Friday, March 6, 2015


Photo taken on February 11, 2015 of the setting sun perfectly aligned through a small hole in a rock overlooking a cliff.
On Friday, March 20, 2015, there will be a total solar eclipse. This cosmic event occurs when there is a perfect alignment of the earth, moon and sun. A total eclipse of the Sun can only occur when the Moon is closest to the Earth, in order for the size of the Moon to be big enough to cover the entire disc of the Sun. At the peak of the eclipse also called the ring of fire, darkness will cover the earth with the moons shadow. This eclipse of the sun will be visible in the high northern latitudes of the earth. (near Greenland and Iceland). Two blood moons have preceded this event and two more blood moons will follow. The next blood moon will be 15 days later on April 4, 2015, which happens to be on the Jewish Passover and Easter weekend. It is also the weekend of the LDS General Conference.

This total solar eclipse occurs hours before the first day of Nisan. Nisan is name of the first month on the Jewish calendar. Nisan 1 is like our New Years Day but instead of the day beginning at midnight, the day begins and ends when the sun sets. The first sunrise of the new Jewish year will be onn the morning of March 21 . For most, this would also be the first sunrise of spring even though the exact Vernal Equinox happened a few days earlier. Another interesting fact about Nisan 1 which was the first anniversary of the Exodus out of Egypt, Moses raised up the Tabernacle and the glory of God descended down from Heaven upon the Tabernacle.

While planetary alignments are important for us to take notice, it is more important for us to take notice of our personal alignment with God.

Since God does not change, the responsibility delves on us to align ourselves with Him. Unfortunately, we prefer to have God to align to us. It is easier and doesn’t require us to change nor have direct contact with Him. For example, we believe we know God’s will once a unanimous decision has been reached by those who hold “keys”. We then consider the decision to be revelation.

In each one of the standard works is the warning to us to not put our trust in the arm of flesh. See (Jeremiah 17:5; 2 Nephi 28:31; 2 Nephi 4:34; 2 Chronicles 32:8; Doctrine and Covenants 1:19). If we do, our hearts have departed from the Lord and we are cursed. We typically think that this warning is directed to rank and file to avoid dependence on their leaders instead of the Lord. Could the warning possibly be directed at the leaders to not use and depend on the opinions of the rank and file members? Do the leaders make decisions based on the results of surveys, focus testing, and opinion polling from its members? If they do, are the leaders also guilty of trusting in the arm of flesh?

Oh the arrogance and vanity of man compared to the wisdom of God. But I digress.

I believe nature has something to tell us. I try to observe and listen. I think the volume has been turned up recently. I can hear it loudly. I am grateful for a loving God who is in and through all things. In the upcoming weeks I hope to be more aligned with the Lord. An alignment is required for a thread to pass through the eye of a needle. A similar alignment is needed to enter the Lord's presence. While it might seem impossible, unlikely, even unattainable. I believe it is indeed possible, even necessary. 
Photo taken on February 11, 2015 of the same rock  in above photo as the setting sun pierced through a small hole a rock.

From another blog: “Nature testifies endlessly of the Lord. It also invites us endlessly to turn back to Him. This continuing patience and enduring invitation shown in nature is a reminder of how loving and patient, how persistent and committed the Lord is to our salvation. Salvation is predicated upon the same, universal standard for all who would return to Him. In that respect it is as exact and unchanging as the cycles of nature. Despite its exacting requirements, it is endlessly inviting and continually encouraging us to accept that standard and to live it. Not just to say, but to do.”

A photo taken last night from our backyard of the full moon rising above Mount Olympus on March 5, 2015.

The full moon last night on March 5, 2015 was the smallest full moon of the year. It is called a full Worm Moon. Last night's full moon was 30,000 miles farther away from Earth than it will be on this year’s closest full moon – the full supermoon (Harvest Moon) on September 28. Every month for the next seven months, the full moon will come closer and closer to Earth. So the seventh full moon after the March 2015 micro-moon will give us the year’s most “super” supermoon on September 28, 2015. It also will be the last of the four blood moons that started last year on April 15, 2015.