddler wearing a "TRANS-KIDS" T-Shirts
A woman wearing a "I LOVE HOT TRANS BABY DADDIES" T-Shirt
A woman now a "man" wearing a "TRANS BABY DADDY"  T-Shirt

 This week, my wife and I watched the documentary called "What is a Woman." You can watch the movie for free now on Twitter. Here is the LINK . I don't really have the words to express how I felt while watching the movie. As a father of all daughters, I am outraged that an underage girl can undergo medical procedures to become a boy without needing parental consent. It is so ironic that we have laws prohibiting children under the age of 18 to get a tattoo (which can be removed) but yet underage children can get irreversible treatment to change from one gender to another.  If a parent tries to stop the procedure, he can be put in jail? It is unbelievable. The documentary is a must see. 

 Elon Musk tweeted, "Consenting adults should do whatever makes them happy, provided it does not harm others, but a child is not capable of consent, which is why we have laws protecting minors." 

Another photo of downtown Salt Lake of our UTA public transit system buses. They are being wrapped using tax payer money in support of this transgender movement.

"I was disappointed to see UTA putting wraps around their equipment supporting a controversial social position that is very (divisive),"

"This is not an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars"

"Why spend the funds and political capital on this effort? What other social issues have you not supported, but now are supporting this? I am shaking my head at this decision."

"I think public funds should never be used to promote private agendas, especially those that contradict our state ideals."



Today's Wordle took me three attempts   I started out with the word TEACH, then the word HASTE.. and the final word ironically, is the word HATER.  

Kind of symbolic. One who teaches, with haste, might be accused of being a hater.