Sunday, June 10, 2012


Preach unto them repentance, and faith on the Lord Jesus Christ;
teach them to humble themselves and to be meek and lowly in heart;
teach them to withstand every temptation of the devil,
with their faith on the Lord Jesus Christ.
Alma 37: 33

Faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ...
The Reliance on others and/or The Reliance on your own strength.

Last week my family and I watched the movie, 'Faith Like Potatoes'. I don't normally recommend movies or books to others unless I think they contain some value. I know some might have some criticisms of this movie, but I found it to be inspirational.   In our current fallen world, it is difficult to find people who have faith in God. The majority seem to boast in their own strength and/or rely on others for their salvation instead of Jesus Christ.

This is story of a broken, angry man who turns his life over to Christ and learns about the  importance of complete reliance and faith on the Lord Jesus Christ.

This movie is inspired by the true story of Angus Buchan, a Zambian farmer of Scottish heritage. I would recommend watching it with the English subtitles due to the strong accents (which is somewhat difficult to understand.) While the movie is somewhat a low-budget film and begins slow, it is a moving life journey of a man who, like his potatotoes, grows his faith in Jesus Christ, unseen until the harvest.

I also watched the special 55 minute featured interview on the DVD. I enjoyed listening to Angus Buchan tell his story in his own words. How this man lives with his wife and family shows one who is attempting to live with faith and closer to living in a Zion type society.

from DS blog:
"Zion will NOT be a intercontinental, multi-million member organization spread throughout the world. It will be small. It will be local. The Saints will be gathered from all the world into Zion. This is because once a messenger has delivered "the words which the Lord God hath commanded me," then we are responsible for how we react and whether or not we repent. If we repent, angels will gather us. If we do not, they will not gather us."