Friday, June 22, 2012


photo taken of the sunset of the Venus Transit on June 5,, 2012

I thought this was such a profound quote that is deserved it's own post without any commentary:

"But there's another reason why some believers steer away from this kind of worship [and authentic Christ-like life]: the consequences  may be dangerous. . . It's not likely that many of us will become martyrs, [!] but we may find ourselves suffering in other ways. It's my feeling that many Christians don't want a transforming experience of worship [real life in Christ] because life is comfortable the way it is. So, when transformed people show up in a crowd of conformers, people  are immediately threatened by their presence -- and this can lead to some  difficult situations in homes and churches. 'Transformers' don't create problems;  they reveal them." (Warren Wiersbe's "Real Worhip", p. 35)