Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Words of Wisdom:

People are very different one from another. Not only are men and women different from one another, women are different from each other and men are different from each other. Personalities are always going to be ill-fitted. Getting people to mesh together… that is not going to result in somehow this universal “similarity of personality”. 

It is important that people preserve their differences. It is important that people have the gifts that have been given to them by God preserved intact and not suppressed because someone doesn’t like the way their gifts get expressed. It is important that people preserve their differences.

Zion is going to have people whose artistic outpouring is going to be fabulously different from one another.

Look at the:
  • Totem pole artistry of the Native Americans
  • Carved artistry of the Hawaiian Islands
  • Sculptures of Michangelo

These examples are Radically Different one from another. So much so that you are bridging these enormous cultural divides to look at these different sculptures.

Why would we ever want to have a studies school of artistic discipline that produces nothing more than some uniform product when beauty and artistry can find so many unique forms of expression. Why would we ever want that?

(Sidenote: Why would you want to go to a church meeting in Uganda, a fellowship in the Phillipines and a fellowship meeting in Spain and hear the same lesson on the same Sunday everywhere throughout the world. That is managerial overkill designed to destroy the unique spirits of the  sons and daughters of God.)

Facial recognition works because no one else has the same face as you. Fingerprints distinguish everyone of us from one another. So much so that is you leave a print and everyone else leaves a print, we can distinguish yours from everyone else. Every single snowflake crystal is unique. Every leaf of every tree is unique. Nature cries out that God treasures the differences that exists from one soul to the next.

And when describing the gifts that are given, the gifts are very different but how the gifts manifest themselves even if one possess the exactly the same gift.

Everyone one of us are unique, and when we deal with one another, the objective is not to compel you to be me.  The objective is not to compel anyone of us to be the same as another one of us. The objective is to rejoice, and to respect and to hallow the work that God has been done in making us so unique from one another. Even twins are dissimilar.

Headbutting is not a bad thing, as long as It is not done in a way as to break hearts, create division and make people hold ill will toward one another.

Below are a few more photos I took on my trip down to Arizona. Notice the beauty of all the different rock formations. The beauty of God's artwork indeed.!

And lastly... a small tree with the best view on earth. The Grand Canyon. May we all survive with deep roots in our testimonies of Christ and thrive the difficult circumstances where we find ourselves.