Wednesday, February 20, 2019


David Moss, 51, of Lehi, was booked into the Utah County Jail for investigation of exploiting a prostitute, patronizing a prostitute, two counts of lewdness and sexual battery.

The Utah County Sheriff's Office conducted a "human trafficking operation" in Lehi on Valentine's Day. After posting a message on an undisclosed social media app, Moss — using the name "Pilot" — contacted what ended up being an undercover detective and arranged to pay $150 for "services such as kissing, touching and pleasure that Moss was looking for," according to a police affidavit.

"Moss then stated he was looking for girls to let him be their manager. He stated he has done this sort of thing in the past and he has a system that is 'cutting edge' and avoids people getting caught," according to the report.

What the article fails to report is that he was currently serving as an LDS BISHOP of the Mill Pond Ward in Lehi, Utah.  

Bishop David Moss on Sunday February 10, 2019 conducted Sacrament Meeting as well as probably giving Temple Recommend Interviews. Four days later, he was busted for "exploiting a prostitute, patronizing a prostitute, two counts of lewdness and sexual battery."... The following week on February 17th, he was released from being the Bishop.

The KSL article hides the fact that he was a current serving Bishop. The headline says former Utah vice squad lieutenant arrested. Well it was years ago that he was in law enforcement  and only say at the end of the article that "Moss has also served as a leader of a local religious congregation."

Moss was a lieutenant over the St. George Police Department's vice squad, according to investigators, but was forced to resign from the department due to sexual misconduct allegations. He then moved to Lehi. Not sure how he was then called to be a Bishop of the ward.

So, Why hide the fact that he was a Bishop... I mean that is BIG NEWS! He is even still listed as the Bishop on the LDS Tools and Meetinghouse locator. See below of a screenshot as of today.


Makes you wonder how David Moss was called to be the Bishop: See article below on

When the stake president feels directed to release a bishop, he fasts and prays for inspiration to know whom the Lord has chosen as his replacement. When he feels he has identified the Lord’s choice, the stake president then sends a recommendation to the First Presidency for approval. (There’s actually a form the stake president fills in and sends to the First Presidency.) The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles then prayerfully consider the person recommended by the stake president. Once the person recommended is approved, the stake president can extend the call to the potential bishop and ask his wife for her support. If he is worthy and accepts the call, the new bishop is then presented to the ward for their sustaining vote and is ordained and set apart, usually by the stake president.

Saturday, February 9, 2019


 Here are a few quotes from a newspaper article write up about President Nelson's talk tomorrow that will be held in the State Farm Stadium in Arizona.
"President Nelson won’t be running a 4.4 second 40-yard dash, throwing a deep route or catching a sideline pass on the field Sunday. (Though having watched him bound up steep steps while at almost 14,000 feet above sea-level in Bolivia, I believe he still could give Brady a run for his money.) President Nelson is keeping a pace that would exhaust any athlete"
"This Sunday at State Farm Stadium in Arizona, a capacity crowd that could rival Atlanta, is expected to watch a spry and energetic 94-year-old take the field."

 Image result for state farm stadium

"Those in attendance Sunday should watch close and listen closer as the sprinting president dashes onto the field and through his talk."

"He will cover more ground in a short period than a Larry Fitzgerald deep route."

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

473: "I KNOW THE SAVIOR'S FACE".. says Elder Quentin L.Cook

In a recent Regional Conference for young married couples held on January 26, 2019 in Salt Lake City, Elder Quentin L. Cook spoke and shared his testimony in closing where he said,

"I know the Savior's voice,
and I know the Savior's face"

I don't think I have heard a testimony like that given by an LDS apostle since Elder Rruce R McConkie's final testimony given in April 1985. Below is a short youtube video of the audio.

The phrase, "I know the Savior's face" has a different ring to me in my ears. I am not sure why the choice of words of using 'know' instead of 'hear' and  'see'. Makes me wonder if it is possible for someone to "know someone's face" without ever seeing it.  Elder Cook mentions that it is too sacred to share spiritual experiences. Maybe I am asking too much, but I am still waiting to hear the following:

"I have heard the Savior's voice"
"and I have seen the Savior's face"

Well, whatever the reason for not actually saying that he has both heard and seen, I am grateful for anyone who has an personal experience with the Lord in any degree. I am even more grateful for those who actually teach others that they can and should have that same personal experience with the Lord instead of just looking to those who have.