Monday, August 5, 2019

502: A very personal and sacred choice.

I came across a quote by President Russel M Nelson that I thought was interesting. It is from a talk given in 2004 and can be found here in The Church News. 

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"While searching for the truth, we must be free to change our mind—even to change our religion—in response to new information and inspiration… One’s religion is not imposed by others. It is not predetermined. It is a very personal and sacred choice, nestled at the very core of human dignity.”
(emphasis added.)


I think it is interesting that one could read the above sentence and get two different meanings out it. Most members of the Church would read his words and say that President Nelson means that if you are not a member you find out about the Church that you would change your current religion and become a Latter-day Saint. Others could read this who have found out new information about the Church and use this as permission to change religions.

Here is a cartoon of two people saying the exact same thing.. but what they are saying have two completely opposite meanings.